Has your house/hometown ever been on TV/Film?

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To keep a long story short, both my hometown (Broughty Ferry, Dundee) and my own house have been on TV.

Specifically as part as this series, Bob Servant Independent.

Here's a link to the first, and so far only episode on BBC iPlayer (It did only start last week)

It even has Brian Cox in it! (the actor, not the ex-D:Ream musician/scientist)

And I'll admit, seeing my hometown, and especially my own house, was extremely surreal. I assume this might be different if you perhaps lived in somewhere like New York, where your home city is shown about once every 3 TV shows!

So I just thought I'd ask, has your hometown, or even like in my case, your home, been on TV? And if so, feel free to talk about the show it was in, how you felt seeing it, and so on.

I live right outside of Atlanta so I see places I recognize in movies and television occasionally. Especially since they started filming a lot of stuff here in recent years.

They used what is essentially the poshest house in my area for scenes for The Woman in Black.

When he stays with the really rich couple, I think. Anyway, Daniel Radcliffe pretty much set himself up in our local pub for about a week while filming that.

The setting of 30 minutes or less is Grand Rapids, the city where I live now... Though that isn't my hometown.

Its funny because the driving scenes in that movie make no sense if you know the area. He basically teleports from one side of the city to another back and forth XD

I also used to have to drive by the strip club to get my martial arts class XD

I live in Lincoln UK, which has actually been used for quite a few things in the past if you count the surrounding area. Lincoln Cathedral stood in for Westminster Abbey at the end of The Da Vinci Code, and Belton House was used in both the film and TV adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. There are a few more but I won't name all of them.

I live in the dead middle of Iowa. Nothing ever escapes into the mainstream media from this cultural void.

Eh... I live in Winston Churchill's constituency, so whenever they have a thing on TV about him, they roll out footage of his rather grotesque statue that's on the green just up the road from where I live.

S'bout it... unless you count London, if then, then all the fucking time... -_-

My house was on the news when I was little, our street had a power surge so it was on our regional news, I was waving right at the camera, wish I recorded it now.

I've worked in Cardiff for a while so I've occasionally seen things blocked off for Doctor Who filming, but never actually recognised anywhere when watching it on TV.

When we used to live in Astoria, they filmed a lot over there. The Kaufman Astoria Studios are there. I forget the TV show they were filming, but they'd film a few blocks from us, and sometimes they'd cut off access to whole blocks for filming, so you couldn't park on the street for a few hours.

Not technically, but I live near the National Guard center where they filmed part of "Bruno". They have an exterior shot of it, and considering how often I drive by that place it's pretty surreal to see it in a major Hollywood film.

I live in Boulder Colorado, and work a couple of blocks from the Pearl Street Mall where
they did some of the filming for Mork & Mindy. I don't know if they did any of the filming
for the television version of The Stand here, even though Boulder is where it is set.

My old apartment building in Astoria, Queens was in A Bronx Tale. My nana got in trouble with the film crew because she kept looking out of her blinds to see what was going on (evidently, she called the cops when she saw them filming a scene where one of the characters gets smacked over and over again), ruining their takes.

There was an episode of Come Dine With Me in Telford the once, predictably they were really chavvy. Apart from that, I've got nothing.

My hometown? Plenty. Manhattan, Kansas is a pretty big time town. There is the University (Kansas State University), and thus, theres sports (K-State Wildcats), Our football Coach, Bill Snyder has won numerous "Coach of the year" awards (and had his own Chuck Norris-style jokes about him spawn). We have been in numerous books, movies, and some TV shows (although its usually just as "hometown of main charater". We also appeared in an episode of the Great Food Truck Race, where to no ones suprise, the Vegan food truck Seabirds was kicked out of the race[1].

My house? Eh, not so much.

[1] Basically, the rules of the show are that you have to sell as much food as possible in each city over the course of a weekend. Everyone starts with the same money and will do a challange at the start to give one team an advantage (in our case, one truck got exclusive rights to "Aggieville", the main bar and resturant district were all the college students go) There were 5 trucks, Seabirds (a vegan themed truck), Korillea (Korean BBQ), Hodge Podge (Comfort food/American BBQ), Roxys Grilled Cheese (gourmet grill cheese), and Lime Truck (California Beach). Lime Truck Almost lost because word got around that they joked that they were going to "dumb down" thier menu for our town. Needless to say, we were not amused. They were $15 short of losing to Seabirds here.

There's a restaurant called Hullabaloo's out in my part of College Station that was on a Food channel show called "Diners, Drive-Ins, Dives".

I've been there before multiple times. They have the best french fries.

I don't think my actual house has been on TV, but apparently the open-air pool was in Skins, and there was some American makeover show that came over and did it up (read: painted it). Fuck knows why, it's an ugly concrete shithole, I don't know why people love it so much. Besides, an open-air pool? In England? The rainy side of England? That's fucking dumb.

That's Clevedon pier. Clevedon is basically Portishead's smaller, prettier neighbour a couple of miles down-river. It was weird seeing that poster, I have a shitload of childhood memories of running up and down that pier.

Never my house directly, but my hometown is fairly popular for some odd reason. Not so much anymore, but aparently Milwaukee was the place to be. No idea why, its just hopelessness and despair in a heartland drowned in cheap beer.

One lived near Walnut Grove.

That Walnut Grove.

Don't ask me where the mountains went off to.

been on the news once or twice and one time had me and my friends stumbling drunk behind the guy who was being interviewed, we saw the camera earlier in the day and a few hours later i saw it, thank god my family wasnt there

Each summer there a small music festival called T4 on the Beach, there's a Sky1 sitcom called The Café that filmed on the seafront of my hometown, that was pretty recent. I think it's done two series so far.

The old pier was in an episode of something or other in the seventies, I think it was called Shoestring.

We've also got the dubious honour of being John Cleese's hometown. [sarcasm]Oh, how proud he is of us[/sarcasm].

No but the boy scout Summer camp I used to go to was NoBeBoSco, which is where they filmed the original friday the 13th. Oh and since I live so close to NYC, I have even seen them filming something while walking around.

only when it's one the news cause some one was murdered here

I'll just say a single name: Dan Aykroyd.

I went to middle school in the town where the original "My Bloody Valentine" was filmed, my dad also claims to have been in the background at some point but I have my doubts

I live in a small town in Oregon (USA) called The Dalles. We were recently featured in a show called Restaurant Impossible where they renovate a local restaurant.

My city's been mentioned in a few of President Obama's speeches, but other than that, I can't think of anything.

In Friday Night Lights there were two towns in Texas where they did most of the filming and as a kid, I lived in both the towns as a kid.

Not MY hometown, but the film "Harland County USA" featured areas where my dad's side of the family are clustered.

Otherwise, the closest a film's come to where I am is, lord help us all, "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of Boone County", which is only about 45 minutes drive from where I'm at. I hate that fact since the movie was fucking INSULTING.

Yup! Mostly in Swedish TV/cinema, but the flashback parade scenes in the Hollywood version of Girl With a Dragon Tattoo was in my hometown. Me, my brother-in-law, and my two nieces were extras! =D

Not my hometown, but they filmed the film Exit Wounds in Calgary which was funny because it was supposed to be standing in for Detroit and yet in one scene you can see the Mr. Sub in the background, which I'm pretty sure they don't have in Detroit.

Kind of. My actual hometown suburb of Eastbourne in New Zealand was the setting for the forgettable film called "Separation City". My old house or my parent's current house may have appeared in it, I wouldn't know 'cause I haven't seen it.

Also just around the corner from my parent's current house is the vacant lot where Peter Jackson constructed 1933 era New York for "King Kong".

Also, I live in Wellington New Zealand, so add to that list Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Avatar and anything else that had the involvement of Weta Workshop/Digital or Peter Jackson.

As far as TV or movies...not that I know of

It was featured in the game Shattered Union though as one of the key cities in Pacifica though!

Sonoma county here. The country sides and vineyards are used all the time. There's been a couple different movies set entirely here too--like Sideways and Paranourmal Activity 3.
Scream was originally set in my brother's High School, but the school backed out at the last second. If you look in the credits it should say at some point "No thanks to Santa Rosa High School".

Happiness Assassin:
In Friday Night Lights there were two towns in Texas where they did most of the filming and as a kid, I lived in both the towns as a kid.

Pflugerville? I have a friend who used to live there...

In my neighborhood they filmed a movie called The Joneses. It was pretty ironic that the film focused on the unrestrained excess of American culture and everyone was fine with using the neighborhood to highlight that negativity. It wasn't all bad though, we knew the people that the film used as the main house and each family member got paid $3000 to live in a another house in the neighborhood for a couple months.

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