15-year old invents new cancer detection method


This story I caught this morning, and I do realize it's about 4 months old already... it just made my jaw drop. Now, understand that impressing me is a task in and of itself, this kid did it in spades. It hit me especially because I had family members die of certain cancers, and let me tell you, early detection is a key to survival. Read the story... tell me if your jaw drops as well.

Now comes the discussion... What has the average escapist done with their life? Personally, I used to put out fires, and pull people out of burning buildings. But even I can't compare with that kid.

It makes you wonder where you could be if you had had the initiative to volunteer at a lab freshman year of high school.

I'm 21 and am applying to labs that are basically doing what he did and I'll be walking into those labs only knowing basics while he seems to understand a significant amount of material science.


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