What annoys you most about a person?

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Stupid clever people. I.e. People who are usually clever academically and think this puts them above everyone else, but can't handle pretty much all other situations.


One phrase that seriously gets on my manly tits is "I have lost faith in humanity".

There is something so pretentious, arrogant and ignorant about that statement and it gets on my nerves so much

Well this thread reeks of jealousy. I just get along with people.

Personally, I'm annoyed by people that are judgemental....

People who try to make me miserable.

The kind of people that, when you tell them you're generally a happy person, take it as a challenge to upset you.

Fuck those people.

Also, but not as much, people that think they can change me when I say I have too many issues to date them. Oh, you can?! Please tell me more because you're the only person that's ever thought that ¬¬

The 2 types of people I despise above all else are compulsive liars(they're usually a one-upper as well) and egotistical dick-wads. The worst egotistical dick-wads are the people who believe they are never at fault and ALWAYS justified. Most of them even think themselves humble!

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