What is your earliest memory?

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Being sit down in front of the television with my mom holding the VHS copy of Star Wars.

I was somewhere between the ages of seven and ten when I initially thought I first saw Jurassic Park. Having loved dinosaurs for as long as I could remember (I'd even decided several years prior that I wanted to be a paleontologist when I grew up), I was enjoying the experience immensely. But as the film went on, something kept bugging me: an oddly vivid memory of my two-year-old self watching a movie scene of several raptors stalking people in a big, dark kitchen. Finally, I reached the point where the movie felt like it was going to begin wrapping things up, and I dejectedly told myself that this must not be the same film, and I might just have to go on with the rest of my life without ever seeing that scene again or even knowing what movie it was from. Which, of course, just increased my joy all the more when the kids were followed into the kitchen by a pack of raptors in the very next scene, quenching my curiosity of my earliest memory and explaining why I loved dinosaurs so much simultaneously. First memories don't get a whole lot better than that in my book.

When my mom first gave me my favourite childhood toy, a tiny grey rabbit named Honey Bunny. I remember very specifically that she came wrapped in a ball of tin foil. I must have been about four at the time.


Not for any harsh reason. I was just really unlucky as a kid. Broken leg, mangled finger, appendix, some trouble with breathing and some more I don't even remember. All before I was 8 years old.

My oldest memory would be when I was about five, and it was also very unusual because at the time of said memory, I seemed to have had a small black out. I was outside, playing with some kids, and it seemed as if everything I previously ever remembered had vanished. There was no injury or anything, I was just running and I looked around like "where the hell am I? What the hell happened?"

I still seemed to remember everyone's name, where I lived, etc. but I couldn't remember anything before that. It was as if that was the first moment I was ever alive, in context of my ability to remember things.

My earliest was I woke up in my pram with the transparent cover on since it was raining. I think my parent were in the city centre of my birthplace (I remember the location) and I saw McDonalds and then I went back to sleep.

After that I also remember I was in my home near the stair and having fun or some sort. I think that when my brain started to develope proper memories.

Sitting on the table eating mashed potatoes and spaghetti hoops with my brother.
Simpler times.

I remember floating through space. Seriously, that's the earliest I can go back. I suspect it was my soul coming from an alien world, searching for a habitable planet after its destruction. Or some TV show I saw I dunno...

My earliest memories are from when I was 2-3 years old, living in Newfoundland. I remember walking down the stairs into the living room on Christmas morning, and seeing the tree for the first time. One of my gifts was a Lion King book, and it came with a cassette tape which would read the book to me. The tape made the sound of a harp when I was meant to turn the pages.

I can remember being in preschool. One of my classmates dumped his juice on me one day, and the teacher refused to let me change my clothes alone. That memory kinda gives me the creeps.

I can also remember chasing the cat around the house. She would run upstairs and hide under my parents bed. I'd pull her out and carry her downstairs, and then she would just run back upstairs. Rinse and repeat.

I remember sitting on the couch while watching The Wizard of Oz. The apple trees scared me.

I can remember the kitchen being a disaster after the ceiling collapsed, due to a leaking pipe from the upstairs bathroom. My dad says that I walked over holding my bucket from the sand box and said "I'll help you, Dad!"

My parents forced me to watch Honey, I shrunk the audience when we were in Disneyland one day. I still distinctly remember a UFO flying out of the screen and me then running out of the room crying. I think I was 3.

Probably my third birthday, my dad made a cake shaped like a race car and I took off the oreo wheels and ate them first (I fucking love oreos.)

Although I have recollections of experimenting with the texture of fire, feces and the pulling of a cat's tail - you know, vivid stuff.

But that was like two years ago YOLO.

Most of my earliest memories are negative, I have to list a few because I am not sure which one of them happened first.

When I was 5-6 years old
Lifted a cat from it's tail and it went full berserker on my face.
Fell of a big rock on smaller and sharper ones.
Spat on my father's face because he didn't stop tickling.
Was in a TV-show with a less-berserky cat.
Cut my fingers with scissors trying to carve a moomin figure out of a bouncy ball.
I learned to ride a bicycle, though my dad had to let go of me and betray my trust.
Played a Tarzan game for PS1.

I guess pain is a lot easier to remember than all the other stuff. Actually, looking back at all those physical injuries of my childhood, it is no wonder that I grew up to be such a careful individual (I always managed to find new and innovative ways to injure myself until the age of 10).

My earliest real memory is probably from when I was like...2 or 3? It's pretty fuzzy, but it definitely happened, my dad had just bought a really expensive set of fancy new wrenches and screwdrivers..And I remember I took them from his workshop and started dropping them all one by one into a drainpipe outside our door

I'm not sure why I did it...I remember having a really good reason for it though, and I couldn't understand why my dad was so upset about it

Another time when I was about 4, I was running around my Grandma's new garden, really enjoying myself. The garden was huge and totally free from objects I could hurt myself with. except a single brick. As I was running around, I somehow managed to trip and directly faceplant the brick with my forehead.

I still have bump on my head from that occasion..

What I believe to be my earliest memory comes from when I was a toddler, around 2 years old. My family lived in a shitty house at that time (for about a year)and when it rained water would come in through the vent in the hallway ceiling and my parents would put a pot underneath it to stop it from soaking the carpet. I vaguely remember seeing this on at least one occasion. When I brought it up years later my parents were surprised I remembered it.

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