what music does the escapist listen to?

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Personally I've always been a fan of metal music, being weaned on Metallica, Sabbath, ACDC, and maiden from an early age. However I've been known to listen to basically anything that grabs my attention, be it reggae, rap, jazz, classical, dubstep , drum and bass, my opinion is that as long as you enjoy the music it doesn't matter and that labels like "metal head", "gangster rapper" and "emo" only succeed in dividing the peoples who listen to certain genres from each other. We should all just be happy to
Listen to the music we enjoy without fear of prejudice and labels. Thoughts?

Lately I've been really into Kanye West's 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' as recommended by the lovely Dangit. Runaway is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever had the pleasure of listening to, right up there with Philip Glass. Other artists include Rhapsody of Fire, Luca Turilli/'s Rhapsody, Beastie Boys, Daft Punk, the Gorillaz, various Vocaloids, Megadeth, Pink Floyd, Coldplay and various others.

I mostly listen to trance/progressive, such as Above & Beyond(listening to ABGT right now, in fact), Arty, Mat Zo, Menno de Jong, Eric Prydz and the like. I do occasionally listen to some post-metal/atmospheric black metal/whatever you want to call it, like Agalloch, Cult of Luna, Elffor, Summoning, Callisto, Opeth and so on(used to be a metalhead). I do stick mostly to trance though, but variety is the spice of life, as they say.

As you said, you should listen to whatever you want, you'll be all the happier for it.

Well, I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n' roll.

Just about all genres are fine with me really. I do sort have a preference to music that sounds like the stuff The Prodigy make but apart from that I'll listen to anything ... provided it isn't shit.

Pretty much the same as you, OP, the majority of my music library is metal but I'm open to all genres. I do tend to look down upon most modern mainstream music though, rap, pop, etc. Those genres aren't without their gems though I have to admit.

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Just about all genres are fine with me really. I do sort have a preference to music that sounds like the stuff The Prodigy make but apart from that I'll listen to anything ... provided it isn't shit.

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Although I am not really a fan of the Prodigy and, atm, more into smooth rock and roll, blues (delta and -rock) and I love me some Mike Oldfield.

I prefer The Prodigy, Korn, Slipknot etc.
But since I live in Japan where karaoke is something you cant avoid, i also listen to things I can manage to sing.
Also AKB and Momoiro Clover Z just to make people laugh.

Mostly metal. My favourite stuff being death metal and epic doom, though I do love my pagan black metal as well. I guess if I had any favourite specific bands, among them would include: Bathory, Graveland (those two where obvious, I guess), Nile, Morbid Angel, DoomSword, Solstice, Scald... well, nah this is going nowhere as I could list dozens very easily. Just rest safe in the knowledge that I'm very passionate about metal, both the popular stuff and the many scenes of the underground.

As for non-metal, I do like folky and "epic" stuff. For the latter, just think Conan the Barbarian soundtrack. Awesome, awesome stuff. For the former, I like pagan-esque folk. Such as the Belarusian band: Stary Olsa. I also like some bands that are commonly mistaken as metal, such as Rammstein, Mushroomhead and even Korn. So, I like to think I hold some diversity. To be fair though, metal in and of itself has such a diversity and variety of biblical proportions, that it's hard to feel the need to branch out to other genres really.


Spambot 3000:
Just about all genres are fine with me really. I do sort have a preference to music that sounds like the stuff The Prodigy make but apart from that I'll listen to anything ... provided it isn't shit.

And again you Ninja me, damn you you foul ninja, I shall foil your plans one day.

*twirls villianous-looking moustache*
Next step, world domination.

Essentially anything as long as it isn't an acoustic love song..

But my overall favorite bands include

The Fratellis
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Beatles
Arctic Monkeys
The Clash
Chuck Berry
The Hives
Pink Floyd
White Stripes

So basically my music taste is based around Rock, Punk and Blues ^_^

Mostly metal, but I'm a far cry from my teen days, back when I was still trying to deny that I liked anything but metal. I'm into quite a lot of it as well - I likes classic metal, thrash metal, power metal, death metal, black metal, folk metal, prog metal, metalcore - basically anything metal. There's really only a handful of subgenres I've never gotten into, like deathcore or grindcore. (or post-traumatic-stresscore, or unicore, or mariachicore...)

Outside of metal I'm into a fair bit of classic and hard rock. I like my rock 'n' roll (Paul McCartney and John Lennon's solo covers rock 'n' roll albums are so fucking sweet). Dad got me into both blues (especially Eric Clapton and that recent Hugh Laurie album - he's into his old style Robert Johnson-style blues though, which I'm not) and folk. I also really enjoy my punk. I'm also into my hip hop - it takes a lot for me to find hip hop I like, and I'm really critical of it, but once I find stuff I enjoy, I just get lost in it.

Currently mostly listening to Machinae Supremacy.

But can't say I'm hugely into music so no huge lists of preferences to give you. If it sounds good I'll listen to it and not think about it much more.

Eh... I struggle to identify what the largest genre of my iTunes library is... 'cos there's a bit from everything there (including, but not limited to): baroque; Classical; jazz; JRock; JPop; metal; orchestral film soundtracks; Rock; Romantic; and that weird remix-y stuff that OCRemix does.

*shrug* 'Tis a case of 'I like what I like'... -_-

Mostly electronic/rock/orchestral with varying mixtures of both. I love hybrid styles.

Here are a few examples of the sort of stuff I listen to.

2 years ago I pretty much only listened to metal.
These days, anything. Metal, hardcore, rock, indie pop, hip hop, electronic music, indie, post rock, dark ambient, etc

I can enjoy anything that isn't rap I think. Though if I had to pick a genre it would be heavy metal with 3 Inches of Blood being my favourite artists (shocking right?) and video game/anime soundtracks being second, if you can count that as a genre.

Seriously like half my playlist is the Persona 4 soundtrack, Ace Attorney soundtrack, various anime soundtracks, the BlazBlue soundtrack, the stellar Mass Effect 2 soundtracks and random songs picked up off The Internet.

I grew up listening primarily to Metal, but I was also listening to New Wave. A couple years ago I discovered Industrial, and it felt like a genre made for me.

I mostly listen to rock , I grew up listening to bands like Queen, the who Led Zeppelin . I do listen to some reggae though (Like Bob Marley) and some metal like Metallica and Iron Maiden. I will give pretty much anything a chance though if the person can actually sing on their own merit live without miming or autotune.

I mostly listen to Rock and Metal, with the occasional foray into J-Pop territory.
The bands I enjoy the most are ACDC and ManowaR, along with several others.
I wasn't always a metal head, mind you. I believe my first bit of exposure to metal was Final Fantasy X, of all things, with its song 'Otherworld', and later reinforced by Devil May Cry 3's excellent soundtrack.
I do feel that I came into my own as a metal head, however, with the release of Brutal Legend a few years ago, as it introduced me to so many great songs.

I usually listen to Jazz, Hip-Hop, Alt-Rock, Funk, Black Metal, Post-Rock, Prog Rock and Electronica but lately I have been listening to alot of Classical composers due to watching Legend of The Galactic Heroes most likely. My favourite composers at the moment being Gustav Mahler, Igor Stravinsky, Erik Satie, Gustav Holst, Johann Sebastien Bachas and Ludwig Van Beethoven as well as Max Richter and Steve Reich who do modern classical.

I have still been listening to alot of Yoko Kanno, Ling Tosite Sigure and Shiina Ringo though as well.

I go with Iron Maiden, Stratovarius, Hammerfall, Nightwish, HIM, KISS, W.A.S.P., Sabaton, Crashdiet, Mötley Crüe, Hardcore SuperStar, Scorpions and so many more. These are all band alive today but I also listen to older stuff in the Rock N' Roll genre like:
Dokken, QueensRyche, Warrant, RATT, Cinderella etc etc
As long as we're in the Rock N' Roll / Metal genre I am pretty happy
Of course there is good stuff outside the genre I prefer but usually just a song or two from each artist

I tend to listen to a variety of rock music, with a preference for psychedelic rock and genres with lots of emphasis on guitar feedback and early Velvet Underground-ish sound like Shoegaze. I also like to listen to a lot of folk music like Jackson C Frank and Bert Jansch, as well as a fair bit of blues music.

Exclusively classical. I listen to the big names like Mahler (who doesn't like Mahler?), Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Shostakovitch, Scriabin, Maslanka, Liszt, and Smetana.

Here's one of my favorite pieces by Smetana.

And another two pieces I just like.

I listen to a HUGE array of music... Stuff I have been listening to recently however is stuff like:

Hopefully you may find something new that you like and hadn't heard before!

I can't really pin my taste to genre to be honest because I tend to like bands or songs. I like a variety of metal, rock, blues, folk, punk, some electronic stuff, etc.

I also quite like me some game OST's, I'm particularly fond of Sonic OST's and The Black M ages work.

Here's a few tracks I like:

That'll do for now and it should give you a feel for what I like to listen to, there's more to it and there is a wider variety but I tend to prefer anything that isn't just about love.

Edit: What I'm listening to right now? JUDAS MOTHERFUCKING PRIEST!

Well as of late I've been listening to Italian, French and German music. Especially Yelle and Nena. Also lot's of movie soundtracks...

But in general I can get behind most genres if the song/band is good. That said I'm generally not very keen about heavy metal, or stuff like 5FDP. I still like some of it just most of it is just a bit too much for me. Oh and I despise Smashing Pumpkins and similar bands for the most part.

Anything that's not [c]rap or its variants.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of classic rock and video game music.

Hoo boy... Music thread. Look, word of warning: don't get me started on music. Because I will not shut the hell up about music. I'll talk your ear off about all of the bands that I like and try to make you listen to them.

Thankfully, I'm merciful and I put it all in spoiler tags. Click at your own risk.

well the last month or so I've been listening to Miracle of Sound, they're quite good.
also i have been a fan of queen for some time now, got most of their songs on my smartphone

I'll just drop my Top 5 albums of all time (in no particular order):

EDIT: Added obligatory links. Check dis shit out y'all!

At the moment, this.

When I discovered it in-game at the Tree, I just stopped and listened.
Jesper Kyd is amazing.

Elementary - Dear Watson:
I listen to a HUGE array of music... Stuff I have been listening to recently however is stuff like:

Hopefully you may find something new that you like and hadn't heard before!

Grimes, M83, Bon Iver, Phaeleh, Burial

you have a sweet taste

Right now I am listening to this:

I also like metal and classic rock.

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