Safety videos are terrifying

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The boy proceeds to undress and use the emergency shower, the camera pans over to another boy who has the biggest smile on his face and nods while he watches.

Practice lab safety or the gays will see you naked! Stupid, but probably effective on high school boys.

Reminds me of this poster which I never liked in high school.

It always seemed kinda catty to me. Like the last line is supposed to be followed by someone saying "ooh, burn".

Ha, these modern PSAs have nothing on the Public Information Films of the 1970's.

Oh the horror!

The best (worst?) on was a 30 minute feature film that was like a darker version of Final Destination:

I don't quite know why these films were so grim. Was it because the 70's were that grim and the films captured life, were the film makers purposely trying to install common sense through fear, were they oblivious to how these film would be perceived, or did they just not give a shit about perception beyond the core message of the film?

It's strange, but the more modern, more graphic Public Information Films, like the one with the zombie girl or the numerous other driving campaigns with shocking, sudden and graphic impacts, don't effect me as much as the older ones from the 70's. I don't know whether it's because I'm somewhat desensitised to graphic violence (especially when seeing it filmed with modern techniques and digital equipment), or whether the lack of graphic violence and poorer, more primitive filming equipment and techniques lend the films of the 70's a darker and more horrifying atmosphere.

These are the sort of PSA ads we get on New Zealand TV . . .

I'm just imagining the kid outside yelling, 'Mom, where's my damn fruit-e bar?'

Another good canadian one lots of places require you to watch now:

One guy has his a leg torn up in a wood chipper, a girl gets her fingers ripped off in a meat grinder, one guy has a pallet of wood fall off a forklift and break his back, and one guy runs himself over with a forklift (which is kinda funny, but they used scary music to balance it out).

Didn't really teach you anything about safety, just scared you into wanting to know how to do things safely

Tho srsly all i can think about the guy who ran himself over witha forklift is

I think that the airplane ones are scary too.

Froggy Slayer:
Am I the only one that finds the surreality in the safety videos that you get on planes and boats and the like to be absolutely fucking terrifying? I always find that they make me more worried than I should be.

Not always. I was forced given the opportunity to watch a romantic comedy about proper hand-washing techniques.

I am not joking. I wish it was on YouTube so you can suffer enjoy it as well.

I've seen plenty of safety videos, and for the most part I'm really unfazed by them. I think it's because of the over the top acting and special effects that draw me out of it and go "you're trying too hard."

The only exceptions to this were the driving safety videos that actually show the aftermath of major accidents due to alcohol, drugs, etc. You see the dead body, be it whole or torn to pieces. Because that was the real thing, that made me feel very uncomfortable. The kicker was despite all the driving teachers calling them safety videos, they never talked about safety itself.

I think if they showed a video were everyone panicked and shouted "We're all going to die" it would probably make passengers, some of which could already be nervous about flying, terrified.

Their videos show the ideal situation and how to calmly address an emergency. Panicking doesn't help you do anything so they want to try and represent a calm collected response in the hopes people will emulate it. 'Course I usually just get airline attendants explaining the safety measures and no video and they looked more absolutely bored then calm. (imagine explaining the safety rules multiple times a day for years... terrifying)



I think I prefer the slightly more surreal "retail" version.

Don't forget about the other videos in the series:

The thing is most of these things use scare tactics to try and shock people awake.

I miss the gold ol' days when watching a safety video was like watching a loony tunes commercial.

Scolar Visari:

Damn Ninja'd!

Doesn't look like anyone brought up this one though!


Scolar Visari:

Damn Ninja'd!

Doesn't look like anyone brought up this one though!

And that's how you make a superbowl commercial, folks!

I don't have a video, but I do have a story which relates to safety. This girl in one of my high school classes was at this really large hotel which also hosts conventions and large gatherings. The main elevator had huge doors which were almost the length of an adult's forearm, incredibly wide doors. She needed a ride up to a higher floor so she stuck her leg into the gap between the doors to hold it open. Most people would use their arm, but using a foot isn't very uncommon. She figured the doors would stop and reopen so she could fit inside, however the doors didn't stop when they hit her leg. The doors crushed her leg and part of her foot. She came into class on Monday with a cast on her leg and when she told us what happened, that story just stuck with me. How horrifying for everyone involved... "Do I hit the emergency stop on the elevator? What if that stops the doors, but doesn't open them!" Those kinds of thoughts ran through my mind along with the fear that the elevator actually went up despite the door not closing all the way...ugh..

In closing, never hold elevator doors open for people if you want to keep your limbs intact.

See, the ultraviolent and over the top ones I just find hilarious. It's the ones where there is very little violence and panic that get me.

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