Who owns the publishing rights to Brutal Legend?

I want to know if anyone knows who currently owns the publishing rights to Brutal Legend, I have been praying for a sequel or a PC port of the first game ever since it's 2009 release and I remember reading a few months ago on Tim Schafer's twitter that they had got the rights but I don't remember if it said that exactly.

I know that they are currently working on Double Fine Adventures which is looking like it will be a brilliant game, considering the budget and the amount of support it has got from the community via kick starter, but after that if they do have the rights I would love for them to make the PC port, there could even be modding support and the features they wanted but couldn't get because of EA.

Everyone I know that has played Brutal Legend wants a PC port, but what are your opinions and if possible could someone find out who has the rights.

Most likely EA from what i am hearing.

besides, you didn't miss out on much. Its like 5-10 hours max. Not only that, but the control scheme wouldn't translate to PC, especially the badly done RTS sections.

The RTS sections were like pulling teeth because consoles just cannot handle an RTS, and the way they go about it was ass backwards. If they brought it to PC, it would have gotten a worse reputation than End War. For the same reasons.

RTS was not meant for you to run around the battlefield and micromanage every single unit. Much less from a first person's perspective. It was like a stripped down version of DOTA but with the control scheme of a car without a transmission.

I too wanted it on PC, until I played it on a friend's PS3. I was severely disappointed.

By the way, the licenses have to be re-done for a PC version from what I am hearing.


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