Failed Bulgarian Assassination attempt caught on film.

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Wow, DPS deserves and Oskar for this one.A glorious PR campaign in the spirit of the good ole' State Security
Good job Agent Sava - here is you Oskar.And let's hope agent Pavel, has a the same knack for theatrics as his predecessor

I went slowly through it and you can actually see the gun fail to shoot twice.

Sequence of events when slowed down:

-Gunman gets right up to point blank and places pistol against politician's head
-Mechanical failure (you can hear the click as it misfires/jams)
-Politician tries to fend off assassin but assassin forces politician to his knees
-Tries to shoot him again in the head while he is kneeling but the gun still doesn't go off (no time to clear the jam?)
-Assassin tackled and pummelled

The blatant showiness of it and lack of escape plan makes me think that it was either a personal thing or a message from the mob.

That was substantially more hilarious than it really should have been. I can't decide what's more humorous. How pathetic the failed assassin looked when the gun got slapped away, or seeing him get beaten by a bunch of old bulgarians.

Not G. Ivingname:
Although... Watching the video again, I can't hear where he says "YOLO," over the sudden shouting.

It's just at 0:37-0:38. I'm not sure if it's meant to be YOLO or actually something else, though.

Not G. Ivingname:
Shouldn't he also be saying what ever is the Belgium version of it, not the English version?

And there isn't one as far as I know.

nonlethal gas pistol....

Nuff said.

Yes, it's less than lethal first of all, and if fired at point blank at somebody's head it's just as lethal as it should be.

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