So, What's Your Escapist Background?
42.4% (14)
42.4% (14)
Zero Punctuation Yellow/Black
12.1% (4)
12.1% (4)
Snow 1 or 2 (Is there a difference?)
3% (1)
3% (1)
Apocalypse/Mayan Apocalypse
6.1% (2)
6.1% (2)
9.1% (3)
9.1% (3)
12.1% (4)
12.1% (4)
Community Signatures
15.2% (5)
15.2% (5)
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Poll: So, What's Your Escapist Background?

Some of you might remember a distant time when there was only one background on the escapist. However that was then, and today it has so many I couldn't adequately fit them into a single poll for you.
I'm going to try and create another poll on an external site that'l allow for more options.

Anyway, mine is the Community Signatures because it has my name on it and I'm an uncontrollable narcissist.

Mine right now is an advertisement for The Elder Scrolls Online. Didn't really have a choice in the matter. :/

When it's not that I have the default background.

It looks pretty sweet already and I'm in no rush to change it.

When it comes to site themes, well to put it simply:

I liek spaec. :D

You can customise the background?

I think that gives my answer...

Seriously though, how do I customise the background? While I'm not exactly new to Escapist, I only just recently signed up.

I like to stare up into the sky and realize that given the vastness of space all the galaxies and everything together barely register as a mote of dust compared to the infinite vacuum.

I like to look up into the sky and realize that if I fell forever up I would almost certainly never come near anything.

I like to look up into the sky and realize that if I fell into the sky I'd fall into the Abyss.

Space. Because it allows me pretend that I'm in a sci-fi.

Space. Da starz are pretty pretty. It also complements the black theme I've got in Firefox pretty well, so I see no reason to change.

Is this a PubClub only thing? Because even when I changed mine, it's still an ad for the Elder Scrolls Online

I like the Community Signatures one.

It's really cool to see the names of everyone that wanted to be on it, and it works rather well with the layout of the site.


I swear OPs are getting lazier and lazier.

Like the recent crop of "news" threads that don't even include a link to the news source.

Well you can see on my newest thread that I don't fall into that catagory![1]

OT: Ummm...

Does anyone know if you can put up your own Customized backgrounds? I'd like some of the others except when you scroll down the screen they disappear above. And the kitten/puppy ones only have partial heads that...well...FAIL. :(

[1] Shamless plug :)

Default, it just looks more natural (yay for blandness)

Community signatures because I put some work into getting it made. :)

Technically right now it's an Elder Scrolls Online ad.
But when it's not ads it's KITTENS.

I use apocalypse. It's a nice fade away from the bright main page area andf doesn't distract the eye. Plus it looks interesting.

I was using the Community Signatures one, but it draws the eye too much and was distracting.

Space, even though I can't see the full thing :P.

Mine's the default. I kind of like how Red Scene and Space look, but actual stuff hanging around the edges of the screen is just too distracting for me.

The "normal" one.
Hell I didn't know you could change it :P
So what have I been doing here the last 3 years eh?! ;)


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