If you were the other gender....what would you wear?

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I would tomboy it up with, ironically, shorter hair than what I have now.

I would also go into a store and try on everything! I'm so jealous that women have tons of outfits while men have so few in comparison :(

Its actually a bit of a scam.

Women are told to "dress in layers" meanwhile, you will find many manufacturers making thin clothing on purpose, so women must buy more clothes.

I sure as fuck wouldn't wear heels.

Fun fact. You don't have to be a man to wear men's clothes. Nor do you have to be a woman to wear women's clothes. Just putting that out there.

Then again, I've always wondered what a skirt felt like but never had the guts to try it. I'd probably give that a try.

It would also be nice to walk into a clothing store an know that ite of clothing is meant for me. As it stands, I walk into a lot of stores and even when standing in the middle of the men's section I wonder if I'm not looking at women's clothing lately. This is usually just when looking for casual stuff though.

I sure as fuck wouldn't wear heels.

Haha, I'd have to agree on this one.

If I was a guy I'd probably go for a biker look with ripped jeans and a t shirt and leather jacket. maybe a black touque too. I've been watching too much Sons of Anarchy lately haha.

I can't imagine my clothes would change that much I'll probably stick to boots, jeans, T-shirt, and a leather jacket that's a couple of sizes to big. I don't know why, but I like the look of a woman in a leather jacket that's too big for them.

I'd wear tights/leggings/etc as much as the weather permits it. Also, tighter shirts, although I'm not sure how exactly breasts would affect that.

If it were more socially acceptable (and it didn't crush my junk) I'd probably wear tighter pants as a guy as is. Form-fitting clothes are much more interesting that looser stuff, or bare skin.

In an ideal world? Classy suit, shiny shoes, sunglasses and a serious expression. In reality... The same kind of lose-fitting trousers I enjoy wearing, and one of my cute t-shirts but in male size. I'm a pretty lazy girl, and I can't imagine I'd be any less lazy as a boy. Best part is, I could totally cut down my time spent in the bathroom because I'd be able to stand and pee! Who cares if I miss and make everything disgusting, I don't have to sit down on it! Unless nr. 2, which is why I would always sit down while at my own place, and only stand while at a friends house. Just like my friends do. Damn them... Also, no bra = wins.

I can't recommend the corset tops personally. I'm kinda into that type of clothing, but first of all they are really uncomfortable and they also tend to look kinda silly unless you have the ideal body for it... Then I'm also extremely paranoid about showing too much skin and wouldn't wear anything that didn't cover me up to my neck area.

Hmm, probably a dark button up shirt, leave my hair about jaw length and jeans; not topo tight though. I have a magnificent arse, but I don't wanna look like a slut. Oh, as for shoes....sneakers? Maybe some combat boots, depending on how I feel.

Oh! Oh! A tie as well :D

I just hope I don't have massive breasts, maybe small side C's

I don't think I'd change shit. Cargo pants, sneakers, and a shirt of my choice. Comfortable as fuck.

Ah hypothetical male me would wear Bootcut jeans, simple t-shirts and a nice brown leather jacket. Combat boots to set the look off. I imagine i would be a much more attractive male.

as opposed to my normal styl of vest tops with a check shirts, skinny or bootcut jeans and boots or sandels. and ofcourse the leather jacket. haha

Why would I dress any differently?

what i always wear

flimsy dresses and lacy underwear

I am insanley jeolous of the fact that mens cloths are easy

though I'd probably end up looking rediculous XD.....I'd want to wear a leather jacket

There are some awesome leather jackets out there for women- don't feel you have to be a guy to wear one!

I recently went to a medieval themed houseparty, and to get a medieval robe looking thing over my (knitted) chain mail, I wore a dress with the front leg area split (so I could ride horses, yo) and it was kinda comfortable.

So I could imagine trying the dress thing. You can freaking forget heels though. I like my toes uncrushed, wouldn't care about my height, and don't want to risk skewering some poor person's foot on the dance floor.

Come to think of it- I'd definitely give female businesswear a go. A bit more interesting than the ol' samey suit guys get.

Probably either tighter pants since, as someone already pointed out, I wouldn't have to crush my genitals to do so, or skirts. I've actually worn a skirt once, it was extremely awkward but otherwise kind of nice.

Well it depends on how I end up looking
If I can make assumption based on my sister and my close female relatives, then I would be quite pretty (even hot if I'm lucky)
I would at least try skirts and dresses, but eventually I would end up wearing something along lines of what I'm wearing now.
Maybe with bit more skin visible :)

I am insanley jeolous of the fact that mens cloths are easy

though I'd probably end up looking rediculous XD.....I'd want to wear a leather jacket

1.Men clothes aren't easy at all, to be fair they are even more complicated then female clothes. Most men simply decide "Fuck it, I'm going to wear simpler clothes, because it isn't worth the effort". I personally approach my clothes from utilitarian point of view- how far can they go to hell and back?
2.What exactly is the reason for not wearing leather jacket at your current, female state?

For the most part, same as I already wear I.E. Jeans, t-shirt, zip-up hoodie and boots if it's winter, sneakers if not. Oh oh, and mustn't forget the leather jacket. But now and then I might indulge in something like what OP posted.

Unlike the majority of females I see every day... REAL CLOTHES! (The school kids who live around me are just... morons...)

In my opinion, full length jeans look better than 2cm long skirts, and a t-shirt looks better than what I can only describe as a band of tape around the boobs. Seriously, if you dress this slutty, you need to stop. It's not attractive if you do it as a female and it's not attractive if you do the same kind of thing as a guy. It makes me want to throw up...

Some large cargo pants and a T-shirt.

What can I say? I love me some cargo pants.

I would NOT wear shorts, t-shirt, baseball cap and sneakers.
I would atleast try to look good...

But I would probably over do it and end up looking gay. LOL

I suspect in summer a good few skirts would be worn, winter jeans, tights. I doubt my dress sense would change all that much, currently it's mostly tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts, so if I were a girl it would be jeans and t-shirt, coupled with flats. I hate heels, how people walk in the fuckers is beyond me. That said I'm not adversed to wearing woman's clothing even as a guy so meh. Tights can really keep a gamy knee in check, and flats are great for driving long distances without your feet feeling like they've been dipped in a volcano after. I find anyway.

Were I to be a lady, I don't think my clothing would change too much. I wear a uniform to work anyway and they look pretty much unisex. In the remaining time when I'm at home or on weekends I'll relax in pajama pants and t-shirts so probably that, but better fitting. If I have to leave the house that changes to jeans and t-shirt with a fleece thrown in if it's a little chilly. I wear a peacoat in the winter pretty much stay the same. So yeah, over all, not much change.

Pants. I like being able to place my feet on the table without people looking at me funny, thank you very much.
This applies to formal wear too. Ladies look damn fine in male suits in my opinion.

If I was a woman I would have a stylish long-sleeved top and some jeans (I always wear jeans). My main accessory would be a scarf, a light breezy one for summer and a thick one for winter. Also maybe a purple bag to keep my things in. I would have nice long hair which I would take care of with blow driers and conditioners, as opposed to what my hair gets now which is shampoo and jell.High heels are a no because I don't want to deform my feet.

I have nothing funny to add to this because I have thought about this long and hard already, and it is a serious answer for serious people.

If I was a female I would wear japanese schoolgirl uniform with nice panties or thongs. Maybe some thigh high socks

I would love very cute and sexy. And try to become a GF of a star quarterback.

Pretty much what I wear now, except affording for the physiological differneces.

I dress really androgynously. I can't imagine things would be too different if I was male, except maybe I'd not wear such tight pants on account of actually having something in the pants region that I'd need to obscure.


Based on some research documents I came across about human development, I've always worked on the assumption that your 'female' you would be about 93% of your male height. (well, it's more like 93.4534 blah. But that's too complicated to remember.)

Going in the other direction that would make a woman's 'male' height 107% of their actual height.

(Keep in mind this all only works if you're a fully grown adult. Teenage heights are all over the place. With in some age groups girls on average being taller than boys.)

So, starting at 6'4" (76 inches) that converts to 70.68 inches, making you about 5'10-5'11"

Which... Would make you tall, but not exactly out of the realms of normal...

I used this formula on my height and got my brother's . A++ excellent research


Then again, I've always wondered what a skirt felt like but never had the guts to try it. I'd probably give that a try.

Try a kilt? And depending on the company you keep... don't go traditional :)

As for myself, i'd wear pretty much the same I wear now, unisex/gender neutral stuff, somewhat femme, maybe.

I'd wear roughly the same sort of things I do now, if I'm lucky regarding my 'endowment' I might be able to get away with literally what I wear now (I despise buying new clothes). The only thing I'd massively change about my look is I'd have my hair back in one long braid.

I might get around to buying skirts and such eventually, but nothing shorter then knee height, on the whole I find longer hemlines far more attractive then short skirts and things like that.

Probably the same stuff I wear now. I've always thought that, were I a woman, I would be tomboyish.

im a girl and i hate wearing girly close, i just wear jeans and blank t shirts. thus my clothes wouldnt change at all if i were a boy. also i love P coats, and there is happily a version for boys so ...HUZZAH. i think the only thing that would change is that i would wear graphic T's. i dont wear shirts with pictures on them because it makes people look at my boobs and i REALLY dont like that. its rude. stupid boobs..* sad face *

I would mostly wear boy clothes cuz my personality would be a tomboy. But I would love to wear a maid outfit and a skirt for fun.

A skintight leather nun outfit and some stilletos.

Why are you asking?

I'd wear whatever I want... well, more like whatever I could afford, so really it would be same as now except some of it would be more feminine.

I'm learning a lot about you guys from this. I just wanted to say that.

On topic. Why would I dress differently? Jeans a t-shirt and a hoodie.

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