Water-closet words of wisdom.

Public toilets are a place where you can pick up many things, crabs, lice, someone elses feces if you're into that, maybe cash is tight and you run out of soap or TP, anyway, the point is there are many things you can get from public bathroom. The greatest thing you can get, however, is wisdom. One time I went went into a bathroom, and scrawled upon the wall was the phrase "To believe in God, is to not believe in man." That struck me as very wise, especially considering the filth written around it.

So what are some great (funny, wise, ect.) things that you, or someone you know, has read in that fount of wisdom we call the bathroom?

You can not get crabs from a toilet!

I know I've seen a few gems but to be quite honest, I can't remember any of them right now. The exception being the arts degree joke on toilet roll dispensers.

"For a good time, call 867-5309"

Sorry, had to do that.

OT: I've personally never come across any "pearls of wisdom" written on bathroom stalls, just the usual dick drawings and overused "here I sit..." jokes. However, a friend of mine moved back to her home state a few years ago after she graduated college and wanting to make an adventure of it by documenting the whole trip via camcorder, left a string of "quotes" by me and a few others that we kept texting her. I wish I could remember what they were... might have to go dig around for that video file.

One simply read 'I wish I had tried'. I'm not sure if that's tragic, or a sign of constipation.

On the 3rd floor of our Uni library, is a gents toilet cubicle literally plastered with quotes and words of wisdom, the only ones I can remember are they same ones you see everywhere, but there really are some gems there too I think.

I might pay a visit there tomorrow to refresh my memory :-P

One wall just has "JUSTICE 4 SAVILE" written on it in foot high letters. Justice for him? Or his victims? not sure...

There's also a large political compass there where people have placed themselves, and some quote attributed to Winston Churchill - "There's nothing quite so under-rated as a good bowel movement" although he blatantly never said that.

There's also a large and surprisingly good drawing of the homophobic seal. God knows why.

I've not seen anything personally since I try to avoid public restrooms when I can, and when I do go they're usually fairly well maintained; but my favorite example of wisdom from restroom graffiti comes from here.

It may not be original but if I ever happen to find myself in a restroom with a writing implement of some kind I'm totally going to write that on the stall wall.

For reference, here's the quote:

"The Vaginas Of Society Are The Assholes"
Scrawled on a bathroom stall door. Had a picture of it for awhile.
Written to the right was "Horny 24/7".
I left that bathroom confused and a little scared.

You can not get crabs from a toilet!

Well then "Roses are red violets are blue I have crabs now so do you" doesn't really work. It would seem the bathroom stall wall isn't always wise.

While perhaps not words of wisdom, one I've seen a couple of times actually is "Anyone can pee on the floor, be a hero and shit on the ceiling."

Another one, which was rather clever, was written in small lettering near the bottom of the door

"Congratulations, you are now crapping at a 45 degree angle"


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