The "Why didn't I listen to people earlier?" thread.

So basically, my brother bought Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 recently, and due to overwhelmingly positive response I've seen here for both games (especially 4) I thought "Why not, I'll give them a go."

So yeah...

why didn't I listen to people here sooner!?

I'm only a few hours into both of them at most but I'm finding them really fun, and I'm pretty sure I'll end up loving them, like many here have.

This is by no means the first time it's happened though, as it took my some time to get round to watching Arrested Development and Community, despite everyone saying how great they both were. Well, as people are now probably well aware (especially with the latter show, what with many of my avatars including my current one being from Community) of my love for both these shows.

So have you ever thought "Why haven't I listened to people sooner?" and if so, what about - whether it be game, music, film, TV, whatever.

I feel the same way about about Minecraft and Mass Effect

and the escapist

and the Xbox 360

and writing

and sex

I had Gurren Lagann recommended to me several times but I just never got around to watching it. I finally did so over the weekend and holy shit it is the greatest thing ever!! So, so ridiculously over the top in a good way.

I suppose maybe Bioshock, since it's been out since 2007, I've owned it since 2010, and I didn't finish it until December of last year?

Persona 4 would be one for me too, since I had tried it a few times on the PS2 but never got into it until I got Golden on the Vita.

happens to me all the time but the most notable is prolly the tv show "breaking bad" which basically went
"you should watch breaking bad it's awesome"
"shut up idiot i've read the plot line and i can tell you without a doubt it's not my sort of thing"

needless to say i loved it and everyone should watch it

another good example is trublood. my sister loves the usual vampire shows/movies but refused to give it a chance after watching a few random eps and deeming it B grade vampire porn. she now gets a little twitchy every sunday waiting for her next dose of sookie

Both of my favorite shows, really. Doctor Who and the other one that I won't mention (in fear of derailment) are the mane main 2 examples.

I didn't get around to watching Firefly until November or something of Last year, so there's that... Seriously people go watch it now!

Probably 50% of my music is suggested by friends or acquaintances where I'm like 'ok ok I'll download it'. Download it, forget about it, 2 months later, listen to it and has mind blown.

Run back to friend 'OMG THIS BAND IS AMAZING' and friend is like 'I FUCKING TOLD YOU AGES AGO'.

Repeat ad nauseam.


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