If you were the other gender....what would you wear?

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I'd still be wearing a nice white suit, thank you very much.

They are soooooo comfortable, it feels like you are wearing nothing at all

feels like you are wearing nothing at all


nothing at all


nothing at all


Stupid sexy Chaosed!

What "the other gender" means is kind of complicated when you are an androgynous transsexual. XD

But if I was comfortable with myself then I would probably wear the same stuff as otherwise. Clothes I find beautiful and stylish. Both masculine and feminine. Boots, dresses, blouses, coats, hats, etc.
Hm... Honestly, even if I didn't have gender dyphoria I would still prefer female clothing. It's simply more comfortable and stylish. Sometimes I wish I was shorter so I could wear lolita dresses. :3

Soviet Heavy:
I'd finally get to wear tight pants without squishing my testicles.

BWAHAHAHHA! I'd probably do the same. Goddamn, I hate tight pants.

If I was a girl...

well I think I would wear a...
Nice top. (Nothing showing too much.)
A AA cup bra. (Cause I think I would be that size. XD)
A nice skirt. (Not a short one)
And some flip-flops, thongs or whatever you call them.

that is what I would wear over here in Australia.
Except that barely any of the girls wear that stuff over here...

but that is a rant for another day everyone.


... maybe I was too serious... or too detailed. 0_0

What an odd thread. o.O

Anywhozzle, if I were to become female over night... My body build is already "thin" and I live in America (fuck yeah!), so that would automatically put me on top of the food chain, so to speak. All I would need to do is dress as skimpy as possible and sail that ship straight to fucking easy street.

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