Favourite sweet?

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Dark chocolate and Soda Poppers, specifically the Dr. Pepper flavored ones.

A recent new favorite is the Wonka brand Kazoozles. So damn tasty.

Pocky. Pure and simple.

In terms of candy bars, I like Butterfingers, Hershey bars (especially on smores) 3 Musketeers, though I just love Sour Patch Kids.

Oh, and dark chocolate truffles. Those are heavenly good...

Dose green tea fried ice cream count?

If no (why the hell not, it's only the best thing ever), then Rollo's, Milky Ways, and Gummy [insert animal here].

Fruit Bon Bons are the best candies ever.


Well there's just good dark chocolate obviously. But as a tasty sweet with my tea I do love this stuff:


Also Turkish Delight.

I HATE most candy though (gummy candies, little hard candies etc.) it tastes like the physical incarnation of the God of cheap non food items.

Girl scout's thinmint cookies, and cola candies for me



Not crap like Hersheys, but real chocolate. (beer... chocolate... why is it the things I love are things big American companies ruin by trying to make them as cheap as possible, to the point that most Americans I meet think they're supposed to taste like that?)

If you want to hear something really sad, many of the candy bars produced in the US no longer even qualify as "chocolate" any more. Look at a Butterfinger bar for example. Read the label. That brown stuff that coats the outside? Not enough of that is chocolate to actually call it chocolate. Most of it is vegetable fat IIRC.

Me too. I've never understood why people like all those chocolate knockoffs. No thanks, America, I'll take a Cadbury or a Lindt chocolate instead. Starts doubting those chocolate brands as well. Any brands that you like the most?

Cadbury and Lindt are staples... Most weekends I WILL have one of them in the house. I also like Ghirardelli (a rare American company that gets it right),
though something seems off about their mints. I could really go for some After 8's right now but can't find any. Green & Black's and Terry's chocolate Oranges round out my favorites list.

My mother loves Hershey. As for why, my only guess is that she's grown up with that kind of chocolate, and so the chalkiness just seems normal to her.

I am addicted to aniseed balls, I had been clean for years until I found a shop near me that sold them, now I'm hooked again despite me not having that much of a sweet tooth. Every now and then I do have some dark chocolate, I usually go for something around the 70 - 80% coco types. I have a thing for strong flavours.


When I can get them, I do always try to pick up some Cherry Drops (Though they do seem rather rare nowadays)

Where do you live? I'm north east England and most Newsagents/petrol stations sell cherry drops.

OT: Sherbet Lemons. They're just awesome.

Any kind of chocolate bar with hazelnuts in it and those chocolates shaped like oranges.

I can never find any of those oranges near me.

i don't have a sweet tooth, but on the rare occasion i develop a craving, my goto is dark chocolate. preferably the 100% baking bar kind.


I'm no longer a sweets type of guy, but I do have a weakness for little cakes, especially moon cakes, on the rare times I tried them.

My second favorite are turkish delights.


I'm not longer a sweets type of guy, but I do have a weakness for little cakes, especially moon cakes, on the rare times I tried them.

My second favorite are turkish delights.

Oooh, those cakes look really nice. Is that fruit in them or just a lot of syrup?


Oooh, those cakes look really nice. Is that fruit in them or just a lot of syrup?

Red Bean normally, I guess. They're good if can ever get hold of them.

The ingredients depend though.

EDIT: I suppose they're a bit like the Japanese daifuku.

Skittles! The rainbow has never felt so tasty!
Or if I'm feeling (slightly) healthier, I adore chocolate raisins <3

I've been addicted to these for years, love them, but don't buy them as much any more, for the sake of my teeth....

Sour ribbon candies are my favorite. The ones I love the most usually come out of a candy store (the ones where you put the candy in the bag and they weigh it to give you your price), so I don't know which brand they are. I've tried a few of the packaged brands like the Sour Punch Straws, but they're just not the same.

Coming in at a close second are Jolly Ranchers, specifically green apple and watermelon.

Right now I'm going through a Sweettart phase but my ultimate sweet goes towards that MAGICAL combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Yes Reese's.


I do like Toxic Waste, unlike most "Sour" sweets these things are actually sour.

Just ate a whole thing of those for the first time last week.
Not bad, but they've got nothing on Warheads for sourness.

My favorite is Snickers ice cream bars.

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