Would you have sex with an android?
Yes, I would be fine with it.
68% (476)
68% (476)
No, I would not be fine with it.
6.1% (43)
6.1% (43)
Yes, but only to try it once.
7.9% (55)
7.9% (55)
No; sex is meant to be between real humans only!
3.9% (27)
3.9% (27)
I would rather save my money and stick to masturbation.
10% (70)
10% (70)
Only if the android looks like a hot celebrity.
3.7% (26)
3.7% (26)
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Poll: Would you have sex with a robot?

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Sure, why the hell not? I suppose all you who say no because you "must have an emotional connection" don't masturbate either then? Or do you have an emotional connection with your hand?

One question: can I get one in a quadrupedal design, with white fur, a purple curly mane, and three little blue diamonds on its flank? :P

6th And Silver:
I'm gonna say no, for the sole reason that the idea of having a non-sentient sex slave hanging in my closet (or whatever) creeps me the fuck out.

But a sentient sex slave hanging in there awaiting your pleasure would be totally fine?

I'd probably install some kind of software into my sexbot so it had a personality or something that made it seem more real. It would feel inherently wrong to have sex with a robot that doesn't think or feel. Yes, I know it would basically be masturbation 2.0, but if they look that real, I'd want them to act real as well.

I'll address this situation in the future when robots get more real.

On the positive side, it could be a safe alternative to actual prostitutes - I'm guessing robots don't get STDs :). On the other hand, however, yeah...creepy as fuck. So, no thanks... I'll pay for sex the way men all over the world have been doing since time immemorial - dinner, movies and jewelry :).

Sex. SEX? Forget that, I'd want a robot wife! Imagine how much time I could save going on countless bad dates when instead I could just program a gynoid with all the personality traits and appearance that I like. Hooey, that'd be a time saver! =D

As long as she looks over 18, sure. There's a whole other can of worms if you can select the age of said android. But it wouldn't be my only means of getting off, if everyone did it the human race would would fap itself to extinction.

This kind of argument annoys me. If someone wants to pretend (note: key word here is PRETEND) that they are fucking an under-age partner, why the hell shouldn't they be able to? Someone with an interest in under-age sex could then get their fun without involving an actual kid. I think it ought to be positively encouraged as a way to help reduce the likelihood of real children being molested.

It would be like a prostitute, but less awkward for me. I'd probably buy one if it didn't look too weird.

If I did I would need one that is programed to be more of a living companion that has enough uses outside of sex to remain operational when I finally do find a living girlfriend. Something that I would keep active at all times just for the company. Even then I would only rarely use it for sex.

Hmm... probably. Yeah, I actually reckon I would do that. It would certainly be more active and.. engaging(?) than jerking off to porn all the time. I would never substitute it for the real thing though. While the idea of just having sex with someone without all the other stuff that comes with it is nice, there are things such as fuck buddies and prostitutes that supply that service already.

Still, a neat little invention, to be sure.


How about this for disturbing?

Well, to be fair man, I find that less disturbing than progressive. I don't know effective it would be, but it could be a possible deterrent for peadophilia. If they could release their sexual needs on a doll that resembles a child, well no one gets harmed. It'd be a much better alternative to them going out and actually doing it to.. well, you know. It might be completely flawed, but it is an idea.

Depends, will it have a screen on its stomach for me to watch porn on? Because that would be kinda cool.

So....you'd bone a tellytubby? EEeewwww....

Only if I can keep it for the rest of my life and it has a nice programmed personality.

The amount of "yes" answers on the poll is surprising.

For me, I wouldn't be able to do it. I think a non-sentient true-to-life android would hit squarely in the uncanny valley. It'd just be... weird. Y'know?

The amount of "yes" answers on the poll is surprising.

For me, I wouldn't be able to do it. I think a non-sentient true-to-life android would hit squarely in the uncanny valley. It'd just be... weird. Y'know?

Even though I'm the person who created the thread, I was very surprised as well by the fact that so many people said yes. O_O

Are any of you who've touched yourselves before and said no to this effing serious? Sex can be a wonderful act of intimacy with another person. But if, you don't have another person... robo vag > your hand.

Less likely, but there is no major problem about it.

It seems much more rational and normal then some dating simmulators for example.

My question is why my SO has to be gone. I'm sure it would be something we could enjoy together. :P

But yeah, I suppose I'd be alright with it. It could never truly compare to a real person, but it doesn't need to.

Sure, why not?

Would there be tentaclebots too?
Or maybe some kind of cluster made up of nanobots that feels like some kind of slime and could be worn like a suit?

Also... Damn you OP, you've unleashed my fantasy with this thread!

why not, i mean, it wouldnt be the first time i had sex with something battery operated...

i think it creep guys way more than girls. must be something in your brain guys...

Fuck yes, to have a ready and willing partner available 24/7 who would be the essense of low maintenance, what guy wouldnt? Yeah i'm a typical guy, so what?

This is one of those thing in which there are an awful lot of misconceptions.

Sentience and sapience are not magical things that are attached only to humans or life forms. Our bleeding edge experiments in robotics have been demonstrating the further along we get in emulating human behavior the less difference we find between bio and mechanical. Before the end of the century, we're going to see bots with whom we interact emotionally the same way that we interact with our fellow humans.

At the same time, sexual attraction is a very complex thing. Much of it has to do not with emotional connection but the oh-so-subtle cues that partners relay to each other unconsciously to suggest we would breed strong children. Female pheromones relay they're ovulating. Male pheromones communicate a robust immune system. Both communicate a genetic formula that is analyzed by the other, and if both after this process decide its a good match then the mating process continues to copulation (and when possible, establishment of a family). It's likely that even a sexbot that's obviously botlike will become preferred to human partners if we are able to emulate the pheromone system, and successfully make an ideal cocktail for anyone.

There is the uncanny valley, and one solution is to make obvious sexbots. In fact I think this is more likely since that way they'll seem less a competition to human partnerships. (They will be, but they'll seem less like it if anyone can easily recognize a robot over a human partner)

The problem with realistic robots (*!) is not just the complication of making one realistic, but then we'll be able to make them hyper-realistic, so that they are even more attractive to us than other humans. Just as Playboy magazine taught a generation of young men (or two) to seek out a narrow bandwidth of female body types as ideal, sexbots may make it impossible for humans to compete at all.

This might kill accidental births entirely, and reduce our population growth accordingly (since accidental births are a near-guaranteed recipe for dropping your economic and social class) Of course, by then, we can just testtube all our babies and birth them in artificial wombs, so it may not matter.

But the thing is, human partnerships have that tedious aspect of having to deal with another person, and interact with their preferences, opinions and rights. If you're in contention with your own robot, that can be fixed. If you're in contention with a human partner, you have to compromise, and sometimes those conflicts are unresolvable. Because of power of the human veto, Sexbots can always be negotiated around, where humans cannot.

As misanthopic as I am, I'm disinclined to inflict myself permanently on someone else, and having a robot that provided for my social needs when I'm feeling grouchy (and kept me in practice of being polite and sociable when I'm particularly reclusive) would actually be doing the rest of the world a service. So yeah. I'm there.

Of course, if you like your sexbot, you will LOVE the latest model...


Something that close to humanity, I'd feel like I was taking advantage of it. I'm not just looking for a warm hole to stick it in, I want for both of us to want it.

I don't know... Can a sexbot mimic the bored and stiff expression of the real thing?

Oh hey, this thread showed up again. I remembered this video:

Uh no I couldn't do that. Sex to me is more than just sticking a stick in a whole. Its about romance and love

to replace the act of manual masterbation, yeah, I would, but otherwise not, I tend to find a lot of pretty things among the emotional bagage I see.

I don't see a problem with it. But I would be too embarresed to obtain it, plus it would probably be damn expensive. But assuming I did have one, as I said, I don't see why there would be a problem in using it.

Guys are sticking their dicks into fleshlights, women use vibrators. A sexbot is just the logical progression of technology that already exists. I'm sure if people enjoy the stick or the hole they'll be dying to have their own personal life sized sex toy.

Um..... no. Why? Well the Uncanny Valley comes to mind.

I'm not sure it would work with me. See, I'd work my mojo to counter their mojo. We'd get cross-mojinations and their heads would start to explode.

Wow, five pages into a subject about sex-bots and nobody's referenced this yet. Well, defeating evil sex-bots is the number one reason to have The Divinyls on a playlist.

Both communicate a genetic formula that is analyzed by the other,

Citation needed.

and if both after this process decide its a good match then the mating process continues to copulation (and when possible, establishment of a family).

Citation needed badly.

I'm not doubting that pheromones, etc have the potential to play a role in people's sex choices. But the moment you start portraying them as always playing a role or as playing the most important role, that's when my evo-psych detector goes off.

Definitely, that or VR for similar purposes are pretty much the height of dreams for technological developments.
Be great if you could customize them to look the way you wanted too >.>

Of course I would.

I can't imagine anyone on this site would expect otherwise.

Also, screw that SO leaving me thing. My SO would join in. That sort of awesomeness is why I'm with my SO.

I'm counting down the days until I can.

Seriously, you can customise robots in ways you can't even DREAM of with a human lover. Any kind of strange physical fetish you might have, you'd be able to customise a robot to fill it. A furry, an Asari, a succubus, a futanari, as long as we can craft a realistic-looking version of it, you'd be able to do it without any complications (apart from getting the bat wings to move realistically).

The possibilities are endless.

That's really fucking creepy no

Reminds me of that bit in Fallout NV

"..maybe I should try it first". *Fisto makes loud mechanical noises*. Haha that part was funny but horrible..

Under those specific circumstances, no.

I don't go for meaningless sex.

Ask again when the android is a sentient being and not just a hunk of advanced alloys.

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