Your thought's on the "Harlem Shake"
21.9% (77)
21.9% (77)
7.1% (25)
7.1% (25)
Let's do the Harlem Shake
17% (60)
17% (60)
I am usually the lonely guy dancing...
1.4% (5)
1.4% (5)
So this is what humanity has been reduced to? Time to activate that doomsday device after all...
27% (95)
27% (95)
I do the gangam style to the Harlem Shake music, because that's just how I roll
3.4% (12)
3.4% (12)
Let me just get my horse mask and I will be ready
8.2% (29)
8.2% (29)
13.4% (47)
13.4% (47)
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Poll: Harlem Shake

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Once again, the Escapist proves itself to be populated almost entirely by cynical robots who wouldn't know what mindless fun was if it....Well, if it put on a silly costume and hip-thrusted in front of their faces while weird electronic music played in the background, I suppose. Still, I'm kind of amazed that some of you humorless lunatics are actually complaining about the quality of the music or dance coordination. I mean...OK, the "point" of this meme is pretty hard to pin down, fair enough. But "good music" and "good dancing" are very OBVIOUSLY not it. If I had to to guess at the "point" of the Harlem Shake, I'd say "let's have some pointless fun in the stupidest way imaginable".

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure this fad will be run into the ground and become extremely overplayed and annoying in about 48 hours or so, but for now, it's the just the result of people trying to have fun, and probably succeeding. It's harmless.

It seems pretty fucking stupid to me, and that song is atrocious. The only good part about it is that first video by the OP with the soldiers. It is always good to see the troops having a good time.

It's pretty funny.

Just today, my girlfriend's sister asked aloud, "Why has the Harlem Shake gotten so popular?" to which I replied, "Because it went viral- just like a virus, one person watches it, then shows their friends, who show their friends, and so on." The internet has allowed us to spread pointless crap across the world, so much so that it affects popular culture. Amazing.

"Dafuq" quite accurately sums up my opinion on it. When you think about how long it would actually take to put something like that together (all of ten minutes) I can't imagine why anyone would bother.

One video would be funny but I don't see why it should go viral. I guess its something like Geddan. Anyone remembers that?

Yeah, I've seen this around. It's not funny..
I don't really see why people like this.

It might well be one of the stupidest memes I've seen. And that's saying something.

And yet basically everyone I know loves it. It's one of those times I feel like I've missed some elaborate joke about the whole thing.

I just discovered the wonders of the Harlem Shake last night. God, it's been awhile since I laughed so hard.

I guess it's only funny the first time, but there's kind of an unpredictability in each video.

I see it as just a bit of fun and think it's great that so many people are getting together to do crazy stuff like this. The best bit though is that even kids in Elementary schools are getting in on the act, just showing how big this is. I was amazed that the teachers let them do it.


I dunno dude it's pretty funny, I fucking hate trap though.
Yeah, I don't care for it.

I don't really get it, but some of them are amusing enough I suppose.

My fiance finds it hilarious, but I just don't get it.

I mean, I don't even hate it. I just find it to be incredibly uninteresting.

Sweet Christ...

They've killed Gangnam Style only to give birth to a bigger, fiercer and more annoying beast.

No way is this remotely in the same league as Gangnam. Gangnam Style was (regardless of if westerners got it or not) biting satire of the young upper class in South Korea. It was social commentary, but it was also fun because of its fearless self-mockery. And aside from some people who reflexively turned against it because of nationalist biases, it actually inspired honest-to-God national introspection. I couldn't tell you how many Chinese people on my friends list posted the "Why Can't China Make a Gangnam Style?" article. It made you laugh. Then it made you think. It transcended boundaries. As I sit here typing and shedding a single manly tear, I swear to you it brought us together and made the world just a little bit better.

Harlem shake, by contrast, is just memeing for the sake of memeing. It's a bunch of kids on the Internet saying, "Look at us, we feel connected to other people just like us because we laugh at a video that doesn't make sense to anyone but us." It's a tool for insularity. Hopefully it will die and be forgotten when the next catchphrase comes rolling down the pipes.

It's pretty funny. Case and point:

Right, um...I'm not enteirly sure what I just witnessed in that clip...
ye, I guess It's kind of .... no I'm sorry what the hell is it?

Can anyone explain the point of that to me?

I don't keep up with internet fads put this ones stands out as being pointless even in the realm of internet fads.

Honestly? I think it's shameful and wrong.

I prefer Spongebob Drillpants.

Your poll options suck, I didn't pick any of them.

Overall I am okay with the Harlem Shake. Some are bad, but some are great. I don't know why some people are so frustrated with it. So you think it's not funny? Okay, then don't watch them, you don't have to. There is a pause button for you to use.

Erm, I'm going to be a snob and say that that's not even a real Harlem Shake, this is:


I see.

Thanks for that. It's certainly an interesting... technique. I find it hard to accept it as a 'dance' of sorts. I think it qualifies as a valid attempt to confuse your enemy in combat, though. The motions just remind me of things I've seen in people with severe neurological problems.

So, dancing without coordination with bad electronica BGM?

Wake me when the meme is over.

I didn't get the whole Gangdamn Style thing and I really don't get this.

Hell my local organised an event based solely around it.

Yeah I'll pass thanks.

Well ever since Google did it it's pretty much been run into the ground.

It's all about the Node edition:

Alright, so after avoiding any videos of this fad, which I keep seeing popping up everywhere, I finally sat down and watched a few videos.

I... I don't get it.

So all it is is just a bunch of people gathering around doing random dances to some Spanish techno music? Is... is that it?
That's... spectacularly underwhelming.

That Node edition one was pretty funny, though.

I like it well enough, and I always get a chuckle over people that get genuinely pissed off about it. It's totally fine if you're completely ambivalent about it, but when someone actually gets mad and goes on some tirade about how stuff like this is destroying our culture, I giggle.

I only found the army one funny.


Late to the party here.

The first I heard of it was Loading ready run's vid on it and I had to youtube it to get what they where on about. It was funny the first time but really doesn't have much staying power.

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I'm channelling Statler and Waldorf here but I like the Harlem Shake because it's short. 30 seconds is a good length for a meme so that you know it's over soon even now that we're reaching (or have already reached) the point where it's no longer amusing.

Beats sitting through a full-length Gangnam Style each time.

It's something you wish you'd thought up when first seeing it because it looks really fun.

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