How strict were your parents on what you could watch when you were growing up?

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Like the title suggests, when you were a kid, what would your parents let you get away with in terms of what you could watch?

As for me, my parents were fairly loose on stuff I could watch. The only show my mom was ever sketchy on was Beavis and Butt-head. She didn't approve of my watching it... but I was never actively punished for watching it. Bear in mind, I was about 7 or 8 when Beavis and Butt-head was on the air.

Weirdly though, they never had an issue with South Park. I was 11 at the time, and they were totally cool with it. Hell, I even watched it WITH them.

Rated R movies are another that they were fairly lax on. Again, I can only think of ONE time where they didn't want me to watch a movie due to content, and it was just because of a sex scene (I don't remember how old I was, nor do I remember what the movie in question was). Bear in mind, they had NO problem letting me watch the movie Weekend at Bernie's 2 (which had at least one topless scene in it that I remember).

So yeah, I never really had to worry about whether or not what I was watching was appropriate, my parents were cool with it. What about the rest of you?

I remember my dad didn't want me watching the Simpsons when I was young but the one time I turned to it he didn't get mad nor did he seem to care, I never got into South Park, and while I don't have the cleanest mouth I don't enjoy hearing a curse word every few minutes. And Bevis and Butthead I could never get into because of the art style.

Not very strict at all.

They were hardly around so my TV/films/music/games were watched over by my elder siblings who were about as trustworthy the man that drives the free candy van.

I got away with all sorts.

Found my dads porn film collection when I was 10. This was 1990 so the internet and PC's weren't up to much so this was all VHS.

Lots of VHS.

My dad was a perv.

Not very strict at all.

They were hardly around so my TV/films/music/games were watched over by my elder siblings who were about as trustworthy the man that drives the free candy van.

I got away with all sorts.

Found my dads porn film collection when I was 10. This was 1990 so the internet and PC's weren't up to much so this was all VHS.

Lots of VHS.

My dad was a perv.

Ah, I know that feel. My dad had a subscription to Easy Rider, which is basically a magazine devoted to topless chicks on motorcycles. My dad was a huge biker back in the day, so I think that's why my mom let him get away with it.

By the time he got rid of it, there was a rather sizable amount of magazines stacked up in the shed.

My mother was fairly strict about what my brother and I could watch. She forbade the typical shows (Simpsons, Bevis and Butthead, South Park), and, being teenagers, my brother and I would sneak around to try to watch them anyway. The funny thing is, if she hadn't bothered to forbid those shows, I'd never have watched them. Especially the latter two, which were completely worthless except for their taboo status.

In turn, my father took me to see the South Park movie because he knew I liked cartoons. I walked out 10 minutes in and read a book in the lobby. He stayed and enjoyed the entire thing. I'm not sure what that says about my family.

They didn't give a crap what we watched. When I was 9/10 I was watching M and MA movies. I mostly avoided the violent stuff myself because it scared me. It's not that I wasn't allowed though. Occasionally even today my mum might walk in while I'm watching something violent and say "Ugh, how can you stand to look at that stuff?" but that's about it. She never tried to deprive my brother an I of it though. She just voiced disapproval and left it at that.

I had like...4 channels growing up (ABC, Fox, CBS, and NBC) so....not very strict i guess.

They just got cable about 3-4 years ago, and they have no idea how to use it.

My mom and dad don't care as I'm mature enough to know what's real or fake.

...I'm a sophomore in high school. Not too young. :-)

I don't think it is particularly good parenting to be a total helicopter parent when it comes to what children watch on TV. It's reasonable to not allow a five year old to watch Saw, but I had friends in school who weren't allowed to watch the Simpsons when they were 12 or 13. I think that's over the top, and I don't think it is a coincidence that they were the friends who ended up going off the rails.

You can never completely shelter your child from taboo subjects. I think it is best to let them watch shows that deal with mature themes (within reason) so they can build a framework of how to react to these things and how to process them.

And besides, what's the point trying to completely shelter your kid from mature topics anyway? Is it so they can find out when they're 15 and be eight years behind everyone else? What good will that do? That's just going to turn them into a weirdo.

My family didn't really have TV until I was 11. I mean, we had a TV but we didn't have cable, even basic cable, all we had was a VCR that we watched movies on.

My parents weren't particularly strict about what I watched though. Growing up one of my favorite movies was Starship Troopers (which as we all know has violence, sex, and full frontal nudity), and my dad took me to watch The Matrix opening weekend when I was 9 in 1999.

They weren't really strict because I really don't watch TV to begin with, but I mainly watched cartoons when I was little. I watched a lot of stuff with them as well and I don't ever remember when I wasn't allowed to watch anything since they didn't treat me with kid gloves.

I do remember watching Xena one time and my mom chuckling at me because a lot of the sub-context and implications went completely over my head.

They're concerned but they don't/can't stop me. I find it a bit silly that they're still being concerned about my welfare when I've already seen mature content and surprise I'm fine.

Ehh, my mother wasn't exactly active with watching what I was doing. Only instance I can remember or her saying I couldn't watch something was the episode of The Simpsons when Homer thinks about cheating on Marge with a coworker (yeah, possible adultery was a no-no, but child abuse, assault, adult situations and the like were a-ok). My father... he just watched whatever the hell he wanted and didn't take into consideration what would be a bit more age appropriate (I saw Conan the Barbarian, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Starship Troopers, and such when I was six).

Well, they wouldn't let me watch Red vs Blue or South Park as a kid, nor did they let me play Grand Theft Auto. Once I hit high school though I could pretty much watch or play whatever, although some games (like DOA: 4) warranted an awkward glance or two.

They also didn't allow me to swear as a kid at all. I once got soap in my mouth for saying "damn" in front of my Mom (I was 9 or 10 I think). Of course, now I swear all the fucking time, uninhibited by my work environment because EVERYONE swears a shitload in the Navy. Now my Dad swears around me a lot more than I remember him doing, so clearly he was holding back all those years. My Mom doesn't seem to mind the change though. We're all adults, after all.

My parents fucking bought me a goddamn South Park VHS when I was motherfucking 9 years old. When I was six, my favorite TV show was Beavis and Butthead and Daria. Aaaah, the influences of distant older relatives (cousins).

we didn't have a TV until my aunty found that out one day we were visiting and demanded we take their portable home with us.

from then until my mum got divorced all i can really remember getting to watch was the Muppets but it was often interspersed with random violence (and not from the Muppets) as my dad didn't like the sound of us laughing...or indeed making any noise at all.

books are what we did because "children should be seen and not heard" and bastards should die...

My mom was nazi state on what I watched up until I was 5

They let me watch and play everything, then again I saw more gore on the news at 19 than I ever did in action/horror movies/games.
And most sexual innuendo went right over my head.


I didn't know that color television was a "thing" until 1997

Very, very lenient. I remember watching the first Starship Troopers and Predator when I was extremely young, as well as Aliens. As far as sexual stuff goes, it was mostly just the odd sex scene in a movie for most of my younger years, but once I reached age 13-14 and etc, they had no problem with me watching porn or whatever (in private, of course). So yeah, I am lucky I suppose to have a very understanding family, one that remembers that they too, once upon a time, were young.

My dad didn't really care... Though his girlfriend while I was growing up WAS a stripper who's younger than my brother... (he's currently 31)

My mom cared, however she let me watch South Park with my sister thinking that it was just a regular cartoon.

Not strict at all. My mom even rented South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut when she found out I couldn't get it myself because it was rated as a 16+ movie.

When I was even younger, we even watched The Simpsons together. She's especially fond of S01E07 "The Call of the Simpsons".

I spent 8 years living with my grandparents and say, 6 with my mother (before I was old enough to decide what and when I wanted to watch).

5 of the 8 years with my grandparents were spent in a household without a single TV and one PC which I was never allowed to use. Not gonna lie, I missed the TV, but I read a lot of books and that probably did me more good.

The 6 with my mother, well, the usual. If I had finished my homework I was allowed to watch cartoons for a while.

Once I hit 14 my mom just let me watch (and a year later play) whatever I wanted to, she thought I was old enough to handle whatever a movie like American Psycho could throw at me. Was I? Well, I guess it didn't do me too much harm, but I did miss "the point" of such movies more often than I got them.

I'm sure they would have stopped me if I went to watch anything extreme, but my parents never even tried to stop me watching anything. Infact, I use to watch films with violence, nudity and profanity with my Dad for as long as I can remember. My Dad prefered teaching me what I was seeing as opposed to stopping me seeing it. I've been playing games and watching movies of M+, MA 15+, etc. ratings pretty much since I grew out of kids TV shows.


Violent games?
HELL NO! But what they didn't know didn't hurt him.

Violent everything else?

Hell, I saw Alien, Aliens, and other violent movies before my dad EVER let me buy a M-Rated game.
Weird, no?

My parents were pretty lenient about it and I quite vividly remember watching films like Terminator, Terminator 2, RoboCop, Nightmare on elm street, Alien, and Aliens when I was around 3-4, and from there I got into Resident evil, the Wolfenstein games and GTA and the like and I consider myself a pretty reasonably adjusted adult.

Not very. My parents did try to keep me from seeing movies with gratuitous amounts of sex in it until I was older but didn't have any problems letting me watch X-Files or any version of Law and Order when I was 4.

Though when it came to talking back or doing something you just shouldn't do like take something or be rude? Got my arse smacked. And of course my dad always said if he ever caught me doing drugs or drinking he'd hit me with the bottle. I did not drink.

My family were kinda strict i guess. My mum and grandmother never let me watch anything taht had any sexual contact or really never seen many gory horror movies. Though watching The Omen with them when i was 10 or so was totally fine by their standards, Which terrified me. My uncle on the other hand let me watch some movies but made me look away if there was something not age appropriate that came on. One that stands out was I was allowed to watch jaws from about 7, pretty much everytime he babysat me, to the point that i knew the script off by heart Though i was not allowed to watch the end scene when Quint gets eaten. think i was 11 when i first saw that.

That was pretty much how most movies went.

I think because of that now i pretty much hate the idea of kids watching certain shows with no rules. The idea that 7 year olds watching the likes of the exorcist or american pie seems abit like bad parenting to me. I don't know, maybe i'm wrong but should children keep their innocents as long as possible.

I wasn't limited in anything. See, my father, when I was little, used us (me and my brother) as an excuse to go see movies in cinema, so I was exposed to all kinds of stuff. So yeah, I had a pretty cool childhood.

My parents actually did well enough to keep me shielded from overly violent movies and games and stuff for a pretty long time. I can hardly remember that my parents had to forbid or take away anything from me or that i watched horror movies or so in secret. (Well, i actually can remember that i was keeping a pirated copy of Manhunt [the game] secret, but i wouldn't know how they reacted if they had found out)

Might have something to do with me getting an own TV with the age of 12 or 13 and my first own PC by the Age of 14, where before both of it was only available at the shared sets at the living room, so they had a good amount of control anyways.
About that time, i think they had a good sense that i could take most things anyway (my father once bought me Syphon Filter 1 because the cashier wouldn't let me buy it) and they didn't mind what i watched, so from there on out i occasionally watched R-Rated Stuff and played violent games (wich, my father at least, mostly mocked anyway).

The only time when my parents were concerned and wanted to forbid me a violent game was, funny enough, at about Age 15, when someone gave me Resident Evil 2 (we were far into the PS2 era already) on a day where i got sick and started to get nausea and threw up while i played the game. They probably thought all the pixelated blood was too much for me ^^.

However, my father really didn't like if we played anything war or gunfight-like (water pistols excepted) when we were playing outside, going so far as to forcing any kid visiting us to not bring any "weapons". Our garden had a very strict no-guns policy ^^.

never really there, so just guess.....

My parents were pretty strict, I could not watch South Park at my house, had to watch them at a friends, but the Simpsons were okay. There were rarely any horror movies I could watch either.

I remember I innocently asked my Grandmother to rent Wicked City for me because the box art looked cool. That was a big bloody mistake, but I am still surprised no one actually checked the rating, especially when I was just over 10 years old then.

Also, when I was about 12 I think, my parents were channel surfing for something we could all watch. They stumbled upon the very first episode of South Park, and it was a shocker. I thought they weren't even allowed to swear on TV at the time it came on.

Can't say they were strict at all. Hell! My Dad let me play Carmaggedon when he took me for work experience once, and I was under 15 then. Great times.

I was a sheltered child, so my folks were very strict on what I could watch or play. There were a good variety of kid's shows I wasn't even allowed to watch(examples include Cow and Chicken, Courage the Cowardly Dog, AHH! Real Monsters, Rocko's Modern Life, things like that), let alone anything aimed towards a more mature audience. I didn't get my first T game until my 14th birthday(they had to make sure I "was ready to deal with that kind of maturity") and no M games until my senior year of high school. They also wouldn't let me play outside for longer than 90 minutes to prevent me from getting worn out, sick, and/or injured(ironically it's because of this I have a piss-poor immune system as an adult). Like I said: sheltered.

My parents were more strict about at what times I could watch TV. I've pretty much always had trouble sleeping, but computers and TVs really boosted that issue with problematic sleeping. As such, my parents were more so strict about me turning off the TV at certain hours. They never cared what I watched though.

But my parents also both worked very late, and the only time I had a babysitter was my grandpa and my aunt when I was very young. By the time I was in the third grade, they just had me stay home after I got out of school, so they wouldn't really have any control over what I watched until about 8 or 9 pm at night.

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