What is the worst thing you have ever been falsely accused of?

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Racially motivated assault, after an argument with my landlady about the date I was moving out of my house her kids (both in there 20's) came round and tried to physically force me out of the house, after I tossed them out into the street the man next door came round and helped stop them forcing there way in again. They left and rung the police, in the station I asked them to question the guy next door what happened, he lied and claimed I attacked them first. After I was charged and relesed I confrunted the bastard and he told me he had to stick up for "his own kind" and said I would of done the same if white people had attacked him.


Micro rant with disturbing, TMI themes. Spoilered just in case, but not just omitted sensible-like because I'm raging right now.

I tried joining the Canadian military at one point of my life. I was shy back then, and someone told an officer that disliked me for some reason I was suicidal and he used that to nail me. I suddenly found myself discharged, unemployed and homeless within the span of 3 days. Needless to say I never go to any "support our troops" rallies and hold grudges against anyone with military careers even though I admit that that is petty. Being homeless with no money sucked and I blame the military and everyone in it. Oh well, it was years ago. But if your a soldier then no offense but I don't want to know you so I don't have to be reminded.

Sleeping with my good friend's ex. That made it's way around the school. I had no idea how it started, and I was just confused on why my used to be good friend refused to talk to me. Eventually the good friend actually talked to me about it and I just said "Is that what's been going on?" I was completely taken aback by what was said.

Funnily enough, the reason he broke up with her was because he came out of the closet. I don't make a habit of seducing men I know to be gay, or, well, any men actually. *is a lonely virgin*

Ok, this one I've heard a few different versions of, but it all boils down to the same result (which I'll get to in a moment):
- pulling a knife on my younger brother (claimed by my mother)
- pulling a knife on my mother (heavily implied by my older brother and sister in law)
- pulling a knife on my whole family (said in my release papers)

Yes, my mother had me institutionalized for 2 1/2 weeks because... well, the 'official' reason has a few different variations to it. The real reason was because my mother's PoS boyfriend hated me (on account of I always called him out on his bullshit), so he wanted me out, thus my mother called the cops and told them... well, I'm not sure. That reason never came up.

Whatever the reason, as a result my family isn't speaking to me, it's unlikely that I'll ever see my niece again, or my soon to be born nephew, and I'm fairly sure that I haven't been able to get a job since a background check probably shows the whole 'institutionalized due to pulling a knife' crap.

I still have my boyfriend though, right?

there are a few things that come to mind

1. cheating on the ex- basically me and an ex split on bad terms and she went around telling everyone i cheated on her (i didnt btw) found out it was her who cheated on me with my friend

2.taking crack cocain. so bascially with this one i had a cold (so my nose was running a little and i made sniffing noise every now and then) i was at the pub and got fairly hammered. i went to the toilet because i though i was about to be sick. it was a false alarm and when i walked out the cubical one of the security guards heard me sniff and accused me of taking drugs. he searched me and threatened to call the police but he ofcourse didnt find anything on me and dropped it.

3. being a pedophile. ok so with this one i was at a party and hitting on a really hot girl and made out with her. i then found out she was only 15 so i stopped all advances on her. however a guy who hated me (and who i hated very much) found out she was 15 (to be honest she looked about 18) started spreading around college that i tried it on with a 12 year old. everyone knows he often bullshits, especially when trying to spread rumours about me and my friends, so no one believed him

4. rape. when i was in college i was friends with benefits with this girl. when i had a free house she would come over and we would have sex. what i didnt know is she had a boyfriend. so one i sent her a flirtacious text and her boyfriend saw it she told me i raped her and he tried to beat me up. when he got the police involved she then admitted she was lying and i got him in trouble for assault (he came round my house and hit me with a metal pole)

Nothing nearly so scandalous as some of you. I just got accused of being a "nice guy".

I hit it off with a woman I know, and we became fairly close friends. After that I started to fall for her, but she wanted none of it, and the friendship fell apart, though there wasn't any drama. About 6 months later our friendship appeared to be on the mend. I still found her incredibly attractive but was comfortably resigned to the fact that no relationship was ever going to happen between us, and I had gotten over pining for her and was trying to find other women to date. I was just happy that we could put my attraction behind us and go back to being friends. I was happy that we could talk to each other like we used to, sometimes sending each other text messages and so on.

Then a few months after that, out of no where she texted me and demanded that I never communicate with her again because every time I did I supposedly had a secret agenda to change her mind about me. I was thoroughly taken by surprise because at my age the notion that I could make someone change their attraction to me just be being nice to them seems faintly absurd. I was literally trying to get to know other women better at the very moment she sent her message.

So, yeah. Oh, and I think when I was 5 I was falsely accused of lying by my parents because they mis-heard something I said. Otherwise, I don't get many false accusations.

When I was in nursery I was accused of racism towards some of the other kids .My mum kept denying it,knowing I wouldn't do something like that and the teachers got increasingly pissy about it each day. After about a week of this my mum was called in and apologised to, as it turned out the parent accusing me got the description wrong.

The culprit is still the most racist person I know to this day (To the point of actually writing his 4 page essay on "Things you hate about the 21st century" on any form of immigrant in the country)


It was horrible.

Long story short, I pointed out that this girl was shouting and screaming at this guy, and apparently that meant I was "watching her". So as it turns out, I cant even glance at a minor without being called a Paedophile apparently...

Me, and the guy the accused me are... less than friends right now.

Nothing major, but I was accused of just pretending to read challenging books when I was little to show off. I was actually reading them and found them interesting, but apparently it's unheard of for a fifth grader to be reading Tolstoy and Shakespeare. That made me angry. It was really insulting.

I was accused of a writing a bomb threat in Junior High.

Apparently, there was a bomb threat that was written on a mirror in one of the girl's bathroom in lipstick, and one of the popular girls said it was me. So, I was hauled into the Assistant Principal's office and interrogated, and then suspended for a week. They called my dad to have him take me home, and he wasn't happy (understatement), not with me but with the school since he worked about 45 miles away at the time. He knew the accusation was BS and told them not to call the cops, and he had a chat with the lady with me sitting outside of the room, and that was the longest five minutes of my life let me tell you.

After that I was told to go back to class after my dad told them that I don't wear makeup, let alone black lipstick which should've been obvious. Fun part was I was given no apology and I don't know what happened to the girl that accused me, but then again I don't remember.

But two weeks later I was accused of something that happened on my bus, I don't remember what it was, and I was suspended for three days. So I had to walk home since I had no other choice. Fun times.

I have never been falsely accused of anything terrible actually. Though one in particular comes to mind, in highschool i was accused of cheating on my neighbor while it was the opposite. The reason why the teacher thought it was me is because my neighbor was an "A-student" while i was more of a "C-student". Can't really blame him, but I was still kind of offended, I mean, when i cheated i did it right.

I was accused of being a Know-It-All in highschool. That's the worst it got.

Very little, maybe because I don't have a reputation for lying? I don't know.

There was one time where I got accused of causing a fire alarm to go off. They were able to trace it back to our room, and since I was the only one with straighteners (turned off, not plugged in, and cold) I got the blame. My friend even kept saying "the electric radiator was sending off sparks from the plug, it was probably that" but they just ignored him. Jeez that was irritating.

When I was a teenager I went to WOMAD, a music festival, with some of my extended family. Anyway, one time I leant against a massive pole, which must have been a few feet thick and a good twenty metres tall. I stayed there for a minute, I think I was phoning someone. And when I walked away, it just fell over. No idea how. But the security there accused me of vandalism and started giving me a stern lecture on the fact that it could easily have killed someone.
At that point my uncle jumped in and pointed out just how ridiculous that was. I was about 13 and hardly a delinquent. Plus I wouldn't have the first clue on how to sabotage the pole's support thingies...

Plus one time I was in the park with some mates and one of them had porn on his phone. I can't remember how old we were at the time, but we were young enough for porn to be a novelty. So I was sat watching it, with the rest of them gathered round, and I kept glancing up from the screen to check noone was watching us.
Anyway, long story short, some big thug thought I was glancing up to look at his wife and threatened to beat me up. Complete dickhead -.-

Apparently my two friends think I had touched their grandmother prized glass ornament (no it didn't get broken at all so I don't see why they even make a big deal out of it).

Seriously, those two held a trail against me (we were kids before you asked) but yet again those two were always weird when I first entered their house (think of them like Ned Flaunder kids from The Simpsons). I wouldn't say we were the best of friends seeing how I was only friend with them because my mum was friend with their mum.

Needless the say I stop handing out with them after that incident (it end up being me off the hook somewhat as they started to think making a rat touch the ornament instead).

I was a person of interest in an arson investigation about a month ago. Does that count as an accusation?

Lotta false rape accusations, I see. Personally I get really paranoid about that sometimes, but I generally get over it by reminding myself that, were I charged, the burden of proof would be with th accuser, and of course, they wouldn't have any.

In any case, OT: I don't remember much from my childhood, but I do remember one particular incident from when I was in elementary school. I don't remember which grade, though, so I'm not sure how old I was. I had found a cap gun lying around somewhere nearby (I knew it was fake because it was 1) really light and 2) had the orange tip) and was playing around with it when I saw some kid notice me and run off in the direction of the teachers.

Sensing trouble, I figured the best thing to do would be to hide it in my pocket, go over to the playground, bury it in the sand and pick it up later when I left. Well, sure enough one of the teachers came looking for me not too long after, but I turned out all my pockets and of course had nothing on me, so she left. Not sure what she thought of the situation, if she realized I had noticed the other kid run off or if she thought he was just a liar, but later when I went to retrieve the cap gun, it was missing. I can only assume that someone else saw me bury it and got back to it before I did. If nothing else, I was smart enough to avoid getting caught, but I was a little annoyed that after all that effort I didn't even get to keep it.

Edit: Just to be clear, the 'false accusation' was that it I had a weapon. I hadn't even heard of such a thing as school shootings until much later but even then I figured it would be bad if I was caught with even just a cap gun at school, which is why I ditched it.

Rape: Basically when me and my girlfriend at the time had first got physical, she wasn't fully ready even though she initiated it. Things happened, but we didn't have sex. Well the night it happened she had told her friends that I raped her, and after we broke up she continued to spread the rumor. Going far enough to befriend my future girlfriends and break us up by telling the girl about it (leaving out the detail that NOTHING HAPPENED)

So pretty much whenever I'm on a date I tend to put that on the table that I have a stalker ex who is still spreading rumors that I'm a rapist. Luckily that's been able to stop her from sabotaging my relationships so far. The reason I've been single for the last 10 years is mainly my fault.

We've been broken up for about 10 years, she's been in a "serious relationship" for the last 5 or 6, and she still feels it's necessary to try to sabotage my relationships.

The worst part? I'm a rape victim myself...

EDIT: On a lighter note: In High School I was unofficially voted "Most likely to start a school shooting.", too bad the Yearbook staff wouldn't publish that, though I can see why.

The majority of my family believe with absolutely no justification or reasoning, that I am in fact, a drug dealing gang-leader. The truth? I have never done drugs in my life and I have one friend who I spend any time with. They fabricated this delusion because when I hit my teens, we stopped being as close as we were when I was younger, with almost all contact being severed as I reached adulthood. (Note; not my choice.) They believe this because it's the only way they can make sense of my lifestyle and personality, surely I can't be a shut-in and speak against societal norms without being some kind of criminal, right? It may also have something to do with the fact that I do appear intimidating (so I'm told) due to being tall, broad-shouldered. I have actually experienced this a lot in my life, where people make wild assumptions with no grounding purely on appearance and speculation, yes including my own family.

It used to really bother me, but I'm 25 now, working on starting my own family. But their attitudes still amuse me, if anything all they have done is taught me how not to treat your relatives.

My friends and I were accused of taking inappropriate pictures of a three year old little girl with my phone. Probably one of the scariest times in my life, because all that needed to happen was the police to show up and that would follow me around for the rest of my life.

We were sitting down at the mall eating lunch. We were joking around and we all took pictures of each other because we didn't have pictures to match the phone numbers. After that, I noticed this little girl sitting several tables away staring at me. Like REALLY staring. Every now and then I'd do a quick peek, but she kept staring at me and I was a little uncomfortable with it. Later I noticed the mom had moved and was glaring at us. We continued to talk until they left. After that, I noticed that the girl had spilled her milkshake all over the table, they'd left all their trash everywhere and had just disappeared. I pointed it out to my friends and they we disgusted.
A minute later, the mom walked over, took a picture of each of us--which we tried to ignore and we all thought this woman was crazy--and then she glared at me and demanded, "I want to know why you took a picture of my daughter with your phone and why you kept staring at her while she ate." I was floored. Security came over and we explained that we did no such thing. We even offered to show the man our phone, but he said that was fine. He was clearly seeing the same thing we were: crazy mom. But that wasn't good enough. She apparently called the manager of security, and he did look at our phones. And he laughed and joked about the pictures. "Oh, you broke the camera on that one." We asked if we were free to go and he said yes and not to worry about it. We bolted, even though I'm sure that lady was about to call the police.

I know what happened too. I'll bet money that the little girl saw me pull out my phone and take a picture and she thought it was her. Never mind the fact that I have an old flip phone with no zone and she was at least two dozen feet away. After that, any time I looked anywhere in her direction, she thought I was looking at her, even though my friend was sitting between me and her. After that, she asked her mom why I kept staring at her. For all the mom cared at that point, I could have been look at the damn ceiling and the woman would have thought I was looking at her little girl.

I've never really been accused of much, but I was once accused of cheating on a girlfriend. My mates and I were all out, and this girl we all vaguely know kept coming onto me. A few days later we hear she's been telling people we slept together, but as soon as my friends told everyone what really happened people stopped believing her. She wasn't the most trustworthy person, her words didn't carry much weight really. Did give me the shock of my life when my girlfriend rung me up about it though, until she was convinced I did nothing wrong she was pretty pissed off.

I walked a slut home because someone had spiked her drink and I didn't want to have to fight anyone at the party given I didn't know the host very well.

I found out someone tried raping her during the party whilst I was in another room, and in her spiked-haze she thought it was me and that's what she told her friends when she got home.

She then apologized when she regained consciousness.
Though I've got such a violent zeal towards 'rape' issues, that when my friends heard that apparently I tried to rape the school slut - they thought it was hysterical.

EDIT: Was a douche. Fixed that. Sorry.

Wait a minute, I just re-read it. Bleh. You do not sound like a nice person. Though its a pretty shitty accusation to deal with

Mr F.:

I walked a slut home because someone had spiked her drink and I didn't want to have to fight anyone at the party given I didn't know the host very well.

I found out someone tried raping her during the party whilst I was in another room, and in her spiked-haze she thought it was me and that's what she told her friends when she got home.

She then apologized when she regained consciousness.
Though I've got such a violent zeal towards 'rape' issues, that when my friends heard that apparently I tried to rape the school slut - they thought it was hysterical.

EDIT: Was a douche. Fixed that. Sorry.

Wait a minute, I just re-read it. Bleh. You do not sound like a nice person. Though its a pretty shitty accusation to deal with

Eh... Man, she calls herself that; and she's currently sleeping with 2 guys at the same time. That's considered tame or average for her.
and yea I can see that. I didn't get much of my childhood, and my teenage years were spent in a self-induced isolation training.

I don't deal with peoples bullshit.

I've been accused of hacking, doing unspeakable things to peoples Minecraft homes, trolling, et cetera.

I've been wounded several times over.

I made a sarcastic comment once criticizing people that thought that the First Fleet was justified in slaughtering the Australian Aborigines, and that Australia Day celebrating the death of thousands is a good thing. The comment was basically, "yep. Hmmm. That seems reasonable. OH WAIT NO IT DOESN'T." You know. Not hard to understand. But it is a thorny topic, because I got a message from - and then blocked by - a woman sent me this:

"You racist asshole! Hang by your balls!"

...getting called a racist, a sexist, a bigot... I understand that if you're called these things it's usually because you've done or said something racist or sexist or bigoted. And usually I try to better myself when such complaints are leveled at me. But when I'm called a racist asshole when staunchly criticizing racism I feel just a little like my intelligence is being insulted.

I did find it funny that she blocked me though. I don't know if she wanted me to respond or not, I would have loved to have cleaned it up, but I guess she was being emotional and irrational. Still kind of hilarious though, like punching someone in the face and then sticking your fingers in your ears.

Edit: Oh, I've also been accused of being a pedophile. Which is a shame, because my family has a really bad history with pedophiles, and I fucking hate pedophiles, but the one thing I hate worse than pedophiles are people who accuse others falsely of being pedophiles. It's not like, "oh, man, you're a child fucker." When people say "you are a pedophile," I hear: "you are literally the worst person on this earth. Lower than scum." And I get more offended by people throwing that word around as a casual insult than I do by pedophiles themselves. Pedophiles are sick and twisted, wretched individuals who deserve pity; when rational men start throwing the word around, that's more insulting to me. So, like, don't accuse me of being a pedophile, alright?

Killing Kids for fun

I was in the army. A family down the street from where I lived stood outside my house. Shouting on the top of there voice "babe killer". All because i just came back from Afganistan. After 3 hours police turned up after stones and Glass bottles of petrol was thrown at the house. After that I got moved away. Not a Thing has been done about it since Kinda pissed me off. All because they did not want to cause a problems with a entire famliy easy to just move me.

That was about 8 years ago and am STILL PISSED ABOUT IT!

Punching a girl at summer camp a long time ago, I was sitting around with my friends when 3 councelors came up to me and asked me to go with them and they brought me over to another group of councelors with a few kids around and said I had better admit to it or it would only be worse. Now at this point I had no idea what was going on and then they pointed to a girl I'd met earlier in the day but now she had a black eye, now I was surprised and then kind of pissed when they said that she accused me of doing it and the witnesses to this were 2 guys way bigger than me who hated me and the feeling was mutual. The worst part was they wouldn't believe me even though I'd been with a group of friends all day at one point they were even told to shut up or they'd be in trouble for helping me and the one councelor over where we were was also kept away because he knew I'd been there all day.

So long story short I never found out what happened exactly but I'm pretty sure they hit her made her say it was me because they didn't like me and used the dipshit councelors to get me in trouble. Needless to say I left that place and never looked back.

Rape threats and plotting terroristic acts.

No joke.

A lying, fat, warty little harpy construed me as some kind of threat, then used some of my statements out of context, cooked up reports of me making fake threats and threatening to rape her, coerced my friends into agreeing with her, and ran straight to the principal only on a day I was sick and thus unable to do anything about it other than hear about it when I got called to the office the day I came back from the flu.

I was exonerated because I pointed out that it was all, in the end, a long stream of lies written in bullshit. She spent the rest of high school looking over her shoulder for me in a panic. Serves her right.

I usually don't want people to suffer, but for the blatant ethical sins of lying through her teeth and making up evidence, I hope she does, every single day she's still on this planet.

Wow lotta rape accusations on this page... then again that kinda makes sense. Rape is a pretty good thing to accuse people with if you want to cause maximum pain and suffering in someones life while still appearing a relateable victim and not having to present evidence. Rape is kinda hard to present evidence for without things like video or reliable witnesses so real accusations don't always have tons of evidence, plus even the accusation itself can put people into witch hunt mode where logic kinda shuts off. All in all a pretty crappy thing to be accused of.

Wow lotta rape accusations on this page... then again that kinda makes sense. Rape is a pretty good thing to accuse people with if you want to cause maximum pain and suffering in someones life while still appearing a relateable victim and not having to present evidence. Rape is kinda hard to present evidence for without things like video or reliable witnesses so real accusations don't always have tons of evidence, plus even the accusation itself can put people into witch hunt mode where logic kinda shuts off. All in all a pretty crappy thing to be accused of.

Pretty much...the older and richer you are, the more likely that some random girl you have never seen in your life will accuse you of raping her anywhere from 5 years to 20 years ago in an attempt to swindle some money out of you. Sigh. It can really put a dent of faith in claims from ACTUAL rape victims seeking justice.

I've had nothing noteworthy other than I was given a detention in high school for not turning up to several classes. As a goody-two-shoes that always went to class, I sought out a teacher to tell her that I didn't deserve this punishment. At the same time, another younger girl and her friend turned up with the same story, and she was crying. It turned out the school record system had screwed up, and was randomly handing out detention notices to students. I never got an apology for it.

I guess I don't get in trouble much. I suppose the worst was during a field trip where I was in the front passenger seat of the van. At some point during the second day, this guy in the back asks me why I was staring at his girlfriend, who was sitting behind me. I might actually have said "Wait, what?" I asked him if this was a joke, which in retrospect might not have been a good idea, but I was completely confused. He was serious though. I still don't know how he got the idea. Thankfully he didn't get aggressive or anything, but continued with the accusations over the course of the day. Eventually his girlfriend got tired of his bullshit and made him apologize for it the next day.

It still seems weird.

EDIT: Christ this thread is terrifying. After reading all this I feel like I'm lucky to have gotten to 30 without a felony to my name or getting my skull caved in by someone's boyfriend. I almost feel like it's dangerous to ask someone out after reading all this.

I was accused of making fun of a mentally retarded kid. I was about 10-12 and was attending camp. I had been sitting next to him during lunch and he screeched in my ear. So, I decided to move about an inch or two away from him. No confrontation, no insults, no nothing.
Later, some girl got pissed off at me for something stupid and started accusing me of making fun of the guy and soon people started to believe it. Other people started accusing me of making fun of the guy. At least his guardian (or helper, I am not entirely sure what the proper term for that kind of person is in this case) understood that I had not done anything. I had just shifted slightly because he screamed in my ear. Yet my fellow campers did not believe my side of the story.

Fun fun fun.

Kidnapping a student... yeah. So I was in a catholic secondary school which, for some reason, had mixed rooms. I was put with this problem child called Giovanna. Not the smoking, tatoo bearing, knife carrying kid that one would think but rather a foul-mouthed, disobeying, disrespectful child, daughter of a wealthy family. They sent her there to "get her on the right path again". She had a crush on me and pushed me into doing lots of stuff, calling her my girlfriend, cooking for her, and even having our first time together. Otherwise she made me sleep outside, on the floor, or she would throw all of my clothes out the window.

So anyway, when we were both 14 one day she decides to skip school and go to the movies together. So we get out and walk around for a while after discovering that we had both forgot that cinemas are not open at 9 AM in the morning. A nun (who for some reason was out) caught us and asked who was to blame, she faked a breakdown and said that I had forced her to do so and that I had slapped her when she refused. I was expelled but she confessed the next day (and only got a month of helping with the cleaning) and I was allowed to return to school.

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