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Epic Bear Man:
So I just made a joke OKCupid account (not because I plan on dating, but I wanted to check out the site and it's people), where I'm Cthulhu, and I think some of these issues should honestly be more directed at the website than the guys. Sure, some of their responses to the questions are misogynistic, racist, and downright wrong, but the site IS asking these questions, like "do you think women have an obligation to keep their legs shaved?".

I'm sure under normal situations these guys probably wouldn't bring it up. Not that I'm defending them for the shaming, I'm just saying the site seems to have some very bizarre questions. O.o

That's kinda the point of those types of questions though. A question with an option like women "should" shave, or that the man would "prefer" a woman to shave, or whatever isn't very useful and can easily be misinterpreted by the woman scanning the man's responses. (What exactly does "should" mean here? How strong is the man's preference? Does he believe he has any say in the matter? Etc.)

The question how it's worded, though, is fundamentally different. A "yes" response throws up a huge, unambiguous red flag: the respondent does not respect the autonomy of women and believes he has a right to assert some degree of control over their bodies.

It's similar to questions like "Does no mean no," "Do you believe the man is the head of the household," "Are there situations where someone is obligated to have sex." You're right that it's not the sort of thing that would come up at first, but the point is to make it come up so other people know not to waste their time with them and especially to keep them from putting themselves in dangerous situations. "Yes" responses to questions like those are very strong indicators that the respondent is a potential rapist.

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