Poll: Lets say you're in prison. How would you spend your time in the cell?

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Escape would be the only thought and the only priority. Look for weaknesses in the system around me. Although I would be absolutely astonished that I was taken alive to begin with.

Yep. Sleeping, definitely. And reading, if there's anything to read, that is.

Work out, till I end up like Micheal "Charles Bronson" Peterson.


I'd even give the mustache a go.

A lot of reading would get done too.

Is that man drinking urine?

I'd request for a book of law, maybe a book containing prison regulations, a good book, or maybe just talk with the guard holding me.

Would "Rape everyone" be considered Communicating and being friends with the other prisoners? Or should I vote other...

Captcha: end of story

Oh but it's just getting started..

Do pushups, sit ups the entire lot. Hopefully there will be weights there too so i will continue lifting like i do normally. If im going to be stuck there a while i might as well keep my fitness and strength up as something to do and have a goal.

Constantly drool. Eventually my saliva will dissolve the concrete walls of the facility, enabling my escape.

Constantly drool. Eventually my saliva will dissolve the concrete walls of the facility, enabling my escape.

They have electric fences around most prisons now though :P

Play computer games, browse the internet, read books, watch movies... pretty much the same things I do now, except no working, or cleaning, or paying bills...

and no visits to elderly relative's birthday parties.

if you look at it that way, 'there's no place like jail'.

Probably sleep constantly, depending on how long I am there.

I would obviously try to keep myself entertained, if I get a cell to myself (and not some guy who looks like he wants to kill/rape me) I am fine, but I would most likely sleep or draw.


Constantly drool. Eventually my saliva will dissolve the concrete walls of the facility, enabling my escape.

They have electric fences around most prisons now though :P

Curses! If only electronics were susceptible to the corrosive properties of human saliva!

...oh, wait.

Start the prison's biggest shit-flinging tournament. Extra points if it instigates a riot.

If I could get my hands on pens and paper, I'd probably start writing down my fantasy-stories that keep popping into my head.

Work out, read, ignore everything else. I probably wouldn't speak in more than monosyllables unless I was requesting to be removed from the general population.

Pretty similar to barracks life, come to think of it.


Guys, I forgot to mention.....you have nothing but a simple bed and basic stuff like water and toilet in the prison cell that this thread refers to. So you cant really say you'd play chess or computer games and such. These things are nonexistent in the prison cell I refer to.

Fine, just sit, sleep and read/study I guess...

Wait, our prisons are this good? If I could sneak in my own gaming pc, that room would be better than the one I have now.
But I have to be locked up in a barren room, I'd walk in circles while thinking about completely stupid things. And sleep.

push ups, sit ups and when i get bored/run out of energy masturbate in front of the camera just to piss off the guards who have to sit and watch me do it

masturbate until my cock drops of probably... and also trying to survive if the prison is for insane murderers and guys like that

Keep to myself. Exercise. Read. If I was there for a while I would enter an education programme. That way I would leave with something other than serious anal haemorrhage. This face is too pretty for prison.

I wouldn't really know until I experience it myself for real.

However I can easily assume that I would go crazy for loosing track with the modern society like news and games and etc. This is reinforce when I start wondering what's going on with the running animes like One Piece, Naruto and Fairy Tail and a couple of the webcomics (story base) is going on aswell

Depends on my cellmate. If he looks like he's going to stab me, then I'm going to be working out and doing whatever I can to make sure he doesn't want to/can't kill me, that includes not talking to him unless he initiates conversation with me.

If he doesn't really seem to care about me, I'm going to keep to myself, maybe try and get and pencil and some papers so I can start writing down some of these story ideas that come to mind. Though I'm probably still going to be working out.

If he seems friendly enough-say he isn't in here for anything to serious-then I'll probably still write, but I'll also try and chat with him every once and awhile.

I'd alternate between ferociously working out and probably writing some really angsty semi-autobiographical fiction.

And if I was in prison, I would just work out. If I don't get the prison abs, I pretty much wasted x amount of time

This. Prison would be just a very, very dangerous gym for me. I'd probably also look into online courses to keep actualising my degree. Or maybe get more degrees. I love getting degrees.

I'd spend my time getting an education, working out and reading.

Should keep me occupied and away from further criminal activity.

Well if I have a cellmate, then I believe there is a tutorial song I could follow. If it's a long prison stay then I could probably experiment with all the verses.

you put your right arm in, you put your left leg out, you put your stomach in, then you shake it all about...

Easy I can answer this because I have been in that situation, I just chilled out with books and the radio. I also spent an hour a day cleaning and grooming to help maintain the highest privilege level.

I'd work out in my cell, sleep, meditate, and probably draw a lot.

Write and work out.
then when I left, I might be able to get the book published, make some money, and also feel better after not really being very healthy for sooooo goddamn long.

Really depends on how bad the prison is. If it was sayyyyy really notorious for getting stabbed and butt fucked i'd try and make friends with prisoners (of my own race) cause no body likes whitey in prison.

If it was a pretty mellow prison i'd work out a fuck ton, sleep and if they provided me with paper and pen, possibly write books.


But I wanted to go to Dutch prison... :(
Fine, just sit, sleep and read/study I guess...

Jesus Christ, gotta go murder me someone dutch; that's nicer than most hotels I've been in.

Read and workout, read and work out...
Look at all you tough guys, thinkin' prison is a cake walk. If I am correct, thanks to modern media influencing me, then prison should both mentally and physically break me. Cells are cold, dark, and empty pits housing murder/rape happy cellmates. Meals are a mix between excrement and school lunches. Guards are hair triggered and mean. Play time consists of attempted murder and rape. Theres the thought of you getting jumped at anytime, being "beautified" via shanks, and getting bullied.
Did I mention rape?

So i'll just go insane and see were that takes me.

It'd be great to have some idea as to how long I'm in prison for. Sure, it probably wouldn't change my routine all that much but as it stands, it feels like we're essentially trapped in a bare cell. How big is the cell? How much human interaction do I get? How much outside time do I get?

But alas, since this information is not provided, I'll give a short answer: calisthenics, sleep and fapping.

Plotting my escape and revenge on whoever put me there.

Assuming I'm actually there for good reasons, probably read a lot, maybe try to pick up a new language. Translation is always a useful skill.

If it's anything like staying in the hospital, I'd end up counting the dots/holes in the ceiling, read, stare off into nothing, try to sleep, and wonder when the hell I'm getting out.

If I'm in for something serious then I work out and make connections. If I've been wrongly accused I work out and figure out how I can have my record cleaned. Gotta think about the future.

When I was at Alcatraz, I was told that when the really terrible people were put into solitary confinement, one of them ripped off his button, tossed it, spun around until he was nearly too busy to stand, and then attempt to find it. All so he wouldn't go crazy.

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