If you were the other gender....what would you wear?

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Hmmm... It depends. If I had the same proportions (a bit overweight but only by a stone or so) I'd probably wear leggings/tights under just below medium length skirts, a half buttoned up casual shirt with some form of humorous T-shirt underneath, trainers and glasses I didn't need most seasons. Winter I'd wear 2 tiers of T-shirt/tank top under a long red coat (I already kind of do that, not an elegant jacket, like a New Dante jacket), slightly loose fitting (maybe not tight) jeans and boots. As for undergarments; I'd probs wear slightly frilly but practical bras and hipsters.

Now if I were an attractive slim lady I'd wear leather trousers and a blouse all the time... I'd put a scarf and some gloves on if it were cold.

If my fashion taste seems a bit odd then good, it should, I dressed like a rainbow today, I expect no less.

Probably the exact same thing I'm wearing now. Jeans, a subtle graphic tee, and a nice, brown, thick fleece zip up sweater. Actually aside from the fit of pants and the new undergarments my wardrobe can pretty much function fine, most of my shirts are loose and I have a lot of zip up jackets and hoodies. Would definitely still wear my hiking boots (assuming they still fit) and barn coat everywhere. Nothing more attractive than a utilitarian girl.

That all depends, really. If you mean physically, then I'd finally wear some nice dresses, maybe some shorts and off-the-shoulder tees. If you mean mentally, then I would probably just wear what I used to wear up until about two/three years ago. I really wish I could wear nice clothes and get away with it, as it is, I have to dress fairly tomboyishly to avoid looking like an idiot ):

Probably the same as I'm wearing now. Jeans, T-shirts, and hoodies. Of course I might also wear heels. Not too high though.

Hell, I would wear the exact same close I am now, Guy jeans and a long sleeve button up shirt. because it they are comfortable and because POCKETS!! those women jeans have no space for anything in those dents that pass for pockets.

I would dress like a sexy librarian, of course.


Because of reasons

You ninja!

I don't actually need glasses, but i would wear them anyway. Look sexier then all of the women!


Tuxedos are so fucking hot. I would own nothing but Tuxedos.

Oh, and comfy jeans. The concept of comfy jeans is entirely foreign to women, but I've been assured they exist in men's clothes.

Jeans and turtleneck. Because I suck and am modest.

Probably mostly the same stuff t-shirts cargo pants or jeans maybe more hats I dunno I'm not that creative when it comes to fashion.

Either what I usually wear except with a bra: pants, t-shirt, boxer-briefs
Or just a modest skirt blouse combo


Tuxedos are so fucking hot. I would own nothing but Tuxedos.

Oh, and comfy jeans. The concept of comfy jeans is entirely foreign to women, but I've been assured they exist in men's clothes.

The jeans I'm in are very comfy. There's seriously no comfy women's jeans? That's horrible! D:

Jeans and t-shirts most of the time, same as I do now. Occasionally wear a dress or skirt but I figure I would probably be fairly low key as a woman. Mostly I'd wear the same outer clothes, just different underclothes.

I'd imagine much of the same attire I do now.
Plus a bra.
And tighter pants.

I would probably wear mostly form fitting button down shirts. Don't know what it is but I like seeing those on women. I would also go longish knee skirts with the thigh socks. Simple but different. I would also bleach my hair and go pure white, for some reason I would love that. On the other spectrum i would go full trnch coat since it seems those can be worn by women more places without people thinking that you will shoot up the place.

On a side note I hate that you have to be old or obviously a business man to be not seen as suspicious wearing a trench coat as a man.

Same as I do now.
Whatever the fuck I want. :D

Except on hot days, on hot days I would go shirtless cause dudes can do that and nobody cares.

Probably what I wear now, mostly; a T-shirt, pair of jeans, and usually a sweatshirt of some kind. (I'm a guy, by the way). Female clothing does offer an interesting selection of tops, though, and it might be easier to find something in purple (my favorite color) when shopping for womens' clothes than when shopping for mens' clothes, so I might switch out the T-shirt for a top occasionally. I wouldn't wear a skirt, short-shorts, skinny jeans, or yoga pants, though. While I haven't tried any of them, none of them look particularly comfortable, and I'm pretty modest, anyway.

Princess Trollestia:
A crown tilted to the side of my head, and nothing more. Basically what I normally wear, nothing but an over-sized and overpriced hat.

nothing? you normally wear nothing... but a hat. Where in the world is that legal? :P, I couldn't do that, it'd get cold.

OT: Snug fitting clothes... though to be fair I kinda wish my clothes fit better now even as a guy... I just don't like baggy stuff and I don't like being squeezed to death (undersized clothes), clothes that fit to you seem like they'd be nice :/

Hrmmm ... I'm gonna say this based on the presumption that I'm still "me" on the inside? I mean, same interests, hobbies, lifestyle ... just different meatbag on the outside.

Almost exactly the same considering I'm a closet nutjob survivalist and (usually) dress for practicality in a zombie apocalypse rather than appearance. Steel-cap boots, khaki or black cargo pants, tight black crew neck t-shirt, baseball cap, sunglasses, skull belt buckle .....

... oh god, I'd be Sarah Connor.

Now, if I was some girly-girly princess version of me ... hrmm ... I can't really say. It's too different - it'd just be me imagining some girl in clothes I like (which I probably wouldn't wear even as a gal lol).

Basically something like this:

All the time.

I'd wear a Meshuggah T-shirt. It'd be a nice contrast to all those teens wearing silly screamo shirts right?

I actually already dress as if I used to be a woman who always wanted to wear men's clothes.
For Christmas, I got Sherlock Holme's coat from Sherlock:

My fashion sense comes from TV/movie/video game characters that I like.
So if I was a woman I would probably dress like The Major:


If I could find a loose flowing comfy dress with cargo pockets I would be in literal heaven...

Hell, if I could find that now I'd probably still wear it... I've always wanted to wear dresses but they just don't have pockets...

Otherwise I'd wear what I wear now. Cargo pants and t-shirts.

Anything and everything? I plan to adopt a range of styles depending on the occasion and weather.

Howzabout I report back to this thread in a year's time and tell y'all firsthand?

I would wear a suit. Yes, I'm currently male but have you seen a girl in a, as lex luthor puts it, "power suit"?

That or I'd take some fashion tips from my style idol:Lady Gaga

Good question. A feminine gender in a male body...I don't know if I'd subscribe to social pressures or not and wear male clothes, or female clothes.

It's a difficult question.

For the first couple of days I would wear the sluttiest clothes imaginable. Thigh high boots, a top that has my boobs on the verge of popping out and the shortest skirt possible. All topped of with hipster glasses and a shitload of makeup of course. Just to see how much attention I get.

Then I would dress like a decent woman and see how great it is to have outfits that are more than just T-shirts and jeans or a suit. Something that Jessica Alba would wear if she's just spending time with her family.

I have a question for the billions of females on here...

A lot of the girls over here dress like absolute skanks and then have the nerve to say: "Nobody cares/respects who I am, they only care about my body/looks!" I was wondering if there's any other reason for this apart from getting attention from men and because they're free to dress how they want to? I'm not trying to be offensive so sorry if that's the way it came out.

I'd like to think if I was a woman I could pull off a qípáo.

But I probably couldn't, so assuming everything else about me was the same, I'd be a language teacher I'd probably feel some social pressure to wear pretty much what I do now, but in a dowdier, more conservative form.

More or less what I wear now. T-shirt, jeans, coat, hoodie/jumper if it is cold. It is comfy, practical and it looks good on either sex. Obviously with the addition of a bra. I would probably only wear dresses at formal occasions, same thing I do with suits.

I already dress like a tomboy, so I don't see my wardrobe changing if I were male, aside from my underwear changing and even less skirt wearing.

I'd probably dress like a tom boy. I'd also wear skinny jeans more often, since the lack of testicles will make wearing them much more comfortable.

Same jeans and T-shirts for day to day.

But I'd also have a huge closet of pin-up style dresses, Rosie the riveter, etc. era clothing. Men's 50s clothes give you either the Buddy Holly or the "I'm an extra in a community theater production of Grease" looks.

And way more boots. It saddens me that men can really only get away with cowboy boots (which I don't do), doc martins, or combat boots whereas women have this awesome array of boots available.

I feel like there are many pieces of clothing (fedoras, for example) that make women look cute and men look like hipster d-bags. I'd pick a few things like that and wear them as well.

Oh, and in the summer, or at non-50s themed clubs, I'd live in Type A or B Zettai Ryouiki.

Whatever I wanted to.


Welp, since I doubt some sort of gender-swap would cure me of my laziness and general uncaring approach to clothes, I'd probably end up wearing the same clothes.

The hair, now that'd be a problem... I've got decently thick hair, and the thought of trying to take care of it when it's to my shoulders is just... *shudder*

I'd try out all the loose, breezy looking stuff like dresses and skirts. After those inevitably lost there novelty I would just wear jeans and a blouse maybe. Tomboyish stuff as well.

Pretty much just jeans, men's t-shirts, and sneakers/Etnies,.... like I do now.

Yes, I know, I'm quite adventurous.

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