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My first amateur kickboxing match. I was severely outclassed, fighting someone who was far more experienced than I was. Also bigger, taller, and stronger. About maybe a minute and 10 seconds into the first round, I get smashed with an overhand right and collapse to the ground. I regain consciousness before the referee starts the 8-count, take a few seconds to rest, think to myself "this isn't a good idea, but I'm not finished yet" and get back up. 30 seconds later, the same thing happens. After I get up again and the referee asks me again if I'm okay to continue fighting, I reply "yes" (I lied... again), the doctor decides "that's it, fight's over. You're done."

Here's one, it's not videogame-related however.

So I was pretty early into my military service, and I was still in a pretty bad shape. We were going on a march, during which we practiced moving as a platoon, as well as individual squads. Whenever the lieutenant gave the signal, we had to rapidly make our way to his position. My squad was the last in line, and I was the last in my squad. I fell behind quite a bit, and the instructor pretty much just mocked me, asking me in a sarcastic tone if I was out of breath. I was panting and trying to catch my breath like I was dying.

So our squad leader decides to move me up in the line, so I was immediately behind him. That dude was pretty much in the shape of his life, so he didn't have any trouble keeping up. I decided then and there that I wouldn't lose sight of him. Whenever the call came, and he'd start sprinting towards the lieutenant, I just pretty much blacked out and ran like crazy. I remember hazily seeing our squad leader's back bobbing back and forth in front of me, never getting out of my sight. Whenever we caught up to the instructor, I'd fall on one knee and look behind me, only to see the rest of my squad trying to keep up.

And I've never been capable of sprinting quite that fast since. I guess something just snapped in my head and took the safety off or something, 'cos I was seriously running like a professional athlete. Our squad leader, who later worked with as us a staff sergeant, always gave me mad props for my inhuman feats.

For me it is work in general.
Sometimes I feel I am in way ovr my head, but then I refuse to be defeated.
This is why I keep working with only 4 hours sleep these days, and feel liek I am losing my mind.lol

Dancing. When I'm choreographing, learning a new trick or trying to heal from an injury (as I still am), I just keep going no matter how long it takes. I completed last year's piece by practicing it endlessly and by being a complete perfectionist. This winter I've done exactly the opposite, by resting and taking a break from my dance classes, even though I desperately want to get back in the game. I tell you, it took a lot out of me to just sit back and not participate...

The "Harder Dick's Balls" trophy on PAIN on the PS3.
I spent a good week completing that trophy then never played the game again.

Once again Armored Core.

I wanted an S in every Mission. i saw certains mission intros more often then my own image, but i goddamned got an S in every mission.. <.<

And in reallife it was probably the 50km (31 miles) march we did in the military service. After a full week of simulated combat and only ~17-18 hours of sleep in that time we finised by doing a huge march with ~15 kg / 30 pounds of weight. And living in Switzerland these 30miles weren't just flat paths <.< There are some really huge ass mountains...

Probably one of my most awesome and meanwhile most exhausting experiences i've had in my life.

Well... I could probably list more when I was awake but all I got right now is Trials Evolution. I stay on the game track until I am number one on my friends list. I am so close to removing this one bastard that consistently beats the rest of my friends list by a good few seconds at least but I feel like such a beast when I beat him.
God damn that sewage plant map though. I ended up landing on a water jet thing weird and flying over 70% of the map after around 4 hours of trying though. That made me look like a cheater on the high scores.

For games, it was in FFX. There was the ultimate weapon that required you to run and collect butterflies I believe. I played for hours driving myself mad to get it.

Man, fuck that noise, the one that was awful was the chocobo race sigil. You had to get a time of 0.00 seconds or less in order to get the Sun Sigil to power up Caladbolg

having bet nearly a thousand bucks on a tournament in Mount and blade, I take a particularly nasty blow at the start of the final match.

carrying on with only a sliver of health, a two-handed sword and a bowman at the other side of the arena, I simply channeled my inner CoD-player.


For games, it was in FFX. There was the ultimate weapon that required you to run and collect butterflies I believe. I played for hours driving myself mad to get it.

Of god the wasted time. I remember those weapons, but for me the really tricky one was completing the Chocobo race with a time of 0.00 seconds. Took so damn long

I second this, but for me it was also the lightning bolt dodging on the thunder plains, because you have to dodge 200 of them consecutively. 200! That's 23 straight minutes of dodging if you manged to get it right on the first try, with no saves or breaks allowed! MADNESS!

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