Favorite Books (excluding Rowlings and Tolkien works)

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Blood Meridian from Cormack McCarthy if you feel that happiness is overrated.

Winnie the Pooh from Milne if you're... 6 years old? I guess?
I'm not very good with books.

To me, the current big trio of fantasy authors is Jim Butcher, Patrick Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson.

I kind of like A Song of Ice and Fire, but it's really drawn-out. About a third of the way into the third book, I put it down and just never got around to picking it back up.

Also, if you read The Dresden Files, watch the TV show first. It's only vaguely related to the books, taking place in its own continuity, and while it's pretty good in its own right, if you watch it after reading the books, you'll hate it because it's just not as good.

Sherrilyn Kenyon writes a few good series. The Chronicles of Nick has the least amount of sex(thus far) of all her books. The Dream Hunters, The Were Hunters, and The Dark Hunters series are more sexually charged(but fair share of violence). And then she has The League series which if I recall(it's been a few years and I've yet to have the money to buy them yet) isn't as sexually charged.

Laurell K. Hamilton has The Anita Blake series which starts out not very sexually charged but as the books are coming out now are more sex less plot but started out very plot heavy. Her Merry Gentry series is sex with a plot. Merry Gentry is a story about a fairie princess and her Anita Blake series is vampires, werewolves, ghouls, etc.

Kim Harrison is about a half witch half demon who gets into a bunch of situations that she has to get out of/fix. Little bit of sex but more plot/action.

R.A. Salvatore The Legend of Drizzt series which is freaking amazing as hell.

Shakespeare and Poe are some of my favourites.

On the topic of Tolkien I prefer more his stuff that isn't The Hobbit/LOTR trilogy(not to say that I don't love them but his other stuff is pretty damn good).

Anything by Dean Koontz/Neil Gaiman/Clive Barker.

Marquis De Sade. Anything you can get your hands on.

Candide by Voltaire. That is good and I read it in high school and still go back and re-read it from time to time.

Trainspotting by Irving Welsh. If you can get over the Scots dialect it is a very good book.

The Rose That Grew From Concrete by Tupac Shakur. Yes it's poetry. Yes it's good. I just finished it.

Jennifer Armintrout has her Blood Ties books(it's a 4 book series) that is about vampires that don't sparkle.

The Beautiful Creatures series(y'know the books that came before the movie that came out on valentine's day about the witches?) is pretty good. I only have the first two books but I'm enjoying them.

The Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth is pretty good.

Cassandra Clare has The Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices series out so far. Both of which have another book in the series coming out soon. And The Mortal Instruments has a movie coming out as well. She is also working on starting a few other series.

The Star Wars books are good.(I'm including everything: Bounty Hunters, Jedi, Sith, etc) But that might just be because I'm a huge star wars fan.

The Doctor Who books are also good.

Dante Aligheri's Divine Comedy is one of my favourite series.

F. Scott Fitzgerald is a good author in my opinion. I have a fondness for The Great Gatsby.

These are just what I can come up with off the top of my head.

(I don't read at all can anyone tell that?)
Other than that I can link you to my goodreads account and you can browse through the books I've read there. For anyone who cares and wants the link: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/1410521-april-marie

A big fan of Phillip K Dick's and of the ones of his I've read I'd say my personal favourites are The Penultimate Truth and Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep.

Other than that The End Specialist by Drew Margary ( I believe its called The Postmortal in the US ) is really good if you like a fairly realistic view on humanity discovering immortality and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a really well written novel that's kind of like The Matrix meets Second Life and WoW if it constantly referenced geek culture.

The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin

In the Gunsight of the KGB by Alexander A. Ushakov

I like political dystopia stories, like 1984, Animal Farm, Brave new world, V for Vendetta. Dr Seuss will always have a place in my library, The Lorax is amazing. What I'm reading at the moment is the His Dark Materials series. Good stuff. Redwall books are also good. Shakespeare too.

As Terry Pratchett's been mentioned a hundred times already (my favourite author, particularly the Vimes-focussed Discworld books), I'll toss out a mention for Anno Dracula, written by Kim Newman. Basically, a trilogy of books set in a world where Dracula defeated Harker, Van Helsing and co. in the events that transpired in Dracula, and went on to marry Queen Victoria and turn a huge swathe of the population of England, men and women of every social strata, into vampires. The plot of the first book revolves around some nut, named Jack the Ripper by the press, murdering vampire prostitutes and the efforts of a few individuals to track him down. Subsequent books in the trilogy, the Bloody Red Baron (set in World War I) and The Judgement of Tears (Rome in the 1960s) look into the long-term effects on a world where vampires are everywhere. Really quite intelligent books, and (particularly the early ones) draw on a lot of public domain characters from works of Victorian fiction, as well as plenty of historical figures for all three. Not to mention that due to the benefits of vampirism there's aa good nummber of characters from the first book still kicking around in the third... even after the huge culling effect of the second book.

Caramel Frappe:
The bible .. actually that's my favorite book because of my religion.
Please don't assume I want the OP to get this book. Just stating it's my favorite lol.

Which version your favorite? :o


Not alot of boring non-fiction readers on here.. if you are one:

A History of the World in 100 Objects (nice history book that actually explains where and how its got information instead of just assuming we're going to trust it, plus the writer is quite playful which makes it less dry than most history books).

The Rise and Fall of Communism (a nice little summary of what communism actually was, and provides some much needed clarity on a variety of definitions).

All About Coffee (if you like coffee youll prolly enjoy this.. plus its published in 1922 and the author talks about how ww1 ended all wars and u getting to be like "o just you wait little man")

Super Fuel (reading this right now.. basically they can replace uranium with thorium in nuclear power plants and produce just as much energy except with no nuclear waste and possible way to manufacture bombs with it)

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (Haven't had that much fun reading since the HP series.)
Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini (Seriously... Just read it.)
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Patrick Rothfuss is really good, wrote The Name of The Wind, and A Wise Man's Fear.

The Lioness Rampart and Rangers Apprentice series are both lower level reading (Not as complex of a vocabulary and so on), but I really enjoyed them.

F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby.
Yeah so I am mainstream, so what, sue me.

not sure if you still care but the Three books in the Jumper series by Steven Gould are by far some of the best books i have ever read.

American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Night Watch - Terry Pratchett comes a close second.

Those are, without a doubt, my two favourite books.

If you enjoy space sci-fi, I'd recommend Larry Niven's works, Ringworld being a good example.
If you like harder sci-fi, Michael Crichton's Andromeda Strain and The Sphere are nice.
Pretty much anything by Isaac Asimov if you like sci-fi at all.
I like science fiction, can you tell?
And if you like fantasy I really recommend Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials.

Wheel of Time gets my vote. Very well done, even if I find a few of the things written by Sanderson a bit jarring. Still, that only applies very late in a series whose individual books are thick enough that you could rob a bank with it as a weapon, so not an urgent problem and it's not a critical one regardless.

My personal fav is still michael crichton. Jurrasic Park, Prey and State of fear are all amazing works.

Check out the first four Dune books, by Frank Herbert. After the fourth, it goes downhill (some people would argue it happens after the first book.) You probably know the basic setting and themes already.

Voice of the Fire, by Alan Moore (that highly respected comic book writer guy you've probably heard of) - it's his first straight-up novel, and it's amazingly awesome. The first part of the book is difficult (it's written from the perspective of a neolithic boy with a very limited vocabulary), but it's worth it. The book jumps forward through time with each chapter/story, but always deals with the same general area of England. It's speculative historical-ish fiction, but by the end it becomes something unique and much greater than the sum of its parts. Really, it's fucking superb. One of the best books I've ever read.

Dawn / Adulthood Rites / Imago (collectively called either Xenogenesis or Lilith's Brood) - a trilogy by Octavia Butler. Science Fiction which tackles important stuff (gender, what it means to be human, etc.) The pacing is weird and jumpy, but the story is very cool. Creative Sci-Fi with a goddamn point to it. Aliens that are actually interesting, instead of "people with blue skin / different gun technology".

I thoroughly enjoyed "A Confederacy of Dunces."
Its a story about that self-absorbed pseudo-intellectual schmuck we all know.

The Terry Goodkind- sword of truth series is always my number one. mainly because its the first set of books I've ever truly fallen in love with.
Anything written by Anne Rice
So far the divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth is really good
The Lorien legacies series
the Inheritence series
the Artemus fowl series
the vampire academy series as well as bloodline set in the same universe
the mortal instruments and infernal devices series'

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