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Poll: Do you feel uncomfortable around people who are attracted to the same sex?

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No. I know a guy who's bi; we flirt all the damn time.


I would have cried at being forced to go to England. :P

Them's fighting words, son. Prepare for a ruddy good beating; Queensbury Rules.

Am I opposed to homosexuality? No. I'm straight, and I know people are born in particular ways that they can't help, so there's no reason to hold that against them (unless they were born stupid and haven't done anything to change that, in which case I treat them like the sub-human scum they are).

Am I uncomfortable around homosexuals? Depends, but not on the sexual orientation itself.

If we're talking about someone who just is homosexual as a part of who they are, then no.

If we're talking about someone who drastically alters their displayed personality because of their homosexuality (flamers and bulls, for example), then I get annoyed because of the ridiculous trend following and uncomfortable because it's damn near impossible to express that opinion without being accused of being a homophobe. In the end, though, I find a way to say, "Please. You're not that gay. You really should come to terms with your sexuality."

If we're talking about a homosexual man who hits on me, then of course I'm uncomfortable, but no more uncomfortable than I am when I'm hit on by a woman I'm not interested in.

Also, what the hell does PDA mean?

I admit to being uncomfortable around homosexuals and bisexuals. Not because I think it's wrong mind you, but, because society has mashed this ridiculous notion into my brain that anything different from me is dangerous. Don't worry though, I wouldn't do anything like like the asshole in the OP; I would just take a couple minutes to get over my brainwashing, then go back to normal.

Nope, I have a few gay friends who don't make me feel uncomfortable, and a gay boss who I get along with fine, only time I've ever been uncomfortable around a gay person, is when this one drunk gay guy got really pushy, but he backed down and left me alone after I told him that I was straight, and that nothing was going to change that, and if he didn't leave well enough alone, that I would respond in a less than pleasant way.

No. Honestly even if a guy hit on me I'd be more proud than uncomfortable, it'd show I have some feature that acts as a point of personal redemption to the point where someone would want to go out with me, I'd be thrilled, really.

Nope. Not even a little.
All my friends are gay(except one)

It does have the unfortunate implication of making outside observers think I'm gay, but then I'm like "Why would a gay guy hang out with lesbians?" and they're like "Why would a strait guy hang out with lesbians?" and then I'm like "Touche." and they're like "That's why we think you're gay..."

Oh no, not at all, for you see, I am used to everyone I ever meet isntantly falling in love with me, for I am a golden god amongst men, an adonis without equals of such wit and charisma that no-one could ever resist me.

A litte more serious:
No, no I do not feel uncomfortable around "teh gays", because why should I?

If a guy hits on me, I'm uncomfortable around him, but otherwise no.


I mean, really, why would I have a problem with it? You usually can't tell anyway.

I don't personally know any lesbians, but I've got a bunch of guy friends who are gay. Girls like to talk to them, and they're not going to try to get her number: The phrase "Goldmine" comes to mind.

And seriously, who the heck is afraid of getting hit on like that? Privilige much? When you're going to hit on someone, do you check to make sure that you're absolutely 100% sure that they want to be hit on. Do you walk up to them, and using magical powers, do a Next and ask them if it's ok if you hit on them, before either doing so or not (Because asking them would be equally annoying)? I don't think so. It's easy to say no. You might have to say it multiple times, and sure, that's frustrating, but, if they're being a dick, might as well scab a drink from them. This is addressed mostly at guys, because women tend to be aware that people hit on them, and often people they're not interested in. Guys, not so much.

Plus, even if it's weird (And as a guy who's been hit on by guys more than once, it's been really weird), it's kind of complimentary to. So you can add that to your self esteem.

Ive been friends with gay people before, i don't mind one bit.

Heck not being a good looking fella myself, id be rather flattered if one of my gay friends said he found me fit.
Still wouldnt change my inclination, but a compliments a compliment.

Oh and gay men make for the best wingmen :D
And every lesbian i have had the pleasure of meeting has been really awesome with me whilst we are at it.

*looks at avatar*
*looks at internet history*

No. No I do not.

Being around them? No.
Being hit on by them? Still no, because that's flattering, I appreciate the compliments.

Froggy Slayer:
No. I know a guy who's bi; we flirt all the damn time.


I would have cried at being forced to go to England. :P

Them's fighting words, son. Prepare for a ruddy good beating; Queensbury Rules.

Queensland rules? Okay!

*belts you in the face with an empty rum bottle and sets a couple of pigdogs on you*

Son of a...I need to learn to read more carefully...I thought it read "Do you feel comfortable..." not "uncomfortable", so I accidentally voted yes...so uhh...subtract one vote from "yes" and replace it with "no". It doesn't bother me at all, and in fact why should it? Unless they were expressing an attraction towards me that I didn't want, and didn't stop if I asked, I probably wouldn't even let it cross my mind of their sexuality.

Froggy Slayer:
Also, what the hell does PDA mean?

Public Display of Affection


Personal Data Assistant

It's usually more amusing to assume the latter meaning.

Voted other. No I don't get uncomfortable around people attracted to people of the same sex. I do get a little more uncomfortable around PDAs between people of the same sex than heterosexual couples. I know I shouldn't, but I do. There you go.

I'm uncomfortable around people if they have a personality that makes me uncomfortable, who they are attracted to plays no role in that. On the two occasions I've been hit on by gay guys I was pleasantly surprised and if anything felt a little bad in politely telling them I'm flattered but this is a non-starter (not that it seemed to bother them).

I've had a couple of gay friends, and I'm fine with them. I don't think I'd mind too much if I was hit on by a gay guy either. I may be straight, but its nice to be attractive to someone, no matter the gender.

I notice there's a lot of comments about getting hit on being difficult to endure. I was propositioned by a gay guy three weeks ago. I doubt I could become sexually aroused when there is another man's scent in the room so I wasn't interested. However, I guess there was nothing particularly arduous about it, he offered and I said no, nothing beyond that. However, that guy was Chinese and not the sort of grotesque caricatures you so often encounter in the west.

My girlfriend likes gay porn and I've walked in on her with it and watched it with her for a few minutes. It's not really confronting, it just doesn't really cause the same physical reaction that other varieties of pornography give, I mean, she likes the type with androgynous guys and you can sometimes imagine one of them being a chick for a few seconds, but then the camera angle changes and the illusion is shattered.

However, I only have a single openly gay friend because frankly, I can't stand the way that the vast majority of homosexuals behave. When you look at cool gay guys like Sir Ian McKellan and Steven Fry, you will notice that even though they are very open about their homosexuality, they do very little "bitching", "prancing", etc. that the majority of my homosexual acquaintances seem to forge an identity out of. You have the freedom to use whatever speech and mannerisms you want, just don't expect everyone to like it.

Seriously, those guy make me uncomfortable, not the guys who ask me for sex, not the guys in my girlfriend's gay porno, but those bitchy, affected little stereotype guys.

Not in the "eww, gross gay people!" sense, but I'll get uncomfortable if I know I have a bad habit of saying something offensive and worry that I'll accidentally say it in front of my gay friends. That, and I worry I have way too strong of an opinion on gay rights and whatnot (I've seen a lot of people say "if it's not happening to you, you shouldn't have a say in it." Then I over-analyze everything and feel weird just talking about it). Then again, I worry about having a strong opinion about anything with my friends who might be offended by it, so I guess any uncomfortableness stems from me having literally no self confidence or social skills. And I really only get uncomfortable when someone brings it up or I think about it too hard (I think about everything too hard, honestly)...


I just don't like talking about anything to do with relationships or sex regardless of your orientation. That is mostly because I'm quite sensitive about my complete inability to get women to acknowledge my existence. I suppose what I'm getting at is I would never even ask what your orientation is, since it doesn't matter to me and I don't want to talk about that subject in general.

If I like you as a person then I will be your friend. Period.

Although I am uncomfortable around attractive girls largely due to shyness/fear. XD

Aaron Sylvester:


If they started hitting on me, I would get a bit uncomfortable. But other than that, I wouldn't really care.

This. I have nothing against homosexuals but if they hit on me then there will be a problem

^ This on This.

I wouldn't care, but if they tried to pull anything I'm afraid I would react with anger. Can't help it, a bit homophobic. But I know most homosexuals are just like heterosexuals, i.e. they have their preferences and don't go around hitting on others all day lol (as the media tends to portray it badly like that).

And once again this. I have no major problem with gay people (though I am usually surprised at finding out that someone is gay, I almost never pick up on this stuff without being told) and even if a man came on to me or asked me out, I'd be fairly chill about it. I just explain that I don't swing that way and everyone gets over it. But if they then persisted, or escalated the situation... I had some fucking moron once ask if he could [CENSORED- you get the idea] after I told him I was straight. While I remained calm and polite at that point, I had gotten pissed off, and would have gotten exponentially more aggressive if he hadn't been ushered away promptly.

Its a shame that every group has to have tools like that. I know a couple of other gay lads who are not only a great laugh but also clearly intelligent and reserved. Good, good people.

what the?..

it kind of makes me sad that there's still people asking this question.. although "angry" probably describes it better than "sad". i mean, seriously? just leave them be already.

No, but I am extremely annoyed by people that fit their stereotype. This is by no means limited to sexuality.

For example, a Canadian that won't shut the fuck up about hockey. A gay guy with an obviously forced lisp and feminine mannerisms. A black American with "gangster" behavior. A white guy that acts like a red neck. A stereotypical upper-middle-class college student that has no understanding of politics (or, well, the real world) but supports various political parties. That sort of stuff.

Part of the reason is that, in my experience, very few of these stereotype-endorsing types go any deeper than those stereotypes. That said, some of my closest friends APPEAR to fit their stereotypes at first glance, which is why I give everyone a shot, but it's still personally annoying to see.

Considering I did lunch with a gay guy from my old job every work day for over a year... no :P

As an apathetic, asexual who has worked in a gay bar. I do not.
If an individual starts hitting on me I explain my lack of interest.

There is no reason to be uncivilized.

I don't think I converse enough with others to figure what their orientation is.

But I reckon I wouldn't mind.

In general I dont feel unconfortable around homosexuals. I feel weird when I'm with transsexuals, but that has personal reasons.
I've got a female friend who is bisexual and she is very direct (due to aspergers), and she just creeps me out in her way of lightly hitting on me...

why not ask in a poll who feels uncomfortable around intolerant people?

Huh. Never really thought of it before. My school has something called GSA (Gay Straight Alliance), which I'm actually a part-time member of. Part-Time because some days I just don't feel like going to the meetings. The people who run it are actually pretty cool. A few weeks ago one of them came out as trans, and requested that we start using "he/him/his" pronouns when referring to him. So, I'm around people of all sorts of sexual orientations on a daily basis. I don't really think about it much, 'cause I'm pretty sure that most of them are already in a relationship, and the ones that aren't I don't know very well.

So, no. I don't feel uncomfortable around people of non-straight orientations. I'm usually too busy thinking about the other things that make me uncomfortable.

I thought I would be, up until I had a gay coworker. We became pretty good friends after a while. Sexuality is irrelevant outside of the bedroom.

I don't understand people saying they'd have a problem with being hit on. Just take it as a compliment, let them know that you're not gay, and move on with your life.

Nope. They're just people. If anything, I'm more comfortable around them because I don't have to feel like I need to be 'on' the way I do when I'm I around women, and they're certainly not romantic competition, so there's really nothing to worry about. Xenophobia isn't really something that's ever been a problem either, so they don't raise my animal hackles like that.

They do hit on me a lot. I don't really know why, maybe because I have large eyes and an adorable little nose, but maybe it appeals to my narcissism so I'm cool with it.

The ca[mp]tcha for the thread is:

"It's Super Delicious"

Only if they're really flamboyant and in my face about it, otherwise no.

No, because my gay friends know I'm not gay. Besides, some of my best friends are gay, so it'd be weird if I was uncomfortable around them. My attitude to someone being gay has always been, "Good for you. Why does it have to be a big deal?"

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