Do you look people in the eyes when you talk to them?

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I usually do, but I worry if it looks to intense, so I make a point of looking away once in a while to show I'm not staring.

If you want to make people feel uneasy, I hear it is best to stare at the end of their nose - people think they are being looked in the eye, but the near imperceptible difference in angle causes some confusion they can't put their finger on.

i end up looking at their teeth/mouth. Maybe because that's where the sound is coming out from. It's a stupid habit

I have to make eye contact, to me it shows respect and attentiveness.
Its how i was raised. But most people i know from places other than Southern US dont do it nearly as much, so its probably a cultural thing.

Its a funny question because i rarely ever really think about where my eyes are at when I'm talking. So I think I usually just stare through someone. I think it only becomes awkward when you find yourself actively thinking about it.

I used to be a compulsive liar and I tended to look people in the eyes as it make it easier for them to trust me. I stopped that shit and now I barely look people in the eyes anymore unless they're upset and I'm comforting them. My eyes mainly dart around the space around them or on their lips.

I always look people in the eyes when talking to them.

It doesn't really make me feel anything by itself, yet it can cause a connection with people whom I'm attracted to.

When people look me in the eyes it can make me feel secure, as I know that they're paying attention to me but also can make me feel pressured as I think they're expecting me to do/say something.

The only times I don't look into peoples eyes are:

- When I'm busy, and I can't turn to them but still want to talk (I.E. When gaming)

- When I'm nervous, and I can bring myself to look into their eyes (Doesn't happen much if at all anymore)

- When I'm trying to remember something, I often have to look to the side or close my eyes to be able to recall various things.

I find that looking into peoples eyes enhances communication as a lot of information is communicated through the eyes, it helps find when people are lying and what their true feelings are heck once you know someone well enough you can see their thought processes in their eyes (I've once had a full conversation with someone when they didn't speak, I could see what their replies were going to be due to them expressing with their eyes... Though after several minutes we started to feel a bit strange)

Well of course, it would simply be rude not to. If one is speaking to someone else, they have to have good eye contact, or it will seem as though they aren't giving them their full attention.

Well depends on how I'm feeling, if I'm a bit nervous I won't, but otherwise I'll just stare blankly in the person's general direction, unless I'm angry then I'll look at you in the eyes and glare, that makes people uncomfortable, but generally I'm told that I seem off, mostly because I look at people without really looking at them, because I'm weird like that.

I always look at people in the eyes.
Old habits die hard... but I find you rude if you don't... that or you're a bitch :P

I tend to look at their face, is that good enough?

Yeah, no for all the reasons you stated. It just makes me feel often to uncomfortable. Plus I have the killer eyes so that makes things awkward sometimes.

This kinda needs a poll

answer's yes

I don't ever stare at them, but I consider it very odd when someone I'm talking keeps looking elsewhere it makes me think that they are hiding something or lying to me.

No as I notice that myself, I don't look at the customer at their face directly when I'm at the till (when I tell them the total cost, making small comment or saying goodbye). I just assume that's the introvert/ shyness part of me.

I try to, but it's tough. I usually end up just glancing at their eyes every so often. I end up mostly just looking in their general direction or focusing my eyes on whatever I'm doing as I listen to whoever I'm speaking with. For example, if I'm walking, I just look straight ahead as I speak, but if I'm sitting across from someone, I look at them, just not in their eyes.

I always try to, but end up awkwardly looking around everywhere except into the persons eyes, even when I try to look at them I just can't, not for fear or anything, I just can't help looking away...

That said though when I'm boxing, I always look right into my opponents eyes, it's the easiest way to see what they're going to throw at you and can also unnerve them in the process

Rarely. I find it usually leaves me concentrating so much on maintaining eye-contact, but not too much eye contact, that I stop listening to what their actually saying.

Despite being a very open person, I've always found myself running into two problems while trying to look people in the eye:

1) My left eye veers off and starts doing its own thing if I concentrate on one object for too long, and I've yet to meet someone who didn't find that awkward.

2) I am a spineless sheep. If I don't feel 100% safe and comfortable while talking to someone, I subconciously bunch up and start looking at the floor.

Since it takes so much effort, I do a little victory-dance in my head every time I'm able to maintain a proper amount of eye-contact during a conversation. For me, though, eye-contact is all about conveying that I'm interested in what my conversational partner has to say and willing to respond honestly, so I'm usually not looking to get anything more intimate or emotional out of it than that. Of course, looking into my husband's eyes is always nice =w=

I've never really thought about. I mean, I do look people in the eyes when I talk to them face to face, but it's not like a make a point to specifically do it.I suppose it just flows naturally. Sometimes my gaze wonders, and sometimes it'll lock on.

It's different if I'm doing something while I talk, or just watching telly with a friend, chatting. Also, if I'm talking with someone I'm real close, eye contact almost seems... I don't know, hypnotic is the wrong word, but I hope you get the idea. When this happens, you know it'll be one of those hour-long conversations you don't break up until some outside effect forces you to.

I gotta get together with the gang again. ;D

The only issue with that for me is, I wear my hair over one of my eyes about 90% of the time, my hairstyles just work easier that way. It bugs a lot of people, for reason I vaguely understand. However, the more I get to know a person, the less I wear my hair in my eyes at all. It depends on my feelings towards the person. If I can easily make eye contact with a person, I'm either trying to intimidate them, or I know them well enough that eye contact just feels natural. (Or you know...when I'm trying to get a job.)

This kinda needs a poll

answer's yes

I meant to put in a poll, but I accidentally posted it before I did it. I WAS drinking.

Yes and no.

If I'm working then most of the time I will look them in the eye since most of the time it will be important and I have to give them my full attention.

Other than that? No. I get creeped out if someone is looking at me all the time and I make some eye contact to let the other person know I haven't stopped paying attention. Most likely I will look off to somewhere else while we're talking, and I find looking someone in the eye all the time unnerving.

Windows to the soul and all that jazz.

Very rarely, though it's largely unconscious on my part, I never actually stopped to notice that I have a habit of averting other people's gaze until someone pointed it out to me a few years ago, so I've probably inadvertently come off as a bit of an aloof prick to quite a few people over the years. Depending on how familiar I am with them I might not even look in their direction, instead just looking toward the floor or a wall or fixing on a certain object. I don't know if it's the Aspergers or if it's just nerves or if it's just me being an idiot, but even if I make a conscious effort I can only seem to hold eye contact intermittently, I just can't stay fixed in one direction like some kind of zombie, it just feels awkward to be staring at somebody for so long like that. It just makes me uncomfortable I guess.

ive never gotten the hang of how much is the right ammount.i have been diagnosed with aspergers too. i used to never look people in the eyes, then found out you are meant to then i was told i stare alot

I rarely look people in the eyes but I do look at their face. Avoiding it completely seems like you have burgers in your ass.

I'm trying to get the hang of it.
But I tend to just stare at whatever interests me without even noticing it though. >.>

There's a select few people I can look directly in the eyes, one of them being the girl that makes me feel all funny in my pants. Other than that I tend to avoid it as much as I can since I've always had issues with eye-contact.

I did learn a neat little trick throughout the years though; as it turns out, if you look at someon's eyebrows or inbetween their eyes they will generally be unable to tell that you are not looking directly into their eyes. If you do this though, you will have to look away every now and then because, as I found out, when people think you're just staring directly into their eyes non-stop they get mildly creeped out.

I can stare into someone's eyes when they're talking to me, no problem. But I tend to look away a lot when I talk to them.

It makes me feel incredibly rude and I'm acutely aware of it. I strive to be able to hold eye contact in every new conversation, but when I look back on the moment, I find that I was more than likely staring at the floor.

God damnit.

Oh, and people who continue to wear sunglasses when you talk? You're bloody rude too, stop doing that!

If we're sitting down, facing each other, yeah.

Unless the conversation is awkward.

Appropriate eye contact is an important part of human interaction and body language. Making too much eye contact implies too much focus while not making enough implies disinterest or fear. People who don't make enough eye contact tend to be either very shy or have something wrong with them (Hi Autism, how you doin'!). Aside from potentially different cultural norms I have no idea why this is under discussion. It's like posting a forum topic on "Do you bath regularly?" It's a topic to ask if you belong to an abnormal group asked as if you expect the results to be equal or more so on the abnormal side.

Nope. I can barely look a person directly much less their eyes.

I guess it gets me feeling weird for some reason. Maybe the intimate thing?

I normally make eye contact, but I'm not always staring into their eyes. But I have a habit of shifting my attention quickly, so I'm normally watching things behind people, talking while looking at something else, and the like. People have compared me to a cat before, watching every bit of movement and seeing what it is, then moving onto the next thing, but all without stopping talking.

Personally, it makes me uncomfortable.
Sure, I'll look AT them but not really at their eyes.

Only when I want them to love me...

But yeah, I don't do it. I can do it and I do it in interviews but I hate it and it makes me feel shitty.

I wish. I find it very uncomfortable, almost like a stare-down. This is actually a problem for me. People often think I'm not interested in the conversation because I'm looking at the table or something behind them. I've tried forcing myself to look people in the eye a little more, but then I'm very conscious about it and it ultimately kills the natural feel of the conversation.

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