Which would be the worst to lose?
Your sight
83.1% (207)
83.1% (207)
Your hearing
8.4% (21)
8.4% (21)
Your voice
8% (20)
8% (20)
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Poll: Which Is Worse.. Losing Your Sight, Hearing, or Voice?

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I could live without my voice... I can go a day without saying a word to anyone, I don't talk that much.

I'd hate to lose my hearing, honestly losing my hearing would be the same to me as losing my sight.

Definitely sight.

Losing my voice wouldn't even be that bad.

Ooh, a not-so-subtly Katawa Shoujo related topic...
I don't really talk much, so while it would be terrible to lose my voice, I could cope.

Incidentally, a week ago I had some ear wax problems which ended up with me spending the entire day not hearing anything quieter than headphones blasting at full volume with my right ear, and the resulting tinnitus making it very difficult to understand speech with my left ear. While it was horrible and incredibly uncomfortable, with a bit of effort I could do pretty much all the things I normally could.

But I have no clue what I would do without sight. Besides the fact that I rely primarily on sight in day-to-day life, most of my entertainment is gotten through sight: video games, movies, reading, etc. And while I could still read in braille, the rest will be lost to me, so my answer is definitely sight.

I wouldn't want to lose my sight or hearing. I could use sign language or write everything down without my voice.If I want to yell at someone I'll just write really big.

Desert Punk:

Random Argument Man:

Never had duct tape on my mouth. Although, I do love to rant sometime....Also, I would probably lose my teaching career if I didn't had a voice.

In retrospect, losing my eyesight or losing my voice would be pretty bad.

Well, they always need teachers to teach children that are deaf, so you could become a teacher who uses sign language to interact with his students?

True, but it's a very limited area of expertise. I'm not saying that it doesn't exist. The demand for it is...well...short, but still important.

It's also a new ball game. I'm studying to be a high school history teacher with a minor in social sciences (Or getting a better position in the school system). I'm almost done with university. If I would lose my voice now, I wouldn't only need to learn a new language, but probably new courses as well. People with this kind of job don't teach *only history*. They teach math, languages, sciences, etc. That, on its own, is a mighty challenge. The other challenge is you'll probably be next to the same kids for a lot of years. Teaching to kids and teaching to teenagers are also different things. Therefore, you need to be able to do both. From where I come from, these are two completely different degrees.

By the time that I'll MAYBE be able to teach, I'll be 35 years old. Oh man...Just thinking about my current student debt makes me depressed....Imagine if *that* happened...

Ok, you win. Losing my voice is the worst.

Losing hearing would be the worse for me.

If there's something I couldn't deal with is not being able to listen to my music anymore. I also like to phase out and listen to the sound that are around me. It's relaxing.
I could deal without playing games anymore (being blind) but without music and sound, that would be the worse.

Also what about the other senses like tasting and touch ?

Deafness would be the worst for me, you can't hear other people's tone or voice, let alone music. Voice isn't that big of a deal, even without sign language, someone could just right everything down if it happened suddenly. Everyone I know that's blind is a badass, so there isn't too much fear on that level.

Well if we are talking about are senses(voice shouldn't even be on the list) lets break it down.
Smell-you wouldn't smell anything good or bad so no big lost.
Taste-Food no longer brings joy but on the plus side you would probably eat healthier so not so bad.
Touch-Not feeling any pain could be nice but no sexual pleasure would really suck.
Hearing-Useful for understanding and gathering information and not being able to listen to music ever again would be tragic.
Sight-Massively useful for gathering information and getting around without assistance,if you took away all 4 other senses you would still be able to be independent and get by in day to day living without someone.You could still read and write,see danger coming,watch tv and play video games,etc.
Losing you sight would probably be the most debilitating sense to lose out of the 5.

for me, losing my sight would be the worst, I could tolerate losing my voice easily (i always wanted to learn sign language), hearing... that'd be depressing but i could manage, but my sight? too much i do is dependant on sight.

If it was a case of which one would be the worst to be born with, it'd be hearing i think.

Considering something like 80% of everything we experience is taken in via our eyesight, vision is a no-brainer. If I had to lose one of them, I'd pick voice, no question about it. We are advanced creatures with many other established ways to communicate, and losing your voice would probably negatively affect your life the least. Unless you're in a job like radio or something that actually requires it, but the same can be said of all senses.

I can deal without speaking, I can possibly stand being unable to hear, but my livelihood is dependant on my sight. I'm a graphic artist studying to be an engineer, sight in incredibly important for me.

I mean we have so many alternatives to speaking at this point, it's an easy loss. Text on a tablet wherever you go, keep a notepad and pen on you, whatever helps.

Truthfully, the only one of those three I have no problem losing is my voice. I do most of my communication in writing anyway, so I wouldn't be losing much.

Sight's critical, 'cause otherwise I'm stuck with other people driving me around and shit.

Hearing? I like my music, don't wanna lose that. No, of the three, voice is entirely optional.

Not much of a social person, so being mute would not be that big of a issue.
I do however like to observe and I rather enjoy listening to music and reading a good book (yes I could still read books when blind but I doubt I would have access to most of what I like). So, I suppose I would rather be mute than blind or deaf.

If I lost my voice I'd learn sign-language.

If I lost my hearing I'd learn to read lips, and I'd turn on subtitles in games/movies.

If I lost my sight I'd have to quit my dreams of being a videogame designer, I couldn't play any more games, read any books, watch any movies, I'd have to ditch the website I'm working on, I could never RP on a forum again, couldn't build lego, play many board games, do many jobs, drive, ect...Basically I couldn't do 90% of what I do normally.

So, sight is worst for me. If I had to chose one to lose it'd be voice, since I love music. And I think it'd be less annoying for people around me if I couldn't speak as opposed to being unable to hear what they were saying unless I was looking at them.

It's obviously sight. I'm not even sure if this is a subjective question. I'm pretty sure that sight is provably more important then hearing or the ability to speak.

Although being deaf would really suck, too.

Caramel Frappe:

I like the fact you're asking this question with a Katawa Shoujo avatar. +1 Awesomeness to you

OT: I think sight would be the worst. Loss of voice would be sort of bad, but ok because you can still write and sign; loss of hearing would be a little worse since you won't be able to experience certain sounds like music or others talking; but loss of sight? Man, I can't imagine living in persistent darkness. Sight is the way humans, and most organisms, view their surroundings for travel, prey/predators, and interaction. There are definitely ways of getting around each disability, but the worst to lose to the one that is ok to lose for me is: Sight, Hearing, Voice.

I don't see many people saying anything other than sight.

Losing your voice isn't even much of a problem for quiet people, and hearing (whilst horrible to lose) is still a lot easier to cope with than blindness.

And this site will have an even larger proportion say "sight" as their answer. After all, most of us play video games as our primary hobby and post here. Both require sight. I would kill myself if I went completely blind.

I would go up a damn wall if I lost m hearing. I'd never never be the same. ALso, I would HATE to lost my eyesight. No more lookin at the faces of my loved ones. No more reading, playing games, watchin moves, playing sports.

Losing m voice doesn't seem so bad in comparison.

Sight, definitely. No contest. The loss of my voice I'd be fine with, I could just carry a pen and notepad around with me and communicate easily that way. The loss of my hearing would be much worse, as I have a passion for music. The lack of ability to hear the words of your loved ones would also be a huge bummer. But those are sacrifices I could make when faced with blindness. If I was blind, I doubt I'd survive from suicide for too long. Not being able to play games, watch movies, see the world, see the faces of those you love and call friend. Always in the darkness, having to fumble around slowly with those white sticks. Yes, I could still listen to music, but in the face of everything else... no. Blindness would be the worst possible thing to happen.

Sight for me. Hearing would suck but I could cope with that (already losing it anyway, thanks to some wonderful genetics) and voice isn't that big a deal for me (Writing/sign language, again - plus don't have to speak to rant on the internet, right?), but sight would be a bit of a super bad thing for me to lose. I kinda rely on sight for... pretty much everything I do, so to suddenly not have it anymore would really, really suck.

That and I don't want to shell out money for a braille keyboard so I can finish all my stories off.

Ooo, so very tricky.
See, voice, I can cope without that. I'd lose my singing power, and that'd suck, but still, I can live. Might be good, too, 'cause I am WAY too talkative.
But see, I'm planning to work in music. So, obviously, I need my hearing for that kind of career. But then, if I lose my vision, how the hell would I, I dunno, play minecraft or sort through shit or other things that require sight?

I could get around most of it, I guess, but it's a case of - Hearing, I'd lose my career, sight, I'd lose things I really really enjoy. (Not to say I don't enjoy music, obviously, but ya know what I mean.)

Definitely blindness.

The other two can be gotten around by carrying a clipboard, but when you're blind, you lose so much. You can't read, you can't navigate efficiently, you can't dodge hazards, you can't do a lot of things.

Losing your sight is very easily the worst. There are ways around being deaf or mute.

My dad's going blind (slowly), so I know the implications pretty well. Just about everything we do relies on sight, and not having that makes almost everything ten times more difficult.

Sight, sight, sight, sight. I want to keep my sight.

If I was to lose something, make it voice. I can do without speech. But hearing and sight. No, those are far more necessary.

I fear going blind over all else.

A silent world sounds awfully scary. However, being blind would remove most of my hobbies. Honestly I can't decide.

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