How do you shave?
Electric razor
28% (176)
28% (176)
Safety Razor
28.8% (181)
28.8% (181)
Cut-throat/straight edge razor
5.3% (33)
5.3% (33)
Gillete Mach 500 cold fusion reactor, 100 bladed razor for the smoothest shave yet!
21.2% (133)
21.2% (133)
I get my barber to do it
0.2% (1)
0.2% (1)
I don't
10% (63)
10% (63)
Not hairy enough to shave
1.3% (8)
1.3% (8)
4.8% (30)
4.8% (30)
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Poll: Men! How do you shave your face?

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I must admit, I switched a couple of weeks back from the latest "OMGWTFBBQ LOOK HOW CLOSE A SHAVE THIS GIVES!!!!!" gillete to one of these beauties.

Combined with a proper badger hair brush and some super smooth shaving cream (read: Not spray can stuff) I must say

I finally feel like a real man while shaving.

The closeness of shave, smoothness of the skin after said shave, and the fact replacement blades cost next to nothing....

Yeah, totally down with old style.

Um... a safety razor. Just a safety razor.

I use a bone dagger i made from the ribcage of a bear i suplexed to death. I killed it to assert my dominance and then forced its cubs to forge me the blade using rocks and tree sap. It gets the job done.

Really though i use one of those 5 blade things. It's the first thing i usually see when i go into the store. I've been wanting to buy an electric one but i'm the type of person that buys things depending on proximity. I don't really have that much initiative when it comes to shaving products.

I use a knife with a flaming wooden handle and oil for shaving foam

I just use a throwaway razor and usually don't use shaving cream unless its been a few days

Ive got a Philips PT860 electric thing for day to day use, and a Gilette Fusion POWAH five-bladed gizmo for special occasions (and when I've got time). Still prefer the old Mach 3 Turbo to that, though (greatest razor ever), but mine got old and knackered.

Also, this guy.

I don't shave. I trim my beard to about 12mm.


With soap applied by boar bristle brush. It feels so good all over my face parts.

Upgrade to badger, in my opinion. I think even the cheapest badger brushes are better than boar.

Always used electric.

It's just easy, no BS with foam and all that jazz, no chance of cutting yourself.

Probably won't (and can't) use anything else. Just pull that thing from one side of your face and it's baby smooth.

You know what, let's see if i can google it up. Or you know, look ON the damn thing
Got a Phillips Phillipshave 5818

Anyone else using this thing?

I use an electric razor just to shave back to stumble every few days. Going clean shaven is too much work and plays havoc with my skin to boot, but I feel scruffy if I go more than a week without shaving so I stick with the stumble look.

At first glance I thought this was a thread about the style of beard you prefer. Because I prefer a chinstrap. Paired with my ponytail and rather large build, all I need is an apron to give off a Skyrim blacksmith sort of vibe. But I digress.
OT: Electric razor.

Safety razor head and face. Prefer to use Azor (King of Shaves brand) razors because they're comparatively cheap (vs. Gillette, etc.) and seem to last a long time. Funny shape razor though.

One day my mirror fell down and broke. I discovered not long afterwards that I really didn't need it anymore. I just shave by touch. It's not really hard at all, and I used to have a goatee, and I even managed to keep that edged well by touch alone.

The exact same thing happened with me! Yes, shaving by touch is great once you get used to it. I still keep a mirror, but I find I use it less and less.

Oh, and for folks concerned about foam:

I hate shaving cream. I hate having to have a metal can in a humid/wet environment, I hate having a pressurized container that I can't tell how much is in it just by looking, and I find foam kind of, well, pointless.

When I was in Japan there were all manner of shaving gels in little plastic tubes that didn't cost an arm and a leg, but here in the US it seems anything that's vaguely environmentally friendly gets the price jacked up. But then I found "Every Man Jack" brand. No aerosol, no can, and a smooth cream-like gel instead of a foam. Dirt cheap and works great.


in all seriousness i have very sensitive skin and shaving is usually a multi hour process of steaming, moisturizing and toning or else i end up looking like i was in an accident and used my face to stop me sliding along the footpath.
i will settle for no less than the gillette mach 20 with built in wifi and lazer controlled shaving assist technology.

Why would I want to remove my beard? You talk silly.

I was thinking about posting a thread about shaving.

I use a manual razor, that technically can vibrate but the battery's dead.
I can never get close enough on my moustache, so I always have a darker shadow.
(I don't mean to derail, but does anyone know how to get closer without buying a ton of new stuff?)

I'm at the awkward stage where I have spots, and must shave. It's a bloody affair I can tell you, disposable razor's are a face massacre.

I shave my face with some mace in the dark...

Yeah my razor only has three blades & i use an electric trimmer for the chin goatee thing whatever it's called.

Real men use their bare claws!

I use a Gilette fusion...something something something. Hell if I know what it is. But it works great.
I also need to use shaving foam, or my skin immediately goes "bro wtf r u doin" *bleeds in every direction*
Unfortunately, the combination of these things is quite expensive indeed. Fortunately however, it's counterbalanced by how my facial hair grows incredibly slowly and I only need to shave once a week or so. So it's not really that expensive in the end. I only have to buy new blades a couple of times a year.

I have a sensitive face so I use an electric trimmer to shape up my chin strap and an electric razor to smooth the rest of my face.
Funny you made this topic I recently had to break down and buy another electric razor because the batteries died in my other one and I can't find any to replacement, probably because I've had it 5+ years.

I use an electric, but I've always wanted to use a cutthroat because of the badassery associated with it. And when my barber does it, it's the cleanest shave I've ever had.

But I don't shave much, except to get rid of the neckbeardage. You cannot seperate me from my beard.

I use one of the 5 bladed razors but no cream or anything like that, I also don't replace the blade for months. All I need to do is get the blade wet after every three passes or shave in the shower.

an "old" model mach 3, though i use to use the extremely cheap single bladed razors that were entirely disposable, and no i dont really notice a difference from them.

also i think the razor companies are just "going full retard" with their designs and adds, they basically make fun of themselves with the products they desperately need us to buy, a dangerous game

I have a mach 3 gillete razor, got it from my parents. But I use one razor way way more then they advertise. Shaving daily a razor can last you months, just shave during or directly after you shower. You don't even need cream that way unless your super coarse. And every know and again rub the razor across your jeans (tip by against the direction of the blades obviously. It removes the impurities that hurt during shaving.


Because god damn I can never get it all off.

(also, sporadically. Like maybe when I have a job interview or something.)

usually a norelco electric
sometimes I use an old school safety razor (the kind with the lil doors that open, double edged razor inside)

Well I have a magnificent and ever changing beard and/or moustache, but to maintain or change the style requires some maintenance so..

I use an electric trimmer with a varierty of attachments to get the length right and in order to just get the length of parts that need removing to a level where the blade won't rip out half my face with the hair.

I use this in tandem with a straight and incredibly sharp blade. Because real men don't fear blades to the throat!
I take safety razors on vacation though, a straight edge wouldn't sit well with customs...

Oh and foam is a scam and my facial hair is like steel wire so a straight up electric shaver is ineffective.

EDIT: Manliest thread since the one I made about moustaches I must say. Good job OP.

The way I shave is a pit too personal for the internet. No not really, I just use an electric one.

I mostly just use a hair trimmer without the attachments. I don't need to be super clean shaven for work. However, I use a razor from time to time and for when the situation calls for it(job interviews mostly).

I received a free electric razor, so when I shave I use that, but I only really shave once every 2-3 months anyway so its not like I really need it.

I use an electric razor. I don't grow that much hair on my face and I prefer to keep my face clean.

I use an electric razor to trim my facial hair to a length that's easier on my razors, then I use one of them there Gillete whatchimajiggers. The throwaway razors tend to get caught on my whiskers and I don't like that. Also, the only store in town that sells razors only sells Gillete razors and the aforementioned throwaways, so I don't have much of a choice in using them. I'd get a straight razor if I could, but whatever.

Pinnacle of shaving technology? I don't believe you even know what you're talking about, I'd cut my throat within days with one of those "classic" things.

Would you believe I never actually looked up an actual razor, since I'm pretty sure I'd like it far more than the fucking BULLSHIT safety razors that dull after 2 uses.

I don't know what you do with those, I keep the same blade for about half to a full year...

Then your facial hair must be as soft as the hairs on a newborn baby! O_o

Those things start getting dull halfway THROUGH a shave sometimes. I grant you that I have very coarse facial hair, but still.

OT: I use the dinky disposable razors, but I very much want to get a straight edge.

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