You are a Slasher Villain, What Do You Wear and How Do You Kill?

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As per the thread title, imagine that you are the villain in a slasher film, you must have some kind of trademark attire and killing technique. Remember you would be hunting people on the intelligence level of a gnat so intelligence isn't really something you need but of course you can still have it. I think I would write what I know, so I would have: a pair of fingerless gloves, a hoodie, and an airsoft full face mask. Admitedly the lower body needs work because I doubt blue jeans and white shoes look very intimidating. To continue this trend I would kill the idiots of the movie in creative ways with guns (I own an airsoft gas-blowback G36C from WE Tech).

Edit: Crap I forgot about this. Aside from guns, I would also have a wide assortment of dragon-themed slashing, stabbing, and bludgeoning weapons for when it's time to personally get my hands dirty.

I'd dress and act conservatively so nobody of note wants to suspect me and kill people society didn't care about, or wanted to not have around. The mentally ill are a good choice, likewise sex workers, immigrants and so on. Obviously this varies place to place.

Oh, and I have magic serial killer teleportation powers, and can appaer or disappear from or to anywhere, as long as nobody is watching me.

Good of you to notice.

Anywhore, I'd probably just wear a gasmask, leather overcoat, and nothing else. My weapon would either be my dong, or my sword. Either or, really.

Comedy mask, banana hammock, wrestling shoes. I wrestle my victims to death. Also cover myself in oil/lube to maximize awesomeness.
Preferred victims? Anyone is up for grabs really, I would avoid women for the most part, as I would get an embarrassing erection that'll totally kill the mood, which will cause me to run, jump, slither and squeeze my way into obscurity until the next beautiful sunrise/sunset occurs. Oh I forgot to mention I'm only active during dawn and dusk.

Oh, and I have magic serial killer teleportation powers, and can appaer or disappear from or to anywhere, as long as nobody is watching me.

I'm imagining some poor soul happily opening a box of Honey Nut Cheerios only to be greeted by a pair of hands that come out to strangle him.

I'm imagining some poor soul happily opening a box of Honey Nut Cheerios only to be greeted by a pair of hands that come out to strangle him.

That almost happened in the original Dr Who, running around in the Matrix.

I wear a classic gentleman's attire of a suit, a shiny pair of Oxfords, white gloves, top hat, monocle and pocket watch. I strangle my victims to death with my watch chain. Like a sir!


Other options include caning them to death, or stabbing them with my posh umbrella.

I appear dressed as a conductor from the classical period and I kill through the power of music. Think A Clockwork Orange.

The only correct answer:

Naturally, I have my own theme song, just like every other slasher villain:

I wear a fursuit, and you don't want to know how I kill.

(I kill them with adorableness? I dunno)

I always thought it'd be humorous, if rather dark and evil, if there was a slasher/serial killer that used some REALLY cute to kill.

Like a Hello Kitty dildo or a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic plushie.

Outfit: A fluffy purple bear.
Method of elimination: Force feeding of poisonous cupcakes.
Targeted victims: Republicans.

Target:Teen girls
Clothes: School uniform with unhappy smiley face mask
Weapon: Pistol and kitchen knife
Trademark:Demand "affection"-give them the choice of life or death-leave/quick bullet to the head.

A three-piece suit and one of those Victorian Ball masks from Bioshock. A plain old machete will do.

Moss: If you were a serial killer, what would your nickname be? Mine would be "The Gardener", because I'd always leave a rose at the scene of the crime.
Roy: What would your murder weapon be?
Moss: ... A hammer.

Aesthetically, I'd go for something like The Phantasm, and try to channel my murderous impulses into a Dexter-style "kill-the-killers" thing... Or anyone else I decide deserves it.

I'd wear a bear suit and kill with a sharp piece of wood. I'm known as "da bear" to my friends and wood is bad ass.

Something similar to this.

Equipment: Cotton gloves, Tonfa with tazers attached to the point, Rope, ice pick, Ice shard, micro cooler (Basically a case approximately the size of a glasses case, it's walls are hollowed out and filled with liquid nitrogen and insulated to prevent freezing myself by touching it and it cooling down, it houses the aforementioned ice shard)

Modus operandi: No evidence, the victim is stabbed in the back through the heart with the ice shard which melts away leaving no evidence, the other equipment is simply in case things go wrong, in which case Tonfa shock everyone leaving a twitching mess for the police to clean up.

You're a dude, aren't you.

I'd suggest dressing up as Dr. Decker, as I'm well tired of the Ghostfaces, Jasons and cheap Captain Kirk Michael Myers.


I don't quite get the fingerless gloves. Is that for looks only? Or has your villain etched away his fingerprints like some paranoid drug kingpin?

i would wear a skirt suit with flat shoes so i can catch my victims before they break their legs and i would wear assorted politician rubber masks
my weapon probably a cane sword or a reinforced shoe because a cane sword is awesome but getting beaten to death with a shoe is just embarrassing

I'd wear outrageous drag.
I would kill with my bladed feather boa.

Don't ask how I'd wear the damn thing. Dark magic probably.

My target would be kids with ASBOs.

I wouldn't mind going the comedy route, but for this one my primary choice is a long dark trenchcoat, a dark mask (simple or demonic, depending on my mood I guess?), and a generally dark attire (you know the type).

Knives would be my trademark, though some form of mental torture is in order.

My targets would vary, depending on the mood (see masks). Either bad people ( la Dexter), or plain annoying ones, or just good old fashioned innocents.

Now, if anyone asks, I have never posted this.

I would be "The Owl"; I'd wear a scarf wrapped around my head with only a large pair of goggles showing, and I'd twist my victim's necks 360 degrees.


Your avatar the girl from the old Vampire: Masquerade Redemption promo art?

Well for one thing I will be wearing a wooden mask made by myself, probably look demonic looking. I made modify it seeing how the wood would shatter against a spray of bullet.
As for my killing method, not too sure. Maybe I will goes against the tropes like if they split, I leave them alone but charger right at them when they're in a group (I won't be stupid, I just have to be beefy to pulled it off!).

because it is usually teens/early 20's in these films, i am going to dressed/acting as a drunk frat boy. Not one of them suspects me and i kill them by way of an empty keg to the head.



Your avatar the girl from the old Vampire: Masquerade Redemption promo art?

yeah i just got it on GOG and it came with like 4 free avatars and im like what the hell

I wear Plot Armor, I Kill Them With My Brain, and I target clowns and mimes.

"You are a Slasher Villain, What Do You Wear and How Do You Kill?"

Blatant Satire

Outfit: Comfortable.
Method of elimination: Gamepad.
Targeted victims: Videogame antagonists.

For the sake of maintaining a sense of balance I would play as one with an aversion to blood, which would force me to satisfy my murderous desires with sterile precision.

Such as profiling targets to tailor optimal methods of abduction, murder and fun games of "cat-and-mouse." Or have the targets driven to kill each other out of paranoia or implementing traps, rather than to do the deed myself. But always provide a possibility of escape. Fair-play and all.

Conversation with the would-be (read: inevitable) victims should be filled with passive-aggressive posturing rather than outright hostilities: "making allusions to the victim's eventual fate, skirting the edge of good taste but keeping a civil tongue." Or even making use of feigned politeness so as to unsettle them with serene dissonance.

But it seems like allot of time and effort to invest. Rigging furniture and fixtures with a series of spring-loaded blades is tedious and the cleaning up is a nightmare! (There is only so much bleaching the curtains can take!) There are only so few good abandoned factories, refineries and warehouses in the industrial district of town. No point setting it up at home/attic/basement/shed/etc: A hobby should be fulfilling, not consuming. Now a safehouse setup as a home-away from home would be good (especially when you need to make a quick getaway.) But rent is so expensive and purchasing real estate in this economy is unfeasible, and abandoned places always end up infested with squatters. Those dammed detective always manage to find those places no matter how thin a paper trail might seem to obscure it.

That is why videogames are the hassle and stress free alternative to satiating your... secret appetites. No more sleepless nights and sorry excuses for regret. Videogames are also more socially acceptable so you no longer have to feel so self-conscious about not fitting in with your insatiable appetite for carnage.

I'd dress very finely, a ball mask to hide my identity (preferably one of those crow-beak looking ones), white gloves, a white suit if possible but a plain black suit will work just as well. Basically look like a very rich late-1800s early-1900s gentleman. As for how I kill, strangulation, mostly with some kind of noose I think, I'd avoid actually spilling blood as much as possible, but I'd be the type to look my victims in the eye and detail exactly why they deserved their fate even if my logic wasn't really the most sound.

I'd wear outrageous drag.
I would kill with my bladed feather boa.

Don't ask how I'd wear the damn thing. Dark magic probably.

It's simple, wear the blades on the outside.

I would dress as the grim reaper and kill people with a scythe.

Either that or dress in whatever I feel like and kill people with poisoned bear traps. No-one would see me so a disguise isn't needed.

First I think of is aping the Predator.

Outfit: Featureless metal mask, metal shoulderpads, shinguards and a loincloth. Bandolier with throwing weapons, adorned with the skulls and bones of my victims. No shirt.

Weapons: Wristblades. Preferrably of the dual variety, but I'm not ambidextrous so only on the right wrist is good enough. Javelins and kpingas (a sort of east-african throwing axe with multiple blades to increase the weight and the chance of hitting with the pointy end) would also be useful to pick off runners.

Targets: Whoever's death scene we're in, I suppose. I'm not that picky, but I'd prefer if I could take the spines and skulls of particularily big, burly fighters.

Method: Stealth and surprise leading into brutal evisceration, mauling or straight beatdowns. Traps are an option, in particular if the victim is female (even in a slasher film, seeing a defenseless woman getting beaten to death is a bit too much for most people).

Crazy Killer Justification: Because it's cool, damn it.

captcha: "patience, child"

Yeah that's not creepy at all.

I would invite people to stay in a hainted mansion for a night and offer a reward for $1,000,000 to anyone who can stay until dawn. Only college students would be accepted. There would only be a note on the table of the living room welcoming the victims to the mansion, no host. I would lure them away from the group one by one by revealing dark secrets from their past. Once alone I would use secret paths in the walls to get to them then flash the victims causing them to scream. Just before they are able to produce a sound I would slit their throats using a sergeon's scalpel, causing them to choke on their own blood. Rinse, repeat.

What a fun thread :3

I'd dress up in Sarevok's armour. I would choose tall structures as my venue for killing people. They would run up to the roof where I would say my signature phrase "I will be the last, and you will go first" followed by deep laughter. I'd then proceed to strangle them, lift them up and throw them off the roof once they were strangled to death.

So basically this :3

I'd dress as Superman, and kill people by shooting them (I don't know where I'd conceal the gun). I'd approach people being attacked, so they think 'Superman? I'm saved!', then shoot everyone there, even the victims.

Well I would wear normal clothes, except I would wear a hoodie and a Hollow Ichigo (From Bleach) mas to conceal my face.

And I'll kill them by using a lightning powered katana ...
Or katana.

Simple as that really.

Though I doubt I will become one anytime soon. XD

like a samurai in full O-Yori armor, and a Zambato.

I'd dress like this

I'd kill children with angst, the force and winging.

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