Write a letter to a Developer

There's a slim chance that a developer would ever get the chance to read your letter if you were to send it to him/her/the company ... but, imagine if by some chance, they did receive it. Whether it's by mail, e-mail, through a crowd as they protest outside the company's building ...

Write a letter within the post, and ether ask or notify the developer of what you want to say. Let me start.

Dear Telltale Games,

    I just want you to know.. that you guys did an outstanding job on The Walking Dead. While other companies are getting the heat for .. certain releases that got all this hype and yet failed miserably- you guys have given us the most emotional game so far in gaming history.

    Just thank you really, and I dearly hope that your next game, the sequel to The Walking Dead is even bigger, and gets all the praise it deserves to have. Please keep up the good work and be proud that you created the most fleshed out characters including the famous Clementine.


Dear EA,

    How are you guys still in business? ... No, not being sarcastic just curious is all.

Dear Square Enix,

    How out of touch are you with your fans? Honestly, it seems like you have done everything in your power to avoid making money ever since The World Ends With You was pushed out the door. Why do you refuse to localize games? Why do you insist on stretching your resources thin on more and more games while previous efforts remain unfinished? When will this Final Fantasy XIII nonsense come to an end, and will you actually learn from the mistakes you've made over the course of soon-to-be three games?

A Concerned Fan

That probably doesn't even begin to cover all the things I'd like to say, but that's neither here nor there. I'm making the attempt to remain civil.

Dear Valve

You alright? I can't help but notice your release schedule has been thinning out since 2004. You know you can't support yourself on hats AND develop a new console right? We all want to see you do well, if you need help all you have to do is ask.

Dear Japan

WE. WILL. BUY. YOUR. GAMES. IF. YOU. SELL. THEM. TO. US! Stop with this bullshit mindset that games can't be universally appealing. All you need to do is translate and get some decent voice actors.

Dear Tim Schafer,
If you really wish to get Psychonauts 2 ever made, you really need to learn to outline your financials better. "several million" implies roughly 3 million dollars. Several does not imply 18.

A logophile

Dear Capcom,

While I was a fan of your works as I was growing up, I've since stopped associating your name with words such as "quality", "reliable" and, most important of all, "fun". I've long since abandoned all hope of getting MegaMan off of the moon you so nicely left him on (and it didn't help matters at all that you pretty much held the series hostage in order to push other products you deemed worthy); I have given up on one of the best RPG series I've ever played...I refer to none other than Breath of Fire; and finally, I've given up on you regaining any love for the games you produce. Instead, it seems that your only love nowadays is money and to exploit everything you possibly can in order to achieve maximization of profits - including withholding content that was already on the disc I payed for. Though, I could probably say that last part pertains to pretty much every gaming company today, which is a damned shame.

I'd also throw in how you've treated your own people, Keiji Inafune especially, but I am not qualified to voice such an opinion without having worked in the field of gaming. However, even without qualification, it tells a story. Ironically, one your teams have probably written before - of a kingdom once loved, now loathed and that where it once had admiration of its people now is only contempt. I do not know if I can speak for any other person who enjoys the medium of gaming, but I know I am not alone in this thought:

I wish I was still a child growing up, so I could continue to relive those great moments and enjoy those great games. Now, it seems, forever gone.


A Wandering Soul

I'd probably send similar letters to companies such as SquareEnix, Gearbox, Blizzard, etc. But I know, in the end, we don't matter to them as people. Only statistics. Numbers. Lacking personality or distinction. We only matter when money is involved, now.

Dear EA,

Please do not try to appeal to every crowd. Not every game has to reach for every market under the sun, as kickstarter has shown us, nich titles can bring in millions of dollars.

And another thing, multiplayer is not the be all, end all of gaming. There are millions of gamers who would prefer to play their games offline, and on their own. Some of us have active social lives thank you, and enjoy a game to just chill out on our own. We do not want to be forced into yet more social situations when we want to enjoy some solitary time with interactive media.

One of your concerned customers, A punk in the desert.

Dear Insomniac,

I'm glad you guys are having fun trying new things with the Ratchet & Clank series --and it's always nice to see a series go in new directions rather than stagnate-- but this new forced multiplayer stuff is kind of cruel to we lonely fans that have no one to share your wonderful games with.

In short: Please make a new Ratchet & Clank adventure that returns to the series roots (by which I mean 2 & 3; not a fan of 1).

Rob Simple

P.S. Resistance 3 was awesome. Nice work.

Dear Relic Entertainment,

Homeworld 3 please. WE know you have the IP.

Sincerely, the Internet.

Dear Rareware, circa 2000:


Dear Pandemic Studios, circa 2007:


Dear Maxis, circa 1996:


Dear Free Radical Design, circa 2005:

Don't make Haze. No matter what Ubisoft wants you to do, don't make it. It will kill you and any prospect of future Timesplitters.

You get the idea...

Why don't we just send our letters for real to the developers we want?
I am ready to send a letter to the developers of the game "Fighting is Magic" when I finished with my Thread.

Dear Bioware,

I really enjoyed Dragon Age 2, probably because it only cost me 20 dollars but I enjoyed it none the less. Anyways, I also enjoyed Mass Effect 3 and hope that the fan reaction has not shaken you up to much, if it makes you feel better, I loved the game! So, I hope you take this letter and realise that sometimes you need to stand your ground on your games and not allow fans to break your spirit and force you to change stuff. Keep up the good work, can't wait for DA3!

Dear EA

you know what? I'm actually NOT one of those people who sits around and hates on things with a smug air of superiority

game x was SHIT!...game x was soooooo disapointing I'm going to go and fap to indie wankfest game now hurr hurr

hell I'm a good little customer, I'm just the kind of person you want, and I have a relativity high tolerance for bullshit because I like what I like and I don;t care

but even I have limits

your like the KKK or WBC everybody HATES you and I know you don't give a fuck but if there is any ounce of humanity left within this bloated thing you have become...

can you just stop?....please? like pretty please? stop being YOU, stop EVERYTHING that your doing

just...fucking stop

Dear Bioware and Bethesda,

You're idiots. Maybe you should spend some of those millions you've gotten with your successful hype and gimmick laden games to hire some fucking writers who still have brains in their skulls. I'll even fucking do it myself, for free, just to show you what real writing can do.

Or you could just keep making your heartstring pulling gears of war dating sims, and your hiking simulators.

Your art's great though, Bethesda. I still like you. Unlike Bioware.

But people like CDProjektRed and Obsidian make you look pathetic.

All the best,

Someone who's letter you won't be reading.

Dear Bioware,

    No, it's not just the ending that made Mass Effect 3 awful. You simultaneously obliterated the role-play aspects - dumbing them down further than in any previous title - while destroying the vast improvements to the game play you had made in Mass Effect 2.

    How'd you think people would react to the game you shipped with worse game play than the original Mass Effect?

Go Fuck Yourself,
A lost customer.

Dear Nintendo,

Thank you for the immeasurable joy you've brought to the world.

Not much else to say really.

A few letters for people I'm concerned about.

Da Orky Man:
Dear Relic Entertainment,

Homeworld 3 please. WE know you have the IP.

Sincerely, the Internet.

Aaactually they dont.

the Homeworld IP got put into limbo, there is going to be an auction for it and a number of other IPs soon.

Desert Punk:

Da Orky Man:
Dear Relic Entertainment,

Homeworld 3 please. WE know you have the IP.

Sincerely, the Internet.

Aaactually they dont.

the Homeworld IP got put into limbo, there is going to be an auction for it and a number of other IPs soon.


"We're really happy the IP has made its way home, and yeah, we're definitely looking at it." - Jonny Ebbert about Homeworld 3

Johnny Ebbert is one of the designers at Relic.

You sure they don't own the IP?

EDIT: No need, found it myself. Posted for future reference.


Da Orky Man:

EDIT: No need, found it myself. Posted for future reference.


I do really hope Sega gets it, they have shown they aren't afraid of RTS games

Dear Bethesda
I love you, marry me.
Love from Tom.

Dear Mojang,
Please notch, if you don't want to develop minecraft anymore I understand, however; please pull the half retarded monkey developing it now away from the keyboard. Broken update after broken update, that needs to be patched later only too include things no one asked for. It is okay too say: "Hey guys minecraft is finished!" Then maybe I wont have to fuck around and re install all my mods every two weeks because your monkey is fixing something that he broke in the first place.

Honestly man I love the game, but all these vestigial features and constant updates are kinda beginning too ruin the experience.

Love, Matt

Dear Square Enix,

I have given you everything you ever asked me for. I bought your games, I gushed about them with friends, and even recommended them to curious friends. Though this relationship needed too work both ways. Not only do you refuse to just remake FF7 already with pretty graphics, new sidequests, and new materia. Maybe even a real time Devil may cry or even Kingdom Hearts style combat system if you want to get rid of the outdated Charging bar combat system. On top of that you only release portable Kingdom Hearts games. Since the first betrayal of KH: Chain of Memories I refuse to buy any portable games, I have this fancy PS3 and kh3 would look so amazing on it, but you refuse to deliver games I want too play. For this reason I'm breaking up with you. It is too late, I'm too the point where I don't believe you could handle any of the properties I would want too buy well.

You will always be in my heart,

Dear Valve,

Thank you for steam.

Love Matt

Dear Gearbox

We won't stay mad at you (well most of us won't), Gearbox, we just want an explanation for why this happened. I mean, I didn't even get the game and I'm still annoyed by everything about Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Dear SEGA/Sonic Team

Keep up the recent good work with Sonic. No more Sonic '06s! Everyone else will come around to thinking he's good again eventually.

Could we have a new Generations-esque game with lots more levels. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease.

Dear Ubisoft

Please shorten the credits of your games. It's ridiculous. I loved Rayman Origins. Didn't want to be sitting through the unskippable credits pondering whether that love was worth it for 17 minutes of French names go past though.

Maybe don't give every project to each of your studios either. Too many cooks spoil the broth is how the phrase goes. That's probably how Assassin's Creed III's ending was so bad.

Dear Valve

Please either confirm or deny Half Life 3 being in development. If you confirm it, please give the internet a reasonable timeframe for release. It's not fun everyone wondering any more.

Dear Square Enix (the publisher)

You're doing great, keep up the good work!

Dear Square Enix (the developer)

I know a lot of people don't like you at the moment, but between you and me, I enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII. Come here *hugs*

Just you ignore those people. Maybe give them a FF7 HD remake to quiet them down a bit though. Try that awesome looking engine you're making with it!

I could probably right a lot more, but I feel that's enough already.

Dear Bethesda,

Thank you for reviving my favorite game series, fallout, and doing such an amazing job with it. Fallout 3 really did make every aspect of the game more fun too play. Fallout New vegas, while extremely buggy at launch did remember the series is supposed too be comedic and did have several highlights for me.

So I guess what I'm getting at is, well, will you be my valentine?

Dear me,

please learn all the skills I need to make an awesome game

sincirely, me

Dear Platinum.

You are awesome. Continue to do what you do.

Dear Epic Games

When the fuck are you going to make a new Unreal Tournament?


Make Bad Company 3 already. Battlefield 3 just wasn't as good as the Bad Company games.

Dear Epic Games,

Please change your name. You're degrading what would be a perfectly fine word even further.

Sincerely, probably only me.

Dear Bethesda,


Dear Ubisoft,

I really want this relationship to work but your bipolar attitude constantly throws me off. Either fire the talented developer within your walls so I can hate you properly or do some restructring among the pencil pushers. I want to decide whether to love or hate you

Dear Capcom,

Please stop pretending to be like others. If you want to be taken seriously, don't do it a the expense of your identity and style.

Dear Platinum,


Sincerely an action game fan.

Dear Valve,

Why did you stop writing after the second letter?

Dear Activision,
You are slowly killing gaming, I know it's not just you, but you are doing the best job of it.
Just slowly step away from Call of Duty and make something else... AND FOR GOD AND MANKIND'S SAKE WHAT IS WRONG WITH DEVKITS!? You won't sell DLC? Really? You really are massive idiots. Go on and ask Besthesda how things should be done. They sell DLC perfectly fine AND have a nice devkit. Just saying.

You are massive bone-heads.

Dear Valve,
What happened to HL2: EP3? Go on and make it already. Then start with HL3.

Me *hearts all around and then a ton of hard face-slaps*

Dear EA,

You guys do know you have control over your own budgets, right? When you overly-bloat a game to the point that it has to sell more than twice as many copies as the previous game in the series sold to break even, that actually is a decision that you made. Evil budget fairies didn't do it.

Also, please don't lie to people. If you want to put unnecessary microtransactions in a game, just say that you want more money. If you really want to spin it, say it gives you the budgetary wiggle-room you need to make the game better. Don't say that gamers these days will be angry at you if they aren't able to spend more money on the game they already bought. We aren't stupid.


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