Worst (Trivial) Feeling Ever

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When I have something stuck in my teeth, but can't get it out.

When I want a cup of tea, but am feeling too lazy and/or impatient to wait for the tea to actually brew.

When a few people at school get ringworm, so the locker room pretty much just becomes one giant game of "The Floor is Lava".

The resulting feeling after you start flirting with a French gal and fuck up your French and end up asking the gal whether your French was right.

Swearing loudly in a crowded area and that feeling you get when everyone around you goes completely silent.

The mix of claustrophobia and disgust from crawling under your bed to clean it after putting it off for a year, but the resulting happiness of finding you actually do have 3 PS3 controllers and you didn't lose that copy of Gears 2 sort of make up for it...

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