Kindergartner suspended for pink bubble gun threat

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(Face palm) ...Sometimes I hate people. I really do... Couldn't anyone tell what it really was?!

Speaking as a person who was a victim of Zero Tolerance policies, this is just plain stupid. You definitely don't hold the five year old for questioning, you most certainly don't treat a PINK PLASTIC BUBBLE GUN as a legitimate threat, and yeah the kid will get counseling, but a treatment for probable trauma at the hands of asshat teachers or cops. Fuck me Public school faculty are retards.


Not G. Ivingname:
"You got to be asking yourself right now, did I shoot five bubbles, or six? I am not very good at counting past three, so you got to be asking yourself.

Do you feel lucky butt?"

That's probably one of the best things I have ever read on the internet.

Thank you. ^.^

It just is what came to my mind after seeing this.

Ah.. the American Education System...

What a brilliant oxymoron.

I remember crying for a day at this age (I think. I might have been slightly younger) because a friend of mine told me off-handedly that she had the police's number and she'd call them to arrest me because I said something slightly rude. What they've done to this little child is fucking amazingly retarded. If she's anything like what I was at this age, this is a trauma that's going to stay with her for a long time. Sure, it's good to make sure that she knows violence is a bad thing, and to triple-check that she's not actually serious (Though I doubt any child at this age would cause such harm intentionally), but I'm pretty sure the fact that's it's a Hello Kitty Happy Magic Rainbow Bubble Gun Of Love And Friendship would come up somewhere along the... hmmm... twenty second mark of interrogation?

I've gone from being depressed over one of the most heartwrenching books I've ever read that I finished yesterday to now being extremely damn angry at such moronic caretakers. Whilst this little girl is being called a terrorist there's some asshole bully calling insecure little kids names outside, something which might give them problems communicating with people for years to come, and of course, they expect the little kids to man up and deal with it themselves.

...gonna stop now. I could rage at this all day.

Fire that teacher, now. And strip them of their right to teach again.

If I knew the teacher that did that I think I'd have beat them upside the head with a lump hammer or something. Potentially ruining a childs life because they were threatening to bubble somebody.

America: the only country where it's funny to use gross, blatant stereotypes when talking about it, rather than being offensive. <.<

Anyways, this is pretty ridiculous. They should of just asked her what she meant and blah-blah etc. and let her go on her merry way.

Even with what she said, this is a huge overreaction. Our society has gotten more and more paranoid, and it's not going to end well.

I know this is a crazy idea but maybe terrorising a 5year old by making a massive deal over something she thought was totally harmless fun isn't a good idea.

I wonder how often the basketball team gets suspended for shooting some hoops.

People are paranoid as crap. Gun violence has happened and has been in the media a lot recently. People overreact and act stupidly, doubly so when scared. I think this is more a sign of growing hysteria then anything else.

Also, I have to express my blind rage at some people equating all of America with some people who overreacted and the people who think all schools suck because some people over acted. Ahem... FUCK THAT SHIT! That kind of hasty generalization is the reason people are scared of games and witch hunts exist.

hello kitty toy = terrorism


I get ppl are still tense over that horrable shooting last year but really this is just stupid

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