Your all-time favorite Disney song

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So what's the greatest Disney song you ever heard? It can be from movies, TV, one of those cassette tapes they used to sell...

Right now, mine is this one from Duck Tales. The Beagle Boys might not sound like pro singers, but I just can't help getting caught up in the rythm.

It's a tie between these:

Not sure why, really. Those two have always stuck with me, compared to the other songs from their respective movies and other Disney films in general. They feel really powerful to me.

Ooooooh, thats hard.

I can't make a call between them.

EDIT: I forgot one...

The Muppets are owned by Disney, it counts! Plus, how can you go wrong with Hans Zimmer scoring a pirate movie?

Man, flipping through this topic is bringing back so many memories... i think i'm crying tears of nostalgia right now.

P.S.: Captcha: Ivory tower
*posted a notre dame video* Seems fitting.

Nothing quite like a scat singing orangutan

Seriously nobody has posted this one yet?

i love "Belle" from the opening of Beauty and the Beast.

but i'm a sucker for musicals and this is a sheer classic musical opening number in the vein of "Who Will Buy" from Oliver...

also Gaston :P

Disney music as is is fairly unremarkable. They're just show tunes, really. Not even especially exceptional show tunes just, sort of, mediocre. Outside of the context of the films they barely register. Some of the reinterpretations, however, can yield interesting results whether they be in the form of direct covers...

...something with definite inspiration but more fast and loose...

...or something entirely more obtuse.

I have to go with two songs from my favorite Disney films.

Every song in Hercules.

I Wanna Be Like You, from the jungle book... one of the few movies I remember from my childhood... and the songs were pretty awesome... despite the vague racist undertones...<.<

Oh wait, that's not it...

There we are...<.<

Every song in Hercules.

I choose this answer!

With this song in particular!

So damn catchy!

Four words: Sung by Tony Jay.

If I was Esmeralda, I'd do whatever he said, just to listen to that voice.
RIP Tony Jay, your voice will be remembered as naught but epic.

Hmm, I've never met a Disney song that I didn't like, barring their record label that is, but my all time favourite has to be:

Clopin is one of my favourite Disney characters; omniscient narrator, minor antagonist, comic relief, moral teacher, a truly chaotic neutral crazy.

As for the song: The bits about the lame walking and the blind seeing amuse me, it's catchy and the use of "it's a miracle if you get out of live" has a nice ring to it.

Edit: Forgot to include this, it's like the staple video of Disney threads:

Out there from the Hunchback of Notre Dame is one that I find myself loving quite a bit (even more than Hellfire surprisingly). Its just really uplifting.

Also What's This from Nightmare Before Christmas is easily the most catchy song in my mind recently. Listen to it and you'll be humming it all day.

EDIT: also When We're Human from Princess and the Frog is soo bloody catchy

This thread is sadly lacking in Toy Story sound track.

Pfft, no idea. Disney have so many memorable songs it's amazing. I reckon the intro song in The Hunchback animated movie is the strongest melody I've heard from Disney. Sadly hardly any one ever mentions it, great intro.

I don't know whether it's because I go gaga for Tchaikovsky, adore the animation or I'm just a soppy romantic at heart, but I've loved this since I was little.

EDIT: Wait, crap, that's not it -

THAT'S it.

Here's the obligatory answer:

You're all welcome. Especially now the video works. I quite like the KH version as well.

Surprised no one has posted this one hasn't been posted yet:

Also, I'll second this:

Kenbo Slice:

but also add that the soundtrack in its entirety is amazing, like this one, for an example:

King of Asgaard:
Four words: Sung by Tony Jay.

If I was Esmeralda, I'd do whatever he said, just to listen to that voice.
RIP Tony Jay, your voice will be remembered as naught but epic.

I am with you on this one.

This is a great song indeed. And it's a good sounding one in my native language too.

This is impossible, too many good ones: Go the Distance, Be Prepared, Part of Your World, Kiss the Girl, That's How You Know, ect.

So I'm going to cop out and pick two:

'I Won't Say I'm In Love' from Disney's Hercules. Great harmony and lyrical quality. It's feel good and authentically Disney at it's core.

'When Love Is Gone' from Muppet Christmas Carol(AKA the best Christmas movie that has ever been and will be.) It is one of the most un-Disneylike songs that Disney ever produced(Disney in fact got the song pulled from the film and it was only through Jim Henson's demands that it was placed on the extended directors cut.) So I doubt most people have ever even heard it, as doing so requires either specifically searching for it, or purchasing the Muppet Christmas Carol on special edition DVD/blueray.

But it is one of my favorites. It is beautifully sad, and I can't help but to tear up when Michael Caine starts to sing along with her. And at the same time it adds so much to the character of Scrooge. It make's him understandable, it helps to bridge that gap to explain how he got where he is.

Thats easy...


While probably not the best, it's definitely one of my favourites and it hasn't been mentioned yet sooo :D

And the reprise is also nice :3

From The Little Mermaid on Broadway. Wish Triton had gotten more songs, his voice was amazing.


Aand I have been ninjad.
Good job.

And to avoid Low content:
Why don't you make yourself a bitchin Hellfire avatar?


I'l make a man out of you from Mulan, its been posted all ready.

I like the scene too, its quite funny.

There are so any very awesome songs that it's hard to pick one and most of them from films have already been covered... So I'll go with these

I has been mentioned, but...

Mulan is my favorite hand-drawn Disney movie, and this is my favorite song from it.

Honorable mention to...

...because whenever I hear it it's stuck in my head the rest of the day.

Tough call, so I'll just name a few:

"Friends on the Other Side"- from The Princess and the Frog
"I Won't Say I'm in Love"- from Hercules
"God Help the Outcasts"- from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
"Two Worlds"- from Tarzan
"This is Halloween"- from The Nightmare Before Christmas
"Look Through My Eyes"- from Brother Bear
"Hakuna Matata"- from The Lion King
"I'm Still Here"- from Treasure Planet
"Beauty and the Beast" from... guess

and if TV movies count-
"Robot Riot"- from Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension

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