Things you love that no one else seems to have played/seen/read

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I loved both Kylar and Vi. I was talking about Elene. I found her really inoying and because of her the first half of the 2nd book was a complete bore.

I HATE her! Vi>Elene and its not even close. It would be like asking if you would rather be waited on hand and foot by your nude dream girl(or guy) or getting castrated by a red hot cattle poker whilst getting gnawed upon the knee caps by a tiny shark. I completely agree with you. Loved Vi as a character and whooped with glee at the end of book 3.

OT: I love the Sharpe's Rifles series by Bernard Cromwell. Yet no one I know reads them. Richard Sharpe is a certified bad ass.

Nobody I've met enjoyed the The Last Chancers if they had heard of it but it's one of my favorite 40k novel trilogies.

None of my friends read recreationally, so pretty much any series I've read fits the description. Most recently, it's been bugging me that I don't have anyone to discuss The Wheel of TIme with IRL. My school principal is also reading it, but he's only on book 7, while I'm currently ten chapters into book 12. Sure, we could discuss what's happened up until book 7, but I would be kicking myself if I accidentally let any spoilers slip, which I try to be careful about, since very little pisses me off more than having a good story spoiled.

As far as video games go, most PS3 exclusives I have also fit. Most of my friends own Xbox 360's, and while a few of my friends own PS3's, the only exclusives they're typically interested in are Uncharted and Killzone, so they haven't played a lot of my favorites.

Amethyst Wind:

TV: The Newsroom,

The Newsroom is fucking awesome and, for once in my life, is a show I started watching from the very beginning (that and Girls; I felt like such a hipster when everyone started talking about it around the Golden Globes...) as opposed to the usual "you have to check out this awesome show currently in its Nth season" (Dexter, Shameless, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, etc).

The Journeyman Project series. The amount of people I've met in reality who have played any of it (well, minus a year in school when I had a teacher bring in Buried in Time) can fit on one hand. Legacy of Time is still one of my absolute favorite games ever, despite the fact that it's hilariously easy (according to online reviews. It's easy for me because I've played it to the point where it's burned into my brain) and outdated. Legacy of Time and Buried in Time are both up on GoG now, so I suppose there's potential for my friends to play them, but I think I'm alone in my love for that series...

Oh wow, you're bringing back some awfully obscure memories of mine! I remember playing a demo for one of these when I was around 10yo on my (household's) first computer. The thing could barely handle any game past '97-'98 and I was but a kid so I never ended up playing the full game, but it seemed really awesome! It's just as well that I didn't play it 'cause I wouldn't have understood anything anyway; my proficiency in english as a second language was only just starting to grow.

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