New Trailer for Ghost in the Shell: Arise

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I kinda liked the film, but I could never get past the dialogue. It's all stilted and stiff, nothing like how people actually talk.

The anime was like that too.

There's a lot about Ghost in the Shell that's unique and interesting, but I for one could do without having the characters constantly engage in complex philosophical debates. I mean, it's a show about a team of badass cyborg special forces, and there's probably more lengthy discussions about the ethics and political implications of transhumanism and information theory than there are gunfights. Seriously, there was an entire episode which took place completely inside an Internet chatroom.

You can make your show deep and intelligent without subjecting your audience to massive lectures which kill all the momentum.



Cool... I guess?

Would have preferred a sequel. I wanted to know if that pretty, platinum haired guy ever made it.

Ah well. Still not gonna sneeze at an origin story for the Major.

Kuze you mean?
I don't want to spoil anything but you should take another look at the last episode of GitSAC2G. It was pretty-well spelled out for us. IMHO the only thing they left open for debate was whether or not they'd really met before - I thought that was pretty clear too but I suppose there's room for argument...

In the last episode of 2ndGIG it's hinted that he's uploading himself before he dies.

In Solid State Society (movie based on the anime, takes place after 2ndGIG) it's hinted that he succeeded.

Granted, it's only hinted and I could very well be wrong. That's why I would have liked to see a sequel.

I guess I never took that "uploading" idea too seriously; for project 2501 it would be perfectly legitimate but Kuze was a man and if he survived as a data construct it wouldn't really be him -perhaps an equally valid new organism but not Kuze.
In Solid State I thought the idea was that Kusanagi was losing herself to the residual impressions of all the minds she'd dived - not unlike the "possession" that happens in the Dune sequels (though it's certainly possible I only interpreted it that way because I read the Dune sequels.

I'm a huge GitS fan, and have been following info for Arise since Jan. Whilst the trailer looks promising, the current opening has made me a bit skeptical. I mean, look at the character designs for Saito and Paz...

Not sure of the ambience thing they got going with the theme either, I would have preferred something similar to a Yoko Kanno hard hitter. It's obviously a shame she's not on board for the score this time around, but I won't rule out Cornelius taking the job until I watch the show.

I dunno- looks too much like the film, which I hated, than the show, which I loved.

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