Do you play an instrument?

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I play several. Namely, I play guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, mandolin and tin whistle. Go folk instruments are awesome club!

Anyways, my stuff:

Sorry none of these are my pictures; I don't have a camera handy.

Harmonica and Tin Whistle.
I've been playing the whistle for about 4 years now, and now I can play somewhat decently.
On harmonica, I started about 8 years ago, I think. I can play it, but nowhere near as good as I would wish.
I'm self-taught on both those instruments, and thinking on starting to try some basic guitar stuff too.


I am talentless.
Tried some. Never passed a grade test.

Sure do, I play guitar. I've been neglecting it lately though due to health issues.

I wish I played a wind instrument though, I'm friends with lots of band kids and I always feel like the odd one out when I don't play any sort of instrument that requires the use of your lungs.

I've been playing the bass since for about eight or nine years now, and I dabble in playing the guitar a bit (although I'm fairly terrible at actually playing, my technical knowledge is good enough. I only picked it up really for songwriting and working with guitarists). I play the harmonica too, I originally just picked it up because there was one lying around and I wanted to play The Wizard, but it's good fun. It's nice having an instrument that you can just carry around everywhere as well, makes for an interesting party piece.

I've got a 2010 Fender US Jazz bass (sunburst w/ tortoiseshell pickguard), a 5 string Ibanez electro-acoustic bass (can't remember the exact name) and my old Peavey International bass. It's cheap as hell, but it's actually quite good for slapping on.

I've also got a Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar (fiesta red), it's pretty sweet, but I'm thinking of getting a proper Fender (I'm a sucker for Jags, Jazzmasters and Mustangs). Thing is, all money going towards a new guitar means money away from a new bass, and the bass is just better. I'm looking at getting a 5-string Jackson or ESP as well, the Jazz isn't really suited to metal and I need the extra string. Mind you, there's a whole list of basses that I want, doesn't mean that I will ever get around to buying them all. Ideally I'd want a 5 string Jazz (or Jag bass) with EMG active P/J pickups, but unfortunately Fender don't seem to agree with me that this would be totally awesome.

Hooray for accidental double posting.

I'm not in a band, but I play a few instruments.

I play guitar.

I also have an acoustic, which I play a lot more since I don't have to set it up.

I also play euphonium, trumpet and tuba.

I've been playing the piano since I was 8 (24 now). Used to play acoustic but switched to a digital (Yamaha YDP-161)when I moved out of my parents' house. It's not quite like the real thing, but I'm sure the neighbours will appreciate not waking up to my playing at 1 AM :P


I played guitar and bass for the past ten years now. Not quite the vituoso but can put down a nice groove or solo. My main guitar is a Gibson SG with P90's. Lovely tone and the guitar is amazing craftsmanship. Seriously, I can't even imagine how it managed to survive the abuse I've (accidentaly) given it and it still produces a lovely tone every single time.

(not my pic, but close enough save for the ugly-as-hell orange pickup switch)

As for my bass, it took me a few years to find one that really suited my style. I have played a Fender Jaguar for some years, but its plethora of tone options could really mess me up on stage, and I never really enjoyed the growl my neck pickup was giving me for some reason. In the end I just decided to go all-out, sell a couple of guitars I rarely used anymore, and got myself a Rickenbacker 4003.


This baby is an absolute dream. Its tone is amazing, the neck is just about my ideal size, and (this might be just me) I think it looks absolutely badass. The Rickenbacker might not be suited for every bassist, but I recommend checking this thing out if you're looking for a main bass and you've got a few bucks to spend.

PS. Apologies for bothering you with big, non-collapsable pictures but I just signed up and have to get the hang of this boards' html formatting. ;)

I know how play guitar fairly well, and I know how to play chords on the piano.

I own one guitar, a Sigma 000MC-15E. It is a beauty that sounds awesome. Sorry I don't have a picture of my one.

Aside from that I play on brothers guitars, which because they are actual musicians means I get to play with some kick-ass guitars, amps, and pedals.

I've been playing piano for 5 years. I find it very rewarding and relaxing. It's nice to have something which I can work on and improve at.

I play, well played, the sexiest instrument on the planet, a saxophone.
I really should pick it back up one of these days...

I have a pretty good accostic guitar and a crappy electric. I've been playing for 8 years now. I've gotten pretty good with rythm and I'm trying to learn how to solo. I can play other people's stuff really well, I just want to start coming up with some of my own.
Recently I've learned Santeria by Sublime and As My Guitar Slowly Weeps by The Beetles.

I'm also slowly learning piano. I'm working my way through Fur Elise. I'm hoping to eventually learn the piano section for Intermission by Panic at the Disco, and Lexington by Chiodos.

Representing the slide trombone! Well, actually, I'm in the process of learning right now. In the veeeeeeeery early processes, at that. Still, though, hopefully I'll be able to play something semi-decent at some point in my life.

I've also done a bit of piano lessons, but I'm absolutely horrendous at playing anything with both hands. This sucks because as much as I really want to learn, I just can not coordinate myself to be able to do it.

An instrument? As in singular?

I play guitar on a Nova 38" black and red student right now (only started in June), a black MYM electric cello, piano and ukulele.
On guitar, I play indie rock and chord based stuff, but lately I've been playing metal and hard rock.
Examples: For Whom The Bell Tolls and Master of Puppets by Metallica
Live for Life ~Ookamitachi-no-yoru~ by aimi
Run to the Hills, The Prisoner and Children of the Damned by Iron Maiden

On cello, I've been playing whatever I feel like. Lately it's Apocalyptica, transpositions of Lindsey Stirling's music and Tchaikovsky.

Piano is a mix of game music and jazz. I got to Grade 8 RCM but my skills have been slipping because I've been playing other instruments.

I just started playing ukulele this Christmas but I've already learned 15 chords and I can play lots of music.


I play Bass drum, currently marching bass 3 in Winter Drumline.

I play guitar if you want to call picking the strings, misplacing fingers, and making noises that make my dog quake in fear playing...

Okay, I'm a bit too harsh on myself. I'm teaching myself to play, but my teacher is probably the laziest, most inexperienced guitar player ever. I can't play anything too complicated, but I'm (slowly) getting better.

At least I can outplay that jerk off at the party that always breaks out into Wonderwall.

Unfortunately I broke the 4th string on my guitar and can't get a replacement for a while. (Until I get a car that can travel reliably in cold weather, I can't change driving 50 miles just for a single string) I wish there was a Guitar Center closer to where I lived.

I play the trombone with some degree of proficiency.

I play a little bit of guitar. I can do your basic 4-chord pop song no problem, but I can't play a solo to save my life. I mostly play folk-ish stuff, because I refuse to be that bastard who tries to hit on women by playing Wonderwall.

I play a beautiful hunting shotgun, the way i take those birds down is just music to the earholes

Well I played the trumpet for 11 years but my trumpet has been sitting in the cupboard gathering dust for about the last 3 years, I could definitely pick it up and start playing again if I wanted to, its just not exactly the coolest or most fun instrument around.

I also drum, though I'm pretty inexperienced at it, I don't have a drum kit at the moment either but I'm considering buying a good quality one and getting some practice in. I'm very interested in learning to double kick, since metal is mostly what I listen to.

I can play cello a little, but would still like to improve since I only really had 2 years of lesson. I'd also like to improve my keyboard skills.

Seeing as I'm a music education major, yes. I majored on the trombone but I play most of the instruments in a wind orchestra decently and also play the piano at a high level.

Kind of mandatory for teaching high school band.

I can play piano, bass and guitar as well as having some competence with Ableton Live. As for the guitars I use, a Guild M30 for acoustic and mostly a custom modified Telecaster for electric.

I have more gear than I care to mention.

Mostly I play one of these -

Through one of these -

My shit stands out.


In actuality, I do have a cheapy guitar under my bed that I used to practice on. Then a string broke and I never bothered replacing it.


I feel sorry for people who don't play an instrument. It's a great hobby, something you can always get better at and it's good for the soul.

I'd like to, but I lack the patience/motivation for it, unfortunately. It's the same reason I have not learnt a second language despite planning to at one point.

I play the drums, jazz is my main genre and i think im pretty okay at it. i also play the piano mainly classical. i own an accordion and have made noise with it but i would not call it playing.

Keyboards, tenor sax, flute. Started lessons at 9 or 10, been playing for... 15 years now.

Pretty good at first two, flute is mostly a side project (never took formal lessons, was inspired to pick it up from my younger years as a jethro tull fan).

I've been playing bass for 3 years now and I've gotten to the point where I can generally work things out by ear, plus I play to a pretty high level. I don't know what grade, but a friend of mine is something of a virtuoso (effectively higher than grade 8) and I'm about 6 months behind him, which puts me at about grade 7 edging into 8. I've heard that being able to play fairly complex stuff at 200bpm is the baseline requirement for a session musician, and I can do that, so... ?

I'm also fairly handy with an electric guitar, and I'm buying myself an acoustic guitar once my exams are over. After that I think I'll start learning keyboard.

I'm actually a music student at the moment, so I guess you can say I play an instrument or two. I'm a percussionist, but I prefer mallet instruments (marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, and so on) to the others. Granted, that doesn't mean I cannot play them, I'm just stronger on those instruments than on others. Besides the mallet instruments, I play snare drum, timpani, drumset, various auxiliary instruments such as cymbals, tambourine, bass drum, etc., various world music instruments such as steel pan, Guatemalan marimba (very different from the modern instrument), instruments in the Ewe drum family (gankougui, kidi, sogo, and so on), djembe, congas, bongos, various Brazilian instruments (pandeiro, cuica, tambourin, reco-reco, surdu, alafaya drums, agogo, and so on), and I'm also an ex-clarinet player. There is always a nice variety of instruments to play as a percussionist, especially since we include pretty much all idiophones and membranophones.

I played clarinet for 5 years before stopping. I started marimba 3 or 4 years ago, and then I started learning pretty much everything else in the past year or two. I've never regretted the switch, and I've never been happier studying music the way I have been.

TLDR: I play percussion, so technically that includes quite a few instruments, and it's lots of fun.

I play bass, drums, electric guitar and piano technically. That being said, I have only been routinely playing bass and drums especially.

I own a four string, American Highway One Fender Jazz Bass as my main non-percussion instrument.

Drum kits are a bit more complicated to type out:

- A purple Pearl Vision Series kit, except I only use the 10" rack tom and 14" floor tom (Not the 12" rack tom, which is where my ride cymbal sits.).
- 14" Sabian AAX Studio High-Hats
- 10" Sabian AA Splash
- 16" Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash (I'm not a fan of this one, so when it cracks I'm going to try something else in its place.)
- 17" Sabian AAX X-Plosion Crash
- 18" Sabian AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash (This is probably my favourite cymbal in my current set-up.)
- 20" Sabian AA Medium Ride
- I also have a 12" Sabian Splash coming in soon (I got it free from the Sabian holiday rebate thing.), but I can't remember what it is exactly.
- DW Double-Kick Pedal
- A cowbell (Obviously the most important part of my drum kit.)

Exquisite tastes sir! I'm also a drummer, rocking a Mapex M Birch with 12" and 16" toms and a 24" bass drum.
My cymbal set up is a little similar to yours:
-14" Sabian XS20 hihats
-16 and 18" AAXplosion crashes
-Sabian XS20 rock ride
-Sabian AAX 10" Splash
- 20" Dream Lion China
-Gibraltar double kick pedal

Also here at uni I have a Roland TD4K2 electronic kit, and a cajon for acoustic stuff.

Is drums your first instrument? How long have you been playing for? Seven years for me.

Sorry, double post.

I'm a classical pianist, and I've played the piano for almost 25 years. I played the violin from third grade through high school too, but I never took any private lessons and was never that great at it. I also took lessons from my piano teacher in high school for the pipe organ for a few years and that's pretty much the hardest instrument ever.

I live in an apartment, so having a real piano isn't practical for size or sound, but I just bought a Yamaha digital piano last week and it's a huge improvement over the one I had.

I love playing the piano, and for a long time I took it very seriously, but having small hands that can barely reach an octave is pretty much a death sentence for half of the stuff I like to play. Having torn ligaments in my wrist doesn't really help with that either, unfortunately. When I eventually get a house, I'm totally either getting a grand piano or having my parents ship me my childhood upright so I can fix it up and have it again.

Ive played the violin for 11 years now, I'm 15 and I started when I was four. I'm in the local junior symphony and I think we've won a few awards for our playing, not sure though.

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