Which is your favourite badge?

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My personal favorite one is my Motormouth Badge, because watching and re watching every episode of Zero Punctuation was the most enjoyable two days of my LIFE

The Connoisseur badge.
That means someone somewhere thinks my writing is good enough to be featured under the "My Escapist" page. Which is awesome.

Well the first one in my displayed badges part is the only one worth my attention, truly. And I indeed to know that the whole world is beneath me.

My favourite is this one:

The tough guy
Punch first, think later.

He's from Suikoden 2, yes? Can't remember his name, Viktor or something. He was my favourite.

The on fire badge,

Since i guess that is my biggest achievement here, since i am not around long enough for the beer related badges.

Shouldn't have lurked so long...

btw, wasn't there a place where you could see all the badges you could get on this site? my memory keeps telling me that but i don't trust that bastard and can't find it.

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