Has your house/hometown ever been on TV/Film?

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My hometown was the setting for the movie The Day After. It was kind of weird to see a movie in my middle of flippin' nowhere town.

Excellent movie, though. I think it's on Youtube.

Well, I've been on the news once before in the background. Other than that the only thing I can think of famous wise would be... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cT_Ulmcrys
Yeah, I live in Oklahoma City.

I live in Northern Virginia, so a ton of movies and TV shows have been set in the general area, due to the proximity to Washington DC. A couple X-Files episodes took place fairly close to where I live, and you can visit Falls Church, the neighborhood where my dad grew up, in Fallout 3. Not to mention the To Catch A Predator investigation in Fairfax. <.<

my street made the statewide news once. we had a very localised storm. almost all the houses were wind damaged or hit by lighting yet the streets around were untouched.

i highly recomend having your house hit by lightning if you need a new pc and you have the insurance to cover it

the floods a few years back got my town on the news, you can see my roof poking up from the water during one of the aerial shots of tewkesbury abbey

Hah, who cares about my house/town, I've been on TV! A little tip to any college kids looking to make a bit of extra cash, if you live in a film town background agencies are easy to sign up for and usually easy work for a bit of cash. Also, lots of pretty ladies to meet if you're single. I've been on a few shows, most visible being in what's become a promotional shot of Sam + Dean + the car for Supernatural (it's on IMDB and saw it in a New York Times article), and was the one of the two 'Dutch Tourists' who wanted the chess guys photograph in End Game which only ran for a season.

...Though I've never actually seen myself in the latter one, I've had someone else confirm they remember the scene with the tourist couple but could never actually find it myself when watching the show online. It seemed like it would be in the pilot since it's kind of a flashback origin scene but watched that and didn't see it.

My hometown is the *setting* of the movie "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest".

...Well, okay, our insane asylum is.

Portland, about 45 minutes north of me, is also where a lot of Leverage gets filmed, and I think it's the setting of Portlandia (unless that's Portland, Maine).

my town was in the news for fighting back against a supermarket that was proposed to be built. I've had friends be on the news because they were interviewed over the closure of the local UNI/Tafe.

http://media.theage.com.au/news/national-news/swinburne-to-shut-lilydale-campus-3434789.html 1:35 seconds in

Miles Maldonado:
My hometown is the *setting* of the movie "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest".

...Well, okay, our insane asylum is.

Portland, about 45 minutes north of me, is also where a lot of Leverage gets filmed, and I think it's the setting of Portlandia (unless that's Portland, Maine).

it's set in Portland, Oregon.

Andy Shandy:

So I just thought I'd ask, has your hometown, or even like in my case, your home, been on TV? And if so, feel free to talk about the show it was in, how you felt seeing it, and so on.

Mine hasn't, but I live pretty close to Jefferson, WV ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk_2y3fYuhc ) to the point that I drive past it on my work commute. It's more or less the worst place in the county unless you're looking for a strip club. In which case it has most of the strip clubs in the county, so I suppose it's not terrible then?

I also live about 30 miles from Sissonsville, and drive through Charleston on my commute as well, so that MTV reality show Buckwild is another near-miss.

I'll just say a single name: Dan Aykroyd.

Ah so Kingston, ON? Great town though I hear Aykroyd is kind of a douchebag and a pervert.

I'm from Montreal, QC. Plenty of movies and shows have been filmed here.

The Oscar Winning film Children of a Lesser God was filmed at my local private school.


I'll just say a single name: Dan Aykroyd.

Ah so Kingston, ON? Great town though I hear Aykroyd is kind of a douchebag and a pervert.

I'm from Montreal, QC. Plenty of movies and shows have been filmed here.

nah, not his birthtown, though I was being intentionally vague. A movie he shot was partially filmed there, though I'm sure some clever individual could probably come up with an accurate guess based on that fact alone.

The only movie known outside, showing my hometown is Reptilicus from 1961...

Yeah, some documentary about the a few white supremacy groups. Also an episode of Extreme home makeover. Also my old neighbor was on one of those "how did they do it" shows for robing banks. We where also in Sunset magazine as the best small town in the north west.

I live in some small backwards town in sweden, Barely nothing happens here but there's actually been 2 movies recorded here, Both horror.

One in the old abandoned orphanage, House of Orphans I think it's called.. Horrible movie

The other one is some zombie flick which was filmed in a old cave/mine for the most part, Haven't seen it but I bet it's also horrible

Edit: Make that 4 horror movies, The third one is called Death Academy and the fourth is called The Grief

I think I pretty much win this.

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where pretty much all of Breaking Bad is filmed. The DEA scenes are filmed literally a block away from my house, and the high school where Walt teaches in the first few seasons is the SAME ONE I ATTENDED. I can think of a ton of other landmarks and locations I've recognized as well, many of which are in walking distance from where I am right now. Also, most of "Thor" was filmed New Mexico. And possibly parts of "The Avengers", but don't quote me on that.

Also, while it's not exactly on topic, Neil Patrick Harris grew up here AND George RR Martin lives about 2 hours away from me.

I grew up in Surbiton (part of Kingston Upon Thames, just on the fringe of Greater London) which was the setting for the British TV series The Good Life.

More recently, the film of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince included a scene shot at Surbiton Station.

Little Whinging (where Harry Potter grew up) is a fictional suburb of London, but is based on Surbiton (where J. K. Rowling lived for quite a while). The description in the book is very familiar to me from growing up in Surbiton, so I was a little disappointed when the film came out and they'd used a very American-looking suburb instead.

Of course, I could also just name my hometown as London itself. The list of things filmed in London is mind-boggling!

sorta. In xmen first class, when magneto is in geneva, you can see a shot of something swiss like out of the window. Didn't look like any geneva i've ever seen, though

Hmm well quite a few times actually. I'd prefer not to name my hometown and I can only mention one show without revealing the other shows because the landmark in question is just so important in the state that it is pretty much a dead giveaway. But one of the shows my hometown has been on is...

Storage Wars

Andy Shandy:
To keep a long story short, both my hometown (Broughty Ferry, Dundee)

Wooo, thats my hometown too! Dont live there anymore though, I currently live in Milton Keynes which appears in nearly every episode of Road Wars (and shows like that). Not the best claim to fame.

Movies that have been filmed near my former house, or in my home town of San Pedro, California.

Gone in 60 Seconds (I drove past the salvage yard where the main bad guy had his office every time I went to Long Beach)
The Fast & the Furious (My dad and brother saw them setting up the final Charger/Supra race and crash scene. It is nothing like what is shown, there isn't even a 1/4 mile between that light and the T-junction that ends that road, much less the railroad tracks that trains never travel faster than 5 M.P.H because the island was only two miles long in a straight line, which the railroad tracks certainly didn't travel. Although my high school economics project featured a street race between my friend and I on that exact street, just from a stop sign to the light, which was pretty close to a quarter mile.)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Saw the ship in the harbor my house overlooks)
50 First Dates (My old house overlooks the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, which is the "Clinic" they took the woman to, to explain her brain injuries) (I also saw Adam Sandler in the truck)
The Majestic (They used one of the Theaters as the Majestic)
Death Race (I saw them film the final Helicopter chase)
The shipyard next to my stepdad's old Coast Guard base STILL has the hull of the model they used to simulate the Russian "Typhoon" class Submarine "Red October" in the movie "The Hunt for Red October."
I drove PCH damn near every day, and name a movie that is set in California that DOESN'T use PCH, especially the winding cliffs in Pedro and out past Rancho Palos Verdes for their verdant splendor.

There is a movie that I saw filmed ON my graduation day with a pontoon plane, again, in the same harbor as the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, but I forget which movie it was... Possibly "Fool's Gold."

Do I win the internet for filming a street race for a high school project on the same location as a major motion picture street race?

Edit: Also, my brother and mom both had the undercarriage lights for their Eclipses (my brother had a 1999 Eclipse GT, and my mom has a 2003 Eclipse GTS) done by the same company that did the undercarriage lights for all the cars in 2 Fast 2 Furious

Uh... I think my town's been in a commercial or two...

Although, on an interesting note, when I lived in Utah as a kid, I visited a museum there, and my six-year-old self can now be seen in the distant background in some documentary on dinosaurs, wearing a red shirt and ogling at an Allosaurus skeleton.

i was away on business one time and as i was eating breakfast at the hotel i glanced up at the T.V only to see the street sign in front of my house (i lived on a corner) on the news. turned up the volume only to hear ..... is in critical condition in hospital. obviously i freaked right the fuck out but it turned out a kid was involved in a hit and run and his bicycle was now sitting in my front yard

in the same street a plane also crashed and since i was at work at the time and the phone lines were down i again assumed the worst
about a month later a street wide evacuation was issued as a lady was cleaning out her fathers garage she stumbled upon an old WW1 era bomb which is apparently so common that a police officer just rocked up and said "nah don't worry it's disarmed i've seen a few of those before"

My home town featured in HG Wells's book, "The War of the Worlds". Bloody Martians blew it up :-( I would go so far as to claim London and all that goes with it but I don't think that's what's being asked here.

I live in a town called Greystones in Co.Wicklow, Ireland. Our Cinema is the one from this episode of Father Ted.

Also Interestingly somehow our town won the award most livable community: http://www.rte.ie/news/2008/1110/110288-greystones/

Some one used the local Ice cream place for some kind of movie,not sure what.

Well living in Swansea (& now Cardiff) basically means Doctor Who. Notably Swansea doubled as Nazi time Berlin in one episode, which I thought was pretty funny. I remember 3 years ago they were filming down in Cardiff Bay in the middle of January and we were up to like a foot of snow and poor old Karen Gillan was in her skimpy little skirt freezing her arse off for some shots that, from memory, ended up being sub 1 minute in the aired episode. (And for an episode that aired near the end of that series they couldn't have contacted the council to reschedule for later in the year? I felt sorry for her, standing there watching with my warm coat and hot chocolate & huddled up with some friends. Then we ran away because we couldn't feel our fingers.

If it counts the house I grew up in Swansea was on the news when Princess Diana came to visit once. That was an exciting day, all I wanted to know was why are all these strange people lining the streets outside our house & why can't we go out.

Yes. I live in tokyo so the city is always on TV.
Also my local station has a restaurant that is famous for being used for location filming.
I often see movies and stuff being filmed there.
It was quite amusing to see two movies in one day that had the same restaurant. It is only five minutes from my house.

I currently live in Delft, there's been films, miniseries and documentaries filmed here. Nowhere near my house though. And members of our royal family get burried in the "Nieuwe Kerk" (New Church ca.1560)so whenever one of them dies the town on the tele again.

My hometown (Halsteren) might have accidentally been filmed once or twice, but I don't know that it has been on national television.

I live in Idaho so the only that was ever filmed here was Napoleon Dynamite.

My hometown was used in making of a film called "Hafið"(The Sea) The filmcrew kinda set fire to the fish-processing plant, which they were using to simulate a fire in the film. The native were quite upset.

Seeing as London is my home town, yes, a lot.

As to where I live now, yes, the end of my road was on Top Gear in the episode where they raced a letter from the Scilly Isles to wherever it was in Scotland they went. It's also been on Coast a few times as well and Wycliffe, the detective series.

captcha: friend zone...Nooo! Captcha, I always thought there was more between us than that ;_;

Yeah, some movies have been filmed around my area. Swedish titles though, so I don't think many here would know it.
Hip Hip Hora, Låt Den Rätte Komma In and a scene in Snabba Cash comes to mind.

If we go a bit wider there's tons of movies that qualify. I live in Stockholm after all.

Yep, my town has been in both. They shot a movie near a mall where I live. One guy got an autograph from an actress and they made copies of it.

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