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EA, Activision, Capcom, Square Enix, and Ubisoft will never receive money from me again. Bethesda as well, if I can help it. Haven't purchased something from EA, Activision, Capcom, and Square for three years now. Ubisoft for a little over two years now, with the exception of AssCreed 3, which was given as a gift.

Fun way to chastise your friends and hopefully help your cause? Next time you see them playing something you don't like/disagree with/whatever, just ask them if they're enjoying killing the game industry. Sure it's a dick move, but I've done it a few times and a few friends have been more conscious when they buy games now.

not exactly something to be proud of bro. You are in no position to talk down to your "friends" for their purchasing decisions. You're not "saving the industry" by forcing your standards on other people, you're just being a prick, and frankly it makes you no better than the publishers you single out for boycott.

Looks like you forgot to read the part where I said it was a dick move.

Oh I read it alright. But still felt like calling you out on it, because the later half of that sentence where you said "but I've done it a few times and a few friends have been more conscious when they buy games now" sounds like an attempt at justification.

You're not justified, for reasons I listed in my previous response.

I don't believe that simply not purchasing a game or product counts as a boycott. In that case, I've been boycotting tampons my whole life(I had no idea I was so passionately against feminine hygiene). It requires some sacrifice. For it to be considered a genuine boycott, I think you have to want to purchase something, and then, in denial of yourself, not purchase it.
I was hoping to see some more clear figures. Simply saying, "I boycott EA", and not providing specific examples of lost sales lessens the effect that the mighty internet comment forum usually wields.
I guess my fantasy is that eventually public relations guys at the big publishers would find discussions like these, and hopefully alter their practices. Also, to have a Pegasus.

I'll try to stay out of EA's way, since i had to many bad expiriences with them. If i hear good stuff about a release, i'll still give it a try - everyone can redeem himself, but they definitly do not have my trust in their games.

And i'm pissed at ActiBlizz for ruining (for me) both the Warcraft and Diablo franchise. Specially Diablo was a big part of my gamer-childhood and i just can't forgive them for what they did with D3.

Personally, I dont boycott whole companies generally, even though I hate EA and some of their practices I support developers so if a developer turns out a particularly good game that interests me even under the EA banner I will buy that game to support the developers.

But I havent bought Diablo 3, and I wont be buying Sim City even though I absolutely LOVE both properties, I think always online is one of the dumbest moves in gaming, so I am voting with my wallet.

Right now the only one on my boycott list is EA. Last game I bought from them was Mass Effect 2 I think. Pity I'll never get to play 3, apparent shitty ending notwithstanding. I do like their stance on gay rights but that's about it.

Ubisoft SHOULD also be on it... but I'M WEAK DAMMIT. *leers at Ezio* Maybe after I finish playing AC3? (Yup, weaker than non-alcoholic beer, that's me! -_-;)

I don't have a boycott list as much as an on sale only list. Mostly games with a ton of core DLC (not just skins, bonus money, ect), games with double drm steam than then another type, I am willing to take some drm but 2 types? come on. Ubisoft and EA tend to have to prove themselves before they can even be considered for removal from the sale only list. Also the worse the pc port the cheaper I get.

Not anti-origin as much as I have no reason to join, the effort to join > the few games I might actually buy that I can't get on steam/gog/impulse/gamergate.

Papa John's I will take store brand frozen pizza before papa johns

Does it count that I got bored of mass effect during 2 and assassins creed during 2 so I have not bought any of the new ones?

i think fallout 3 and new vegas are the only games ive technically boycotted. i mean i never even really thought of that as a boycott. i just chose not to play them because i wanted an isometric rpg, not a shooter

The new Fallout games aren't exactly shooters, you make it sound as if they're call of duty clones with a fallout skin. I recommend New Vegas by the way, 3 was reasonable regarding some plot holes and inconsistencies but NV was great.

It's not like what EA did to Syndicate where they made a linear 5 hour campaign with hellishly annoying bosses and even though the co-op was kinda interesting it was a terrible game, Fallout is still RPG.

I wont buy any game that requires online all the time...

Yes! Right there with you. I'm boycotting anything that requires a persistent online connection.

So basically, I have to find new uses for my PC.

I hear there's this thing called "Web browsing"...

I don't think I'll "boycott" anything when it comes to games. There are still games I want to play even with the shitty things that are being done by the corporate engines behind them. So I'll just stick to used or wait til I can get the game on sale + using gift cards or reward dollars (from whatever store) for it. That way they aren't getting my full 60 bucks for what will either be a crap game. Or a game with half the content taken out to be later put up for "DLC".

Also just waiting til "complete" editions of the game is also something I do. Now, while I love Batman: Arkam City and the work they put behind it. The DLC for it where close to deserving what they were asking for it. So getting the Game of The Year edition for only 35 bucks and getting 100% is a much better decision.

Bethesda, after getting fucked for the last time what with the Skyrim PS3 catastrophe I refuse to buy another product from them again.







I never claimed that I was trying to save the industry or that I was trying to insult anybody. It was merely an anecdote about how I got a few of my friends to think more about what games they purchase. They're reasonable people who enjoy video games and have also suggested the same to me. When I play a game from a publisher/developer they see as "hurting" the industry, they tell me. No feelings are hurt, it's opinion, and it's the opinion of people I respect and trust. I hope you don't overreact like this when your friends give you their opinion in a snarky manner.

Activison games, And Ubisoft.. I aint buying anymore Ubisoft games for PC until they sort out their horrible DRM

And a gamestore where I live, I used to buy my console games there, But when I got back into PC gaming again I went there and asked for the PC version of Battlefield.. He just looked at me weird and asked if im stupid.. Last fcking time I went there.

Hm. No one's said it yet. I'm boycotting Xbox Live Gold. Just got a PS3 a few months ago and I have seen the light of free multiplayer. I probably play multiplayer about 3 to 5 nights a month, sometimes none per month. I don't wanna pay for 3 months of gold if I'm not gonna use most of it. Also, if Microsoft says their multiplayer service is worth money because they're sooo much better than PS3's, they're lying to your face.

Maybe that's not boycotting and it's like...common sense. Either way, that means I'm boycotting the Halo series till multiplayer goes free. Only reason I ever played.

Let's see. Something I would buy normally but won't because problems....

Boycotting Pokemon till they start appealing to the gen-one and gen-two fans who are now adults (in other words, no more Pokemon ever).

Boycotting new Final Fantasy games until we get a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer (that includes Versus XIII, which I blame for KH3 delays).

Boycotting map packs over 10 bucks. Definitely not worth it until they start making those new maps more fun than a 10 dollar game (i.e. used old console games or digital download classics). Which will be never.

Boycotting any game priced at 60 or even 50 dollars. Unless it's something amazing and must-have like Skyrim or Xenoblade Chronicles, no game is actually worth that (or worth it for long). That means pre-orders are boycotted too.

No need to boycott, I buy used :)
Once I have a job and money to consider spending 60 dollars on a new game, then I'll consider my boycotting practices.

Because they never made anything good, I refuse to buy anything made by and/or published by Valve.

EA because I just ran out of patience.

Ninja Theory, cause I plain don't like em.

Boycotting any Horror game that allows the player to wield an RPG or any vast amount modern weaponry....I'm looking at you Dead Space 3

Game wise? Can't think of much. Though I refuse to see the movie Ender's Game due to OSC's views.

Erm, I don't absolutely boycott anything. I try to stay the hell away from Steam, Origin and other such DRMs, but it's not an absolutist rule. For instance, I bought Fallout New Vegas despite it being exclusive to Steam. But am I trying to avoid doing so? You bet.

I don't have a boycot list I do have a list of companies I always buy new from. Ubisoft might as well be on a boycott list as their practices tend to kill all my interest in their games (HoM&M 6 was so close...) rather then liking their games but not buying.

While I'm not technically boycotting anything, it's unlikely I'll be buying anything with Halo on it after the letdown that was Halo 4. To me, the series is dead and shall stay as such. Just to clarify, the game itself wasn't a letdown, as that implies there were high expectations in the first, rather its existence in general was a letdown.



-Wizards of the Coast

This is one I don't see often, and I'm compelled to ask why, exactly.

Oh, also... I used to be boycotting EA, but then I realized that I might let some potentially good games fall by the wayside because I don't like EA, rather than sending EA a message via their sales numbers about what good games actually are.

Oh, and I boycotted Diablo III (I guess). It came outt wo days after my birthday, and one of my brothers let slip he was going to buy it as a birthday gift for me.

He quickly found another gift after I ranted about D3's terrible, horrible, always-online deal.

WotC is more for personal reasons. Specifically the economy around Magic ($200 for a single card is infuriating) and the lack of variety of products. Firstly, Magic: I like playing the game, but I hate the product. It is pay to win in the purest form and makes its money at the expense of the customers. In order to be a regular player, one must subscribe to the game because their cards get outdated. I'm not talking about quality; I'm talking about not being able to participate in tournaments. Magic represents everything I hate about collectable card games, but the hole it puts in its customers' pockets is the worst offender.

Have you seen the Yugioh TCG? I quit that when Dark Armed Dragon came out because it was the only card people used in tournaments. Didn't matter what else you used if you didn't use that damn dragon you were gonna lose. Price for that one went up to the hundreds. Least in Magic uncommon or even common cards at least have a use. Also, I'm just very lucky with Magic packs and that makes me happy. Though if you don't play casual I can see your anger(casual here).

OT: Capcom. The treatment of anything not fighters or zombies(I just want Ace Attorney Investigations 2 and Mega Man Legends 3 you dumbasses) is quite sad. Plus they use sales of other games that have nothing related to another game to excuse them to not localize it(case in point, AAI2 won't come out in English cause its worldwide sales[JP, US] weren't as good as Okamiden's[JP, EU, AUS, US].) Though I'll buy any new AA or MM they make.

I've finally had enough with EA, and am actively boycotting their products, starting several months ago.
So far only two properties I would have bought have been denied my purchase.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Sim City (due for release this spring)

Are there any games you have boycotted?
Only post if you actually WOULD have bought the game(and didn't), if not for ethical considerations.

Hmm, oddly difficult.

Well, I'm staying away from anything xbox (new or current), and I'll avoid the ps3 as long as I can, but I won't be buying the ps4 unless Atlus releases a MUST HAVE game for it in the next few years. I'm probably going to get a Vita to play P4 Golden eventually.

As for publishers, Activision and EA are out for the DRM and online passes for single player games that they sandwiched in super awesome ultra optional mandatory online multiplayer. Pretty much all major publishers in general for "appealing to a wider audience'ing their games to the point where I can't even tell the difference between the franchises.

Bioware for failing to write good stories, coherent plots, and memorable characters. But they pretty much fall under EA.

I say it was hard to figure out, because there's too many companies I'm not buying from ever again. Finding good and fun games is nearly impossible that it takes years of backlog to get enough games to warrant a system purchase. I'm getting about 10 to 15 games on the 3DS and most of them are old DS games that I found at Gamestop. I got about five games for the PSP that I got super cheap from Gamestop last week and I'm not really looking for more. And the only game on the Vita I want to play is Persona 4 Golden and maybe the PSN versions of the games I got for the PSP. But until prices on memory cards go down, the Vita is definitely not worth the purchase price.

Sorry, I missed the last statement. Grr, so many games I would have never bought anyway. I can think of a few though. Dead Space 2 and 3 - 2 for the multiplayer focus, and 3 for the ... well everything (micro-transactions and EA being EA). Mass Effect 3 after the horrible mess that 2 was, and the horrible Dragon Age games reminding me that even after a decade, Neverwinter Nights is still a superior game and somehow has superior AI.

Hey! Starcraft 2! I'll buy you when you buy some lan support.

i don't have a list since i find that crap a waste of time and i rather play the games i know I'll enjoy regardless of who makes them

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