What is your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster, Spell,and Trap Card?

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As the title speaks for itself, it's not often you hear about Yu-Gi-Oh on this site anymore so I figured why not give a Stimpak into the topic?

My favorites:




Since my knowledge of Yu Gi Oh is reduced to the Abridged Series...

I haven't played YuGiOh in a very long time, so mine are a bit dated.

Monster: Giant Soldier of Stone. I had quite a few of these guys, and that 2000 defense stat was great.

Trap: Trap Hole. A lot of my friends always attacked with their strongest monster first, so this was an easy way to get rid of them.

Magic: Monster Reborn. Handy for field clearing attacks like dark hole.

Also, wasn't Mirror Force banned in competitions, or am I thinking of something else?

Well favourite monster is a tie for me between Summoned Skull and Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.

Skull for nostalgia purposes as he was in my very first deck, one of the starter ones, and he quickly became my most used card. 2500 ATK for only one tribute was a fairly good deal and I one plenty of games with him.

And Red Eyes because he is basically the trump card in my current deck. Not only is he so easy to summon with a dragon heavy deck, but once he is out I can swarm the field with high level monsters.

Favourite spell has to be Yu-Jo Friendship just because of how silly it is.

Can't really think of a favourite trap at the minute.

Red Eyes because he is basically the trump card in my current deck. Not only is he so easy to summon with a dragon heavy deck, but once he is out I can swarm the field with high level monsters.

This thinking, on both your and the developer's parts, is basically what I consider to be wrong with Yugioh and the main reason I quit a few years ago. Very powerful effects with pathetically low costs.

Anywho, my favourites (from when I played):

Mine are also very dated, been years since I looked at the game
(I really only originally got roped in to playing so there would be more adults present to help supervise....)
Fave monster, my bud and signature card:
Inaba the White Rabbit...
Taught the kids that high attack isn't everything...not by a long shot.
Fave spell card:
Heart of Clear Water....
Combo'd with Amazoness Swordswoman & Twin Swords of Flashing light (I'm willing to bet that's banned now)
was not invincible, but yeowch....
Favorite trap:
Gravity bind....
With Inaba being my signature card, I'll bet you can guess why.


I pay a thousand life points, and every single card on the field and in both players' hands gets destroyed and your opponent loses 300 life points for every card destroyed. I fucking love that effect.

And you know what's more? He's a fucking Blue Eyes in addition to that! It's the hypest shit!

I stopped watching not long after the battle city tornament so I don't remember many cards but I'll say
monster: slifer the sky dragon

magic: swords of revealing light

trap: mirror force

Wow has it been a while since someone has mentioned that game to me!
Hmm, haven't gone through my cards in a while but I have some favorites still....

Divine wrath (trap) is a classic, and with the huge number of "I got my deck archetype's key monster of the field, GG" decks I've seen, it's best used with a camera at the ready.

My favorite monster is a hard one... I have so many decks its hard to pick one based on how good it is in a match, but I love my Wicked Avatar. His attack points? 100 more than the monster on the field with the highest attack, besides The Wicked Avatar.

and last but not least, spell cards. Actually, some of my decks had no more than 5 spell cards in them, so I can't think of many that I used / loved. But if I had to come up with one, it would probably be...... Golden Sarcophagus.

All time favorite card to use though is, and always will be: The Ultimate Baseball Kid

Since you're allowed three like Monster cards in one deck (official rules, at least), this means you can have three of these guys on the Field, and none of them can be attacked. And your opponent would lose 1500 LP per turn. I had a deck with this, plus Raging Flame Sprite (EDIT: Thanks, Lizardon!) which worked wonders with And I don't really have a favorite Spell Card, butis pretty cool. Also Monster Reborn. Too bad it's like, banned for whatever reason.

When I used to play when I was a kid I liked to play the gate guardian pieces because I could place them face down and when they get hit I can activate their effect changing the opponents monsters attack to 0 making them lose a massive chunk of their life.

Wow, two Yu-Gi-Oh! card discussions in one week (one was in real life).

I haven't played for years, but I still have my cards, and my favorites?

My favorite monster was called Needle Burrower.
He only had 1700 attack but when he killed another monster the opponent would lose 500 life points x the amount of stars that monster had. For you who don't get it that would mean a 4 star monster would take away 2000 life points.

My favorite magic card was axe of despair, adds 1000 attack points to any monster. Add it to needle burrower and he can destroy up to 8 star monsters. 4000 lifepoints. Not only that but it wasn't limited in any way meaning I could have up to three on the field at the same time. Plus it doesn't say that it has to destroy your opponents monsters so you can even just kill your own guys and still damage the opponent.

My favorite trap card was solemn wishes, 500 life points for you every turn that it is on the field, I had 2 meaning I could be getting 1000 life points a turn.

P.S. Where I played we always had 4000 lifepoints meaning needle burrower took half of a persons lifepoints for every 4 star monster destroyed.

Red Eyes Black Shadow Dragon for the win, scrubs. I used that card to kick my friend's ass and it was glorious.

Dark magician girl for obvious reasons

Monster = Cyber Jar
Legal Monster = Morphing Jar
Spell = Messenger of Peace
Trap = Solemn Judgment

3000 atk and def, does damage even if the enemy monster is in defense mode, and your opponent can't activate traps or spells during its attack. Plus, it's a giant ancient robot. All kinds of awesome.

It's a field nuke. Plus it's playing a black hole.

For 2000 LP, you negate the summon of a monster. The fact that the monster never actually hits the field is a nice technicality that stops lots of effects.

I stopped playing the game, but then I found Dueling Network. Lots of fun, despite how much the game has changed.


My friends have this story about how back in high school, they would annoy the Yu-gi-oh kids in the library by running up to their table, slamming an old baseball card on the table and yelling, "MARK WEST!!!!!" . Eventually, they managed to get the card, and tore it up. My friend taped the pieces back together, laminated it, and was back the next day.

So I'm gonna say Mark West is my favorite card.

I tend to play on Dueling Network more than the actual card game itself, but regardless my favorite deck is a Naturia Plant deck, so these are following that deck:

I haven't played Yu-gi-oh since the 7th grade, so I don't remember all the names, but I do remember liking these ones.

Monster: Red eyes Black Dragon- for its coolness factor

Trap: Mirror Force

...And I can't remember any spells XD

Just desserts?

Favorite Monster: Silent Magician (Both LVL's). Never had them though. I say them because I played one of the DS Games a few years back. I basically built a LEVEL UP! Deck.
Favorite Spell: Pot of Greed. Or that one that allows you to have the card you want in three turns.
FAvorite Trap: Mirror Force. Too OP.

Fitting that this thread exists, since I started rewatching the original series Yesterday.

My favorite card is the familiar Knight.

dont really know what my magic and trap card, but thats my favorite over all. I like the ability and I think it kinda personifies me in the sense of the first season episode where they're all taking about it with Bykura.

vampire lord all the way.

Magic card goes to the aforementioned "Dark Hole."
I was particulary fond of that trap card because I had some goblin card that gained more attack power for every goblin monster on the field.

It's been ages since I've played, but I remember these three being my favourites:



Sorry for no picks...I could not seem to link them right...

For my favourite monster...

If we're talking just for coolsies, Red Eyes Black Dragon (and his cousin Red Eyes Zombie Dragon)

For usefulness?

Il blud (I don't care if he's an ugly ass fat zombie with a scary face in his chest! He revives my zombies from the grave again and gain to wreck your monsters!)

Or Pyramid Turtle (You kill him and I get to special summon a zombie from my deck. I typically then get out the Red eye zombie dragon or Ryo Kokki)

Favourite spell?

For coolsies? Crystal abundance. Blow up everything on the field in a glorious avalanche of crystals and you get a ton of crystal beasts back to murder your now helpless enemy.

For usefulness?

Zombie world. EVERYTHING on the field is now a zombie. Everything in both graves is a zombie. You cannot tribute summon anything but a zombie. Combined with Il Blud's ability to bring back zombies from both graveyards and Red Eyes Zombie Dragon's ability to steal any enemy it sends to the grave via battle...It's amazing.

Fave trap card?

As awesome as Mirror Force, sakuretsu armor and Torrential tribute are...There is one card I like more. One card that actually TRUMPS mirror force.


Oh what's that? You're gonna mirror force me? Aww...that's cute. How about I convince you to NOT use that? Here, You can draw a card. But That mirror force is DENIED. :D

...Why yes, I DO run a zombie deck! :D

Both in duelist network and real life!

Favorite monster, who's also in my avatar is Yubel. She is a 0 atk killer roadblock, turns all damage she takes back on the opponent, and she evolves each time you get around her. Love her. Magic? Gotta say Super Polymerization. That's a nice monster you have out. I'll just take that, combine it with mine for fusion, and you can't counter. Lol. Trap? Always enjoyed turning attacks back with Magic Cylinder.

I never really played yugioh, but I did try for about two weeks and I watched the original anime.

From that knowledge, the most memorable things to me are:

I don't remember any trap cards.

Note: my decisions are off of coolness/the fact that I even remember them, not actual usefulness. I honestly have no idea if these are good or not.

I haven't played in a long time so I dont have a favorite trap or spell, but my favorite monster has to be Exodia, so powerful, once you summon him the game cuts out the middle man and just immediately declares you the winner.

I would have to go though all of my old cards in order to even remember some of my favorite cards, and I am not doing that this late at night. I might do it tomorrow if I remember, but no guarantees.

It's been a long while since I've played Yu-Gi-Oh, but I always remember waiting till my opponent played his most powerful monster, then me playing this guy like the troll I was.

Since my only experience with Yu-Gi-Oh!, apart from watching the abridged series, is reading the manga[1], I'll go with Blue Eyes White Dragon. I've got a soft spot for the classics.

[1] Boy do I miss that manga. I wish they'd translated more than just 30 books to Swedish.

Favorite monster comes down to three:

I don't know why but I always liked how badass he looked so that's why I choose him

One of my favorite spell cards from the anime

Monster... This is hard. Probably Ra.

Trap: Mirror force

Magic: Monster Reborn

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