Have you ever been on a rollercoaster?
Yes, and it was scary as hell.
5.9% (14)
5.9% (14)
Yes, and it was fun. I wasnt scared at all when I was on it.
48.3% (114)
48.3% (114)
Yes, and I will never be on it again. It was too terrifying for me.
2.5% (6)
2.5% (6)
Yes, and it was both scary and fun at the same time.
37.3% (88)
37.3% (88)
No, but Ive heard its pretty fun. I might go on it if I get the chance to sometime.
3.4% (8)
3.4% (8)
No. Its just childish and boring.
0.4% (1)
0.4% (1)
Bamba.....creating idiotic threads like this again eh man?(vote for this if thats what you think guys.......)
2.1% (5)
2.1% (5)
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Poll: Have you ever been on a rollercoaster guys?

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Ive been on that ride a few years ago. It was scary as hell and it feels like you're about to crash when you're on it.

Well, I'd just like to hear what you all have to say about this. I mean......for those of you that were on it, how was it? Scary too? Or you actually wasnt scared at all? Well personally, other than it being scary it was also very fun.

Are you tall? There's this comedian named Lefty Anderson who's around six foot five and he makes joke about roller coasters being twice as scary because he can reach out and touch stuff.

Why's the only option for 'no' if you never intend to go on one make you sound like some amusement park hipster?

I don't want to go on a roller coaster because they look scary. That is all.

The scariest thing that ever happened to me on a roller coaster.. i spilled my beer, ive never recovered from the trauma D:

What i find scary about rollercoasters and such is the anticipation, when you're not moving.
The absolute worst being when you're really high up and it just stays there, and you have time to look below and let the realization of how high up you are sink in, and how stupidly dangerous this whole affair is.

Then once its in motion and going full speed, the fear evaporates. That was my experience at least.

As theres no option for "yup but ain't scary once you're on it" il refrain from voting in the poll.

I have been on 2 or 3 different roller coasters (not sure if one of them is really a roller coaster) and I thought it was great fun.

Yeah, it was scary enough. One of the rollercoasters I've been on that handle thing that lowers on top of you didn't fixate, and I almost fell the fuck out.

Yup, and I love them to death! Tatsu at Magic Mountain is an absolute blast!

do you notice that one guy that keeps making all those thrwads guys?

OT: the kiddie rollercoaster at adventure world....it was so brutal I never went on the adult one

I've ridden a good amount of roller coasters in my life, over time I found them less exhilarating but still rode them on a few occasions. I don't know why but on a visit to six flags during college I rode like each roller coaster about 5 times, suddenly when just walking around I got insanely sick. I couldn't stand up straight, my vision started to blur, felt nauseous and barely kept myself from throwing up. I don't know why but since then that feeling just floods me when I go on a roller coaster. I've stopped riding them just out of aversion to that feeling.

Been on plenty, the only scary bit is due to me not being able to see distances, so I always thought everything was much closer than it was, and was afraid of getting caught somewhere. The rides themselves weren't scary in the least.

A few in Disney, as a kid. It was fun.

So guys. I see you've been on rollercoasters eh? Personally, I like it because its scary. I know this might sound a bit stupid to some of you, but I like to be scared(in the sense of the excitement of being on a rollercoaster). Ive been on one like only 2 times in my entire life. I go on one again soon. Its very exciting to be honest. ACtually the thing that scares me the most is the height and the speed of a rollercoaster.

The last time I was on a rollercoaster, I remember how terrifying it was that I only went on it once. To be honest I was more scared of falling from it and breaking all of my bones than anything else. Of course, the aforementioned things were scary as well, but breaking all of my bones would be the worst thing that could happen.

Sorry guys. Sometimes I just tend to talk too much about stuff that interest me.

I live in North East Ohio sooooooo Cedar Point...... need i say more lol? I really enjoy them the trick is just finding the time and a good group to go with

Yep. It depends on the size of the rollercoaster ride. Some of the smaller ones only tend to feel really fast for me for about the first few seconds. But ones like the Superman Ride in Movie World, well, that one was epic.

I love them, I was on the in Six Flags: Magic Mountain in the one with the downward spiral where you (can) lose consciousness, it was AWESOME.

Where's the option for "Yes, Boring"?

Yes, although it has been years. One of the scariest... my hometown had an amusement park with an old wooden rollercoaster that was about 30 or so years old when I was a kid in the 80's. It was actually even more scary as a teen in the 90's when it was creaky and in pretty bad shape. It never went upside down or anything, but by that point it should have been renamed "deathtrap." It and the park are actually still there, although now closed.

The most fun... I can remember a coaster in KC's Worlds of Fun. It was fairly slow, low to the ground, and never went upside down... so it required NO SEAT BELTS OR SAFETY BARS. Felt pretty dangerous, but on the huuuuge plus side... the ladies begged you to hold on to them and basically sat in your lap.

Yes I've been a fan of the final fantasy series.

I have only been this one.


I've riden heaps of rollercoasters and I love them. My dad's theory was that if I went on a big one first I wouldn't be afraid on them and it definitely worked, we actually planned part of our American holiday so we could spend a few days at Six Flags and go on the rollercoasters there.

I'm terrified of them so...nope.

I love rollercoasters. In the future, I hope to make time to be an enthusiasts. But first I need to take out all the rides in the parks where I reside. I've ridden on just about every coaster that mattered in Six Flags over Texas except for the Mr Freeze. And that was because last time, it was raining and all the coasters had to get shut down. And the time before that, this particular coaster was being worked on.

Just... BLAH.

I've been on tons, probably hundreds, I think maybe I was 8 the last time turned down a rollercoaster for being too big or intense. Give me the biggest, fastest, wildest, most turbulent thing you can find.

I live in North East Ohio sooooooo Cedar Point...... need i say more lol? I really enjoy them the trick is just finding the time and a good group to go with

I've been meaning to go there for a long time, but I have the same problem, all my friends are wusses.

The first time on a particular coaster I'm kinda nervous, but after the first time I love every second.

I love roller coasters. The adrenaline rush you get from the fear is great fun. I'm still looking for the game that's as fun as riding roller coasters, but mostly the only games that manage that are the ones that simulate roller coasters like no limits and roller coaster tycoon 3.

Although a few games have come close, like halo 3. Say what you want, but jumping around like you're on the moon and bashing aliens to death is great fun to me.

I love them! There was a period in my late teens / early twenties when I was going to theme parks several times a year and trying out new and different ones. Not bad for someone who used to be a Grade-A wimp!

Colossus at Thorpe Park is a right old hoot and Oblivion at Alton Towers, while short, is just mad! The really old wooden coasters at Blackpool Pleasure Beach are fun too, if a bit rickety!

Come to think of it - it's been many years since I rode a roller-coaster...I will have to do something about this!

I've been on a couple of mild ones, but I'm too afraid of heights to do any with loop-de-loops or big drops. I've tried to muster the courage once or twice, often at the encouragement of friends and family, but damn, I just go white with fear the more I think about it. No thank you.

I've ridden alllllllll the rollercoasters in Disneyland, Paris! I love rollercoasters, even though I can get motion sickness. The worst bit is waiting in line - it takes more time lining up than it does on the coaster. I miss coasters. There aren't any I know of in Perth.

Universal Florida, Busch Gardens, Disneyworld Florida, Drayton Manor Park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Alton Towers, West Midlands Safari Park, plenty of rollercoasters and all pretty damn awesome. What can I say, I'm an adrenaline junkie...

I definitely love the rollercoasters, I've never been afraid of them, but they're definitely lots of fun :D

Funny story, my cousin and I were riding our last coaster trip of the day (we made like 4 or 5 that same day) and it was indeed the last trip of the day, because it got stuck in the middle of the ride, gladly, it was one of those simple no-loops coasters, but we couldn't get out of it walking either, we thought it was pretty funny, but some people were starting to get a bit desperate, until some workers came and pulled the cart until it arrived to the station.

Been on several, some were great, some were horrifying.

Worst was a very old wooden one where you were in a sort of half lying down position. There were no loops, but a couple of REALLY steep declines. No seatbelts or safetybars, the only thing keeping you in place was the sheer G-force of the ride.

Favourite so far was this long sprawling spectacle where the passangers actually hang securely strapped in beneath the track. At full speed and angled loops 'up' and 'down' become hard to define, mind. People are adviced to take off any loosely fitting shoes though, as those would just rocket off in all directions during the ride :D

I have rode every coaster in the UK... period. I love them, there is nothing like them, my best coaster memory was riding Air last year, in the pitch dark, at the front.

NOW THAT is how a rollercoaster should be experienced.

I'm lucky in that not an hour away is the UK's best theme park - Alton Towers which has a great reputation for unique concept coasters, things we consider standard now like inverted trains, vertical drops and even entire drop sections of track were all pioneered there.

And in May a new "world beating" coaster is opening. :D

I've been on three; The standard wooden one, which was fine. One of those dark tunnel coasters with flashing lights and shit, which was annoying. And a pyhton, which was my first roller coaster and scared the shit out of me. I spent the whole ride just looking at my feet.

All in all, I fucking hate roller coasters, but then I don't and never did enjoy any carnival or themepark ride. Except for the giant trampolines.

I think most aren't scary, but going on the ones at Brighton Pier was pretty scary, it's just knowing that they're all supported by only wooden boards and the ocean is right beneath you adds some fear as well as the rides being quite old.

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