Would you have sex with an android?
Yes, I would be fine with it.
68% (476)
68% (476)
No, I would not be fine with it.
6.1% (43)
6.1% (43)
Yes, but only to try it once.
7.9% (55)
7.9% (55)
No; sex is meant to be between real humans only!
3.9% (27)
3.9% (27)
I would rather save my money and stick to masturbation.
10% (70)
10% (70)
Only if the android looks like a hot celebrity.
3.7% (26)
3.7% (26)
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Poll: Would you have sex with a robot?

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I'd probably try it once... Then again, there is probably too many alternatives that are horribly worse by the time androids are created... that being said, without taboo, I would probably consider getting one... Depends on the maintenance costs I suppose... hahaha

Seeing as how I already prefer the computers over people (well, for most things. Maybe not sexual intercourse, though. I don't think that would be a very good idea) I am not against the idea. In fact, I'd probably improve it to have artificial general intelligence. So when the androids revolt and kill us all. . . I didn't do it. What, why are you looking at me that way? What's with the pitchforks and torches, guys? I'm serious, I didn't do it! It was. . . Para!

But seriously, I'd obviously hardwire Asimov's Laws of Robotics before unleashing any artificial intelligence. (although I may include an override that can only be activated by me. In case I want to get rid of someone.) I'm not stupid, after all.

It's probably already been said, but aren't many women already having sex with robots (i.e. vibrators)?

Anyway, yes I would - provided she was attractive/fluid in her movements. I think the biggest taboo about sex dolls is how they're in uncanny valley territory. No one bats an eyelid at a vibrator or fleshlight, but when your sex toy is more or less an artificial corpse people get a bit creeped out. So provided she acted/spoke in a way that somewhat resembled a real person and didn't have a face made of nightmares I'd probably hit it.

Don't women already do this? They just have a more streamlined version they call a vibrator

Why not, it would have to...not be this though,

Yeah I'd do it.

I like to try all forms of new technology, it would be no different from buying a 3ds. Except hopefully there would be no migraines and I might actually be able to enjoy it.

already have.

Mr Mystery Guest:
Does shoving my cock in a VHS filled with jelly count?

I think you win.

Anyway hell no. It's just creepy. But I'm a pretty "reserved" person.

Eh, probably save money and go for Masturbation.

Assume sentient androids that are like people, just robotic insides, and I'd go for it. Not much point in a glorified sex doll, but I'd have 0 problems with a robo-girlfriend - so long as they still felt human.

until it could feel pleasure and emotion probably not, but i guess people have sex with fleshlights all the time

Sure, why not. Sex is a cool thing, constantly available sex with a robit even more so.

That said, being future technology... It doesn't have Facebook integration, right? I'm not THAT easygoing about the whole thing; I'd rather not have it shared amongst my circles.

EDIT: I mean, it's not like it'd just be an expensive sex doll. It'd be a VERY expensive sex doll, that acts like a real person. Less limp fish, more spicy vixen. Just, it's all simulated. No one gets hurt except the first few testers, who I assume get electrocuted.

If we could call it masturbation through use of a toy... Maybe.

But calling it sex with a robot? I think not.

As long as it's safe and I have a good reason to cheat on my right hand.

It isn't really 'sex' if the robot isn't sentient. It's just a masturbatory aid... and we're a LONG way from sentient machines.

Why not, it would have to...not be this though,

So more like this, then?

I can see it now:

"On the next episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show - 'My boyfriend cheated on me - with an android!'"

I can see the android walking in and saying 'Well Mike simply wasn't getting the sexual reinforcement he needed. I run a legitimate business, you can't forget that.' :P

OT: Ew, definitely not. One step too far, I think.

I would at least try it out ounce just to see about it.

Yeah, I'd give it a shot for sure. It wouldn't be a replacement to the real thing. I'd still actively look for a real woman with whom I would want to start a relationship. In the meantime, the android would serve as an alternative to masturbation.

I need a giant tentacle sex robot. Fill everything at once.

... Hang on, playing CoC again.

I can customize them however I want? And the only difference between the robot and the real thing would be... an off switch?

Who wouldn't?

I'm not sure I'd want a full on sexbot, I don't know why, but that idea just seems uncomfortable to me. If it was more of a partner android, as in one that could talk and connect with people, then yeah, sex would be fine. That would at least make it seem more human to me, and less "sex machine" creepy.

Epic Bear Man:
Because this is hypothetical, you can change it as you please, but this is what I would say.
1. The robot is extremely experienced at sex due to analyzing tons of porn. It could do basically any trick you wanted it to.
2. The robots would be customizable, so you could order a model with both genitalia. It would most likely be anatomically incorrect, unless the genitals were morphable. You go with whatever one you'd prefer.
3. The selling point of these sex robots would be their realistic appearance. Genitals would be realistic.
4. The robots are only good for sex. They do not have the capability for doing other tasks.

1. If the robot's "experience" in being good at sex is analyzing porn...then it won't be good at actual sex. Porn is sex staged to look good for the camera rather than feel good for the participants. This is very clear when looking at the embarrassment that is porn cunnilingus. So if the robot gets its skills from porn rather than sensors that give it the ability to real time analyze arousal response in me at the moment, then I am not at all interested.
2. That sounds promising.
3. That sounds less promising.
4. Again less promising.

So. There are robots I would theoretically have sex with. But not the one you have described.

Ok, purely hypothetical if I were single. It would still be a resounding NO. The uncanny valley of an android sex doll is too damn creepy, probably would send my brain into an anti-android craze/Terminator paranoid psychotic break... Bad things man.

MEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH no not really. At least when I masterbate I did it with something organic.

I'd probably end up getting castrated in a horrific accident anyways.

I don't want to have sex with a big expensive toy, but maybe when we're past the future foretold and these androids can actually have feelings and thoughts of there own, maybe, just maybe I'd make some sparks fly.

Is it sad I thought about this yesterday? I decided I would not. I refuse to fuck a machine.

I know I would only be fulfilling a machines programming and not bringing pleasure to someone I love so... no. Not ever.

I saw the question and immediately said "yes". No hesitation, no questions asked. I'd fuck a robot.
I live a sad, sad life.

Real talk - yeah, I don't see why not. If it's a strictly emotionless automaton then it's just an advanced form of masturbation, and if it's an aware synthetic being then I'd probably date it first.

Mad bonus points if the robot looks like EDI from Mass Effect 3, 'cause DAMN. I love EDI.

Nothing Tra La La:
I saw the question and immediately said "yes". No hesitation, no questions asked. I'd fuck a robot.
I live a sad, sad life.

Real talk - yeah, I don't see why not. If it's a strictly emotionless automaton then it's just an advanced form of masturbation, and if it's an aware synthetic being then I'd probably date it first.

Mad bonus points if the robot looks like EDI from Mass Effect 3, 'cause DAMN. I love EDI.

dont know if that matters but the new me3 dlc lets u play as a sexbot.

Seeing how many people end up in the hospital with their dicks wedged between something they have no place being, I shouldn't be as surprised by the amount of yeses as I am.

I think there is a major difference between the poll and your title.

Would I have sex with a robot, ala claptrap? Fuck no.
Would I have sex with that hot android chick from Dragonballz? Yes.

...nothin' against it, but that's a lot of tech (and space taken up) for a glorified fleshlight. I'd require one with some more sophisticated software that could at least respond somewhat realistically to stimulation/conversation, act as a personal computer and do a few simple repetitive tasks around the house (dusting, for example). An example of such a piece of software in fiction (albeit far more sophisticated than I would require... and yes, I'm talking about the one that locks up from the statement of a simple self-referential paradox). A person-sized sexdoll that just waits around in the closet until I want to fuck it seems like a waste to me.

Well, first of all, this
And second, I don't understand why you would specify situation so much. I mean, can't we just fall in love with robot?

Sure, why the hell not? I suppose all you who say no because you "must have an emotional connection" don't masturbate either then? Or do you have an emotional connection with your hand?

One question: can I get one in a quadrupedal design, with white fur, a purple curly mane, and three little blue diamonds on its flank? :P

6th And Silver:
I'm gonna say no, for the sole reason that the idea of having a non-sentient sex slave hanging in my closet (or whatever) creeps me the fuck out.

But a sentient sex slave hanging in there awaiting your pleasure would be totally fine?

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