Ghetto up websites with gizoogle!

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I feel as though I've gone back in time. I used to do this very thing with gizoogle in school 10 years ago.

For great justice...

Apparently we all play "vizzlegames". I might be able to get on board with that...dawg.

I still read that in Yahtze's voice. Woke my flatmate up laughing. Well played sir.

Holy fuck this is brilliant.
OP I love you.

Season Three of MLP: FiM capped tha show

Yo ass wanna know why, biatch? Well:

-Mediocre two-part special wit a cold-ass lil crappy villain.

-No Raritizzle episode.

-A bullyin PSA.

-Not enough emphasis on thang like up in Seasons One n' Two.

-Da possibilitizzle dat Twilight will become a alicorn bizzatch.

Guess what, muthafucka! Strebiskunk's negatizzle propz of Magic Duel n' Keep Calm And Flutter On.
Da writaz of tha sheezy mo' betta git they acts together fo' Season Four. They know they gots a gangbangin' fanbase up in tha form of our asses bronies n' pegasisters. If any time tha sheezy is startin ta suck like muthafuckin right now, they should be listenin ta us--their fanbase--so dat they could fix any mistakes they've done cooked up up in Season Three so far.

Da reason why most other shows jump tha shark is simply cuz tha writas never dig they crews. Our Asses hustlas may not own tha muthafuckin rights ta em shows yo, but all up in tha same stupid-ass time our crazy-ass asses have as much say as ta what tha fuck should go up in em as tha writas themselves. This was why BioWare compensated fo' Mass Effect 3z terrible endin wit tha Extended Cut, n' it was also why Hasbro (the gangstas whoz ass did MLP) resurrected G1 Optimus Prime afta all of tha backlash toward Rodimus Prime. If Hasbro has no idea what tha fuck ta do wit MLP, they should turn ta crew feedback, just like they did regardin Optimus n' Rodimus, n' just like BioWare when they busted out tha Extended Cut endings ta Mass Effect 3.

It aint nuthin but not too late ta turn ta tha crew fo' help n' feedback. But, if they don't dig our asses bronies, our crazy-ass asses might as well move on ta somethang better, n' they'll lose a shitload of scrilla n' ratins fo' it up in tha process, which can be harmful ta them!

This is the greatest thing ever.

And, for a good measure, my reply.

Oh my god this copy pasta is gold now
What tha fuck did you just fuckin say bout me, you lil biiiatch, biatch? I'll have you know I graduated top of mah class up in tha Navy Seals, n' I've been involved up in a shitload of secret raidz on Al-Quaeda, n' I have over 300 confirmed kills. I be trained up in gorilla warfare n' I'm tha top sniper up in tha entire US armed forces. Yo ass is not a god damn thang ta mah crazy ass but just another target. I will wipe you tha fuck up wit precision tha likez of which has never been peeped before on dis Earth, mark mah fuckin lyrics. Yo ass be thinkin you can git away wit sayin dat shizzle ta mah crazy ass over tha Internizzle, biatch? Think again, fucker fo' realz. As our crazy-ass asses drop a rhyme I be contactin mah secret network of spies across tha USA n' yo' IP is bein traced muthafuckin right now so you mo' betta prepare fo' tha storm, maggot. Da storm dat wipes up tha pathetic lil muthafuckin thang you call yo' life. You're fuckin dead, kid. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! I can be anywhere, anytime, n' I can bust a cap up in you up in over seven hundred ways, n' that's just wit mah bare hands. Not only be I extensively trained up in unarmed combat yo, but I have access ta tha entire arsenal of tha United Hoodz Marine Corps n' I will bust it ta its full extent ta wipe yo' miserable ass off tha grill of tha continent, you lil shit. If only you could have known what tha fuck unholy retribution yo' lil "def" comment was bout ta brang down upon you, maybe you would have held yo' fuckin tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, n' now you're payin tha price, you goddamn idiot. I will shizzle fury all over you n' yo big-ass booty is ghon drown up in dat shit. You're fuckin dead, kiddo.

Da Lord of tha Rings: Da Fellowshizzle of tha Rin (2001)

\Little Bunny Foo Foo. (You can't NOT laugh)

Funny on stuff you love or hate, but pick something that is either geek chique or the frilly opposite of badass & you'll get the funniest results.

Persona 4: Golden Review as told by IGN.

"Four muthafuckin years ago, IGN deemed Persona 4 'amazing' on tha PlayStation 2. Today, I'm sayin tha same stupid-ass muthafuckin thang bout Persona 4 Golden on tha PlayStation Vita. With its slick HD visuals, peppy voice hustlas n' engagin story, tha Japanese role-playin game standz among tha dopest titlez on Sony's handheld yo, but when you toss up in how tha fuck deep tha gameplay be n' how tha fuck much there is ta do, Persona 4 Golden becomes tha shiznit of legend."

My sides.

I. Love. You.
This ha made my entire fucking year!

Dis b ballin', yo.

(Sorry. The only linked that could be Gizoogled was the Fox News one. Ugh.)

Baltimore Raven linebacker uses Supa Bowl spotlight ta promote gay marriage:
For Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo n' his quest ta promote gay marriage, there's no bigger stage than Supa Bowl XLVII.

Hours afta Ayanbadejoz crew beat tha New England Patriots on Sunday, pavin they way ta football's freshest game, tha three-time Pro Bowl special crews playa freestyled a email ta gay marriage proponents askin how tha fuck he could bust his cold-ass time up in tha limelight support tha cause.

"Is there anythang I can do fo' marriage equalitizzle and anti-bullyin over tha next couple weeks ta harnizz dis Supa Bowl media?" Ayanbadejo, 36, freestyled ta Brian Ellner n' Michael Skolnik, whoz ass works closely wit activist n' bidnizzman Russell Simmons on polistical issues.

Ayanbadejo, whoz ass did not return lyrics seekin comment on Friday, later busted some lyrics ta New York Times columnist Frank Bruni dat tha email was his "Jeremy Maguire" moment, referrin ta tha 1996 hit film up in which Tomothy Cruise penned a mission statement ta colleagues dat would later git his ass fired fo' his brutal honesty.

Whoever created this, as well as the OP who put this so I could see it, you made my week. I love you.

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