What is the worst thing you have ever been falsely accused of?

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My parents transferred me to a catholic middle school in the middle of sixth grade. The second week is was there I was called into the office. The dean then told me that it was brought to her attention by a student that I told them I was going to bring a knife to school. I of course denied it and they obviously called my parents and told them to bring me home.

Two days later, the school called and told my parents that I could come back to class and gave them a full apology. Apparently, one of the teachers had overheard a trio of my classmates (a girl and two guys) taking about how the girl lied about the knife and laughing about it.

I was welcome back and the trio was suspended. Once their parents found out about what they did, two of them transferred to other schools.


In all honesty I don't know if I've ever been falsely accused of anything. Certainly not to the point where it generated a memory, anyway.

Only trivial stuff, but it still made me furious. Nothing gets me angrier than being falsely accused, I'd be in real trouble in a courtroom.

I got accused of raping someone >.>
Funny thing was, it wasn't the person who I 'raped' but one of there friends and I never even did anything sexual with the girl, I just walked her home a few times because I'm a good friend.

Fucking people >.>

Only trivial stuff, but it still made me furious. Nothing gets me angrier than being falsely accused, I'd be in real trouble in a courtroom.

Yeah, I'm the same. I sometimes have dream that I have been accused of Murder, and I am so angry at being accused I murder the judge.

I don't know why.

OT: Never been accused, because I am a lovely person who could do no harm.

lets see, when i was young my boss falsely accused me of making a certain mistake. Wasnt angry, because while i didnt make the mistake he mentioned, i did make others. So in my mind it evened out.


One of my ex-girlfriends accused me of raping her, while I was in another state, and she was in a white padded room.

I only found out about it later because they had to follow any and all accusations while she was in the psych ward.

Kind of funny in that...
'O, yeah, I magically drove 8+ hours (one way), get past various layers of a private psychiatric hospital's security AND avoid every camera in the place...plus made it to work on time'.

Crazy bitch was in that place for a good reason.

Assault, or some variation thereof.

I was defending someone and there were at least seven witnesses who told the cops that. The situation never made it anywhere near court.

Also shoplifting a couple of times. I just offered to let them search me. It didn't bother me that much. As a young male, and not the friendliest looking guy in the world, I figure shopkeepers kind of see me as a natural suspect.

I was accused of not being sick and just faking it for a year to get out of my sociality and environment class.
That was about 4 years ago and I never was able to go back to normal school, so I still want to kill that teacher.
If he were to turn up dead I'd say good.

Assault, or some variation thereof.

I was defending someone and there were at least seven witnesses who told the cops that. The situation never made it anywhere near court.

Also shoplifting a couple of times. I just offered to let them search me. It didn't bother me that much. As a young male, and not the friendliest looking guy in the world, I figure shopkeepers kind of see me as a natural suspect.

Funny thing about that, I always get Cops suspecting me of being a troublemaker or something like that, and security regularly asked to check my bag. I got myself an Auscam Duffle bag...and I have not been asked to show the contents of it ever since.

Calling everyone who posted above me a fat monkey-butt. I swear to God I never did such a thing.

I've been accused of hacking in TF2 at least five times, and kicked once, without doing so.

In school I was accused of use a video camera to film up girls skirts.

I was 12 I think and we had been using the schools handheld cameras in a media project. The 3-4 of us in the group (all boys) were told that the tape with our footage on it also had some shots taken during a lunch period which included some secretly looking up girls skirts. We all denied it was us, although they were not convinced even when our teacher stood up for us. When I asked about it later, I was told they had found out who had done it. We were cleared because apparently you could see all of us in the background at one point =/

Being possessed.

They were serious. That's what happens when you step back in time 100 years and join a strict Catholic convent. I wasn't possessed, I had bipolar disorder. Not that the nuns would have known what that was.

Anyway, they kicked me out, before I could cause any more "disturbances". I was 20 years old.

I walked a slut home because someone had spiked her drink and I didn't want to have to fight anyone at the party given I didn't know the host very well.

I found out someone tried raping her during the party whilst I was in another room, and in her spiked-haze she thought it was me and that's what she told her friends when she got home.

She then apologized when she regained consciousness.
Though I've got such a violent zeal towards 'rape' issues, that when my friends heard that apparently I tried to rape the school slut - they thought it was hysterical.

Cheating on my ex.

For all the shit I got from that accusation I wished I bloody well had done it.
But I'm not that sort of person.

And also `leading a guy on` for being friends with them and then not wanting to sex them up.
I mean, friends... how evil of me.

I don't know, I am rarely accused of anything because I give off a very innocent vibe that make people mistake me for a nice guy. I was accused of being in love with a girl not too long ago, in truth I was only flirting with her because I was bored. Not a terrible accusation nor that unreasonable, but it's all I've got.

Rape or assault. Take your pick.

The "rape" was an ex being mad at me and deciding to do something nasty. She also once told me to kill myself when I was at my lowest. Nice girl. Yeah, keep this one in mind the next time the subject of rape comes up and I'm still, oddly enough, on the woman's side of things.

The assault got me fired, which still kinda chaps me. Supposedly, I slammed this girl's head into the counter. Now, I'm 6'5" and I have to be very careful, because I'm large enough that even horseplay leaves bruises and the like. The girl accused me without even a mark.

Fortunately, it was just a Wal-Mart job. The girl in question was later charged with grand theft and had also used the photo lab for less than kosher things.

I need to hang around a better class of people.


And also `leading a guy on` for being friends with them and then not wanting to sex them up.
I mean, friends... how evil of me.

Oh my God. That's just disgusting. How DARE you be friends with someone and not at least whip out the goodies?

....And this is why menfolk confuse the HELL out of me.


A woman that bumped into me while talking on her phone while getting into the elevator of my work. She threw a fit and claimed I groped her in the process. Was a bit strange considering how I was carrying an old monitor (you know, the 10kg/25+ pound things). She demanded I apologise by screaming directly into and not less than 3 inches from my ear, so I called her a crazy bitch and had to push my way past her to get out of the elevator.

Later she found out where I worked, asked the receptionist innocently who I was and that's when the "fun" started.

Two days of deliberation later with a lawyer it turned out I was the 7th person the woman had accused of rape in the past year.

I wasn't worried about it because I knew it wouldn't amount to anything but I was damn annoyed with how much of my time it wasted.

I was once accused of being misogynistic when I made a statement that games industry should stop focusing so much on sexualization of female characters, and that instead of ogling innocent polygons and pixels, I could just hang out with my girlfriend. You know, spending quality time with a REAL person instead of trying to put video game characters in tasteless and immoral situations. I still don't know where they drew that conclusion from, considering that everything I'd been saying was the absolute opposite of that mindset, and have been against misogyny for pretty much my entire life.

For me, it was a slap in the face and I was pretty upset about it. It was also when I went and looked into how to disable notification to replies here on Escapist. It was some years ago, and I don't even remember my exact words. Tried pretty hard to blot it out of my mind.

I don't really get accused of anything but people like to misconstrue what I said. Like I lost one of my brothers CD's and he took that as "You lashed it somewhere in your room" and when I call bullshit he says that that's exactly what I said, and that I laughed when I did it, which I would never do cos he scares the shit out of me.

Oh wait I got accused of starting fights loads in highschool whenever I got into a fist fight. It royally pissed me off cos I was a bully victim for five years by at least 20 people and no I swear on my life I am not making that up. My class would often make me a scapegoat and cos there were so many of them the teachers would believe them. Anyway whenever I got into a fistfight teachers would say I started it every single fucking time even though they knew, fucking knew, that I had told them about my bullying and even gone to them in tears at various points throughout my school life. And the funny thing is my school is supposed to be the best in the area. Fuck highschool, its a torment ground and leaves teenagers with more psychological damage than any life experience and as for education in the past 4 months I've discovered that at least 80% of what I was taught is wrong, my geography is awful, I don't know the difference between nouns and verbs and stuff, I can't divide or work out percentages, there are basic, BASIC, gaps in my knowledge because I was taught by lazy failures.

Add me to the accused of rape list.

Then when they found out that hey, i'm not a prick, I wasn't even in the house at the time. So they accused my brother instead, who they took into care and moved him to wales without proof. In fact, both of my brothers and me have all been accused of rape. That explains why I hated women for a while. Then I cleared my head a bit, but still. Bad couple of years.

That's right guys, rape is a crime where you can call it, change who you think is the rapist when the first person is found innocent and they'll still take you seriously. Fuck people.

Edit: Now I understand a lot of the posters on this forum. First page and already a hell of a lot of people have shown that they have to tiptoe around women due to past experiences.

Fuck people.

Or don't, because, you know, grounds for rape accusations.

Retroactive consent! What an awesome fucking concept.

People made false accusations that I had been threatening to kill people on campus they also claimed that I had a gun and sword in my room on campus which did not go down well with the people who ran it who then proceeded to search my room and find my pocket knife sitting on my desk which they considered close enough and I ended up getting kicked out and nearly expelled from University. Thankfully I managed to dodge any criminal charges because despite what the police officer involved claimed there was a distinct lack of any evidence or anything actually illegal being done by me.

I got accused of ripping someone off. A customer asked me if something was two for two quid, or something to that effect. It wasn't coming up on the screen so I said I would check out the shelf edge label to see if it the offer was actually advertising that price. Turns out the labels had been switched, it was corresponding to the wrong products. I did what every employee would have done and corrected this. The customer must have seen me switch the labels in the aisle, and when I came back to say that it wasn't on offer, she accused me of switching the labels on purpose and trying to rip her off. Now, seeing as I worked at Tesco (supermarket), I don't understand why she would accuse me of this, due to the fact that there is NO motivation for me to cheat this woman. I was so dumbstruck by this idiotic assertion that I couldn't even defend myself before she stormed off in a huff, Leaving me and some other unlucky fellows to put back £100 worth of shopping.


My elementary school had a creek running through the playground, with a bridge across it and a field on the other side (good for soccer).

Anyway, during the winter, even if the creek was frozen over thoroughly, it was still against the rules to step on the ice.

Some bitch working as the recess lady said that I had stepped on the ice, when I hadn't, in any way, shape, or form, and was made to sit out that entire play time. I'm still fucking furious about it.

Also, I was falsely accused of cheating on my girlfriend in high school, because one of her friends (on the same swim team as me, no less) saw someone that looked like me kissing a girl, apparently. I confronted him and he apologized fully, but I'm not sure that she ever fully believed me after that.

Always, ALWAYS get confirmation before accusing someone of something.

When I was in highschool, I was accused of being a drug dealer.

At the time, I was dating my friend's sister. Their father wasn't a fan of mine cause he had found out I was native. So, of course, when she was caught doing drugs the father naturally blamed me. Told the school that it must have been me who gave it to her. Got suspended and searched frequently.

Found out later that her brother had given her the drugs as a birthday present.

I was accused of planning to go on a school shooting followed by killing my parents. This took an annoyingly long time to sort out because for some reason the police didn't believe me the first time I told them that I didn't plan to do this and let them do a brief search of my room for guns. Apparently I came across as 'cold'. I don't know why they would expect me to be in any kind of positive mood upon being confronted by two police officers with such serious accusations.

Admittedly this was my own fault for going along with a running joke about me blowing up the planet, but that is no excuse for my dear classmates at the time to twist the story, tell it to an ignorant substitute teacher, and end up with the head teacher calling the police to come to my house.

Eventually I had to hand write a letter explaining the absurd and obvious joke statements I had actually made before the police believed me and stopped periodically harassing me. I'm fairly sure no one was actually punished for making these false accusations either, despite the months of stress and hassle I had to go through...

I actually can't remember being falsely accused of much of anything that was particularly bad. I've been called out on things I have done before but I usually weaseled my way out.

Not so much an accusation as it was a generally accepted "reality", but my entire high school believed me to be the 100% real and actual daughter of the devil. Strangely, this belief did nothing to dissuade some of them from trying to convert me.

As far as actual accusations go, the worst would be selling gifts. In the first example, I received a video camera for Christmas. It went missing six months later. My mother accused me of selling it, though was not able to actually come up with what I'd spend the several hundred dollars on. That was when I was like 12, and I was mostly buying paperback books and dolls. And I'm pretty sure she'd notice if I came home from the mall one day with hundreds of dollars of either. I ended up grounded for three months because of it, though. Fast forward a good thirteen years later, and my brother admitted that he had stolen it from my room and pawned it to buy drugs.

More recently, my father's girlfriend spent my entire vacation upset with me because I "sold" the Vespa he bought me to go to work on. Except he never bought me any such thing, he just told her he did so he could send the money to an ex-girlfriend who had run into some hard times. I'm not even sure how she decided I had "sold" it, as the conversation literally never came up. Dad told me about his little white lie when he picked me up at the airport, and I agreed to play along. I never mentioned the thing, certainly never made it sound like I didn't have one anymore. But she decided I'd sold it anyway, and was a royal pain in the ass to be around the entire week I was there as a result.

I was once accused of being an insensitive bastard. It didn't stop the laughter, though, it just made it worse.

As far as real-world accusations go, nothing really stands out in my mind. Cyberspace is another matter though.

A while back I had purchased MW2 on Steam (don't hurt me, I'd never played CoD before and wanted to give it a shot) and ended up as one of the random VAC bans that were being thrown out at the time on that game. Having not yet heard about the string of false bans, I was quite confused and a little shaken, not so much about being banned from MW2 (which I had all but stopped playing by that point) and more about the prospect of having a permanent black mark on my Steam account. Needless to say I was very relieved when Valve spotted the problem and removed the bans, but to this day I get nervous when playing VAC secured games.

I was accused of stealing Cough Medicine at a local drug store. They threatened to call the police after I cussed them out for a bit, and I said don't bother I am calling them myself. When the police got there, they checked the video footage and saw that I hadn't stolen shit. All I had done was go to the bathroom after looking at the store clerk. He thought it was suspicious so he went to the bathroom after me and searched it. When he found some empty cough medicine wrappers he thought I took them. Well the video cameras had me on tape the entire time I was in the store, so good riddance. I shop at CVS now.

I think I was accused of infiltrating a girly room and generally acting like a perv.

My dad is a school teacher and sets up study trips, so school delegations from other cities come over, stay at a local hotel for a few days and give an informative tour/field trip through the city and surroundings. The headmistress of one such school asked my dad to supply someone to mount watch in their hotel at night, so there would be no monkey business between the students or whatever. So I brought over a chair, a novel (Dr. No, heh) and sat down on the hallway of the hotel floor where the students were sleeping in.

The problem is I was never properly introduced to the students in the first place. Most of them figured out who I was but some thought I was just some random dude sitting in the hallway and acting suspicious (i.e. watchful). These included a pack of girls who tried to leave their room to go who knows where. I got up to nag them back in and they freaked out and shut themselves in giggling like idiots. Except the door was left ajar. Some minutes later one of them came up and asked what the hell was I doing, trying to get in their room. Me, who was nowhere near ANY room (I was by the elevator/staircase landing). They thought *I* had tried to open the door when their door had been left ajar all along.

Turns out I'm the worst watchman ever and practically every kid tried to go out their rooms at some point. Some just sort of sheepishly returned to their room, some tried to BS me into letting them through (saying they needed this or that from another room). The headmistress woke up with all the fuzz, and my identity was properly disclaimed to the students, who went Ooooooh. And that was it. Apparently the aforementioned giggly girls gave a very warped account of that night to their headmistress in the morning, because my services were never solicited again for the remain of the stay.

Aris Khandr:
Not so much an accusation as it was a generally accepted "reality", but my entire high school believed me to be the 100% real and actual daughter of the devil.

I see. And I assume actually you are only 90% the daughter of the devil or some other amount?

Aris Khandr:
Dad told me about his little white lie

And there it is - the Deceiver and the Liar are among the devil's nicknames. You are his daughter.

OT: I don't think there was anything big but I had a couple that really pissed me off. Number one - at a basketball game (some school tournament), the ball flew in my direction so I grabbed it and took off. Only to hear the referee's whistle and stop. A guy from the opposite team was writhing on the ground because apparently I hit him while fighting for the ball. Which is ludicrous, given that we didn't even fight for the ball. There was a good metre and a half between us when the ball flew pretty much in the middle of that space - I grabbed it and barely came within an arms length of him. I've got no idea what the referee saw or how - basically the first one to reach the ball would get it, no struggle would be needed. But he was awarded a penalty shot. He missed, it though, and we won that match but it was still stupid.

Second one was when I went to a Maths competition at school. My Maths teacher was the one to grade the entries but before she finished she decided to ask in class who helped me cheat. Yeah, since apparently I managed to do too good for her tastes, I must have cheated and I cannot have done it on my own, even. I was at a loss for words but fortunately everybody else wasn't.

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