Most listened to song on your mp3 player!

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Alright I did one of these awhile ago and feel like doing another one. Cause they are fun and I get to hear awesome music.

Mine is The Fallout by Crown the Empire

According to iTunes it's this

That's... kind of embarrassing when you think about it :P

Since it's probably going to be useful, let me leave some helpful instructions for this thread:

You can embed stuff from youtube by doing this:

[-youtube=the end of your link] (remove the - obviously)

So for your video, it would be Jvuv_XEZE7o as seen here:

With that out of the way...

I always listen to full CD's rather than individual songs. I am currently abusing the hell out of Linkin Park's Meteora album.

Winamp says this.

I am not surprised in the least.

Not at all surprised.

Oh well this is skewed as hell. I only got my new iPod set up two months ago and I lost ALL my songs between my first iPod and my old laptop dying.

It's obviously got to be this

Never gets old. I find myself randomly opening my iTunes and playing this for no reason... It's a disease I swear.

Probably rabies

With this in a close second

And this in third

Hey it's not my fault the BB soundtrack is godlike!

FINE! Have some not BlazBlue as well!

Only 13 plays, though. I turn my music on random and let it play for days at a time. While that one is at 13, the other top 25 are all between 10 and 12 plays, so not really a standout favorite or anything.

According to my ITunes
Two Steps From Hell-Protectors of the Earth (I loved that song before Mass Effect 3 launch trailer)-221 plays

Closely followed by Modern Warfare 3 launch trailer soundtrack-212 plays

And #3 reserved for lovely Lindsey Stirling-193 plays

Itunes says it's this

Followed by this

It's surprising, I thought an Eisbrecher or Miracle of Sound song would be number two. I figured FFDP would be up there, but not Halo... Not that I mind, Marty O'Donnell is absolutely incredible :D

Mariah Carey - Boy (I Need You).

Great beat. Loungey mood. And a legendary voice.

This is my anything song.

TF2? Ode to Joy!
Walking to school? Ode to Joy!
Vacuuming the house? Ode to Joy!

Basically the whole "Best Of" Sinatra album. It makes me happy.

My most listened to song is probably Stinkfist by Tool.

A song I have yet to get sick of.

My most listened to song is probably Stinkfist by Tool.

A song I have yet to get sick of.

Nice, only song in this thread so far I listen to :)

For me, A draw between


According to iTunes, this is the most played song in my song library:

My iTunes states that "Calamity Song" by the Decemberists is my most played song.
I'm not sure if it's that good, and I'm a little dubious about the angel bit, but I like the melody and the acoustics. If at any time I hear that the world is going to end, I think I'll listen to it one last time.


But Plants vs Zombies will be up with them soon thanks to the Humble Bundle.

Captcha: background noise

Still one of my favourite bands to date.

With a narrow margin over Blind Melon's 'No Rain' and Stone Roses' 'I Wanna Be Adored', itunes says its this

Whoa this actually had 3x as many plays as the song I thought would be my #1, according to Google Music.

I have no idea how this happened, but there is at this exact moment a tie:

gold on the ceiling - the Black Keys

frontin' - Jamie Cullum

Hmm, is there any way for Windows Media Player to tell you this information? I don't use iTunes or anything else, just WMP. I'd be rather interested in learning this myself.

Also, spoiler tags people. Please use them.

Some decent stuff here... lets see what has been playing more than others...

1. A whopping 193 plays

2. 151 plays

3. 126 plays

Funny that these are all themes. :P

Say it Ain't So. By Weezer.

I believe this is because I tend to listen to that album quite a lot when I go to sleep(the next couple "top" songs were from the same album. In fact, the next song that was not by that artist was from another album I listen to when I sleep, so I guess it isn't an accurate list heh.

Nightstar Declarion:

*Fist bump*

This muthafucka knows what's up!

Wait... *reads username/looks at avatar* ... The hell?

OT: Might as well post my second most played song, since this guy posted my first. Midnight City by M83:

Not too big of an M83 fan, but a couple of their songs have a tendency to blow me away. This is one of them. Just... groovy.

Most listened to this week

This month (god I love this)

If anyone knows similar bands feel free to recommend me

I feel like this has just been my anthem for years and it certainly isn't going to stop anytime soon.

Great ballad and considered one of the best written. Johnny Rzeznik is quite the vocalist.

Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die.
By Venetian Snares.

I have like 140 listens.

I can't tell which i'v listened to more, but these two i can't get out of my head

At the moment with a whopping 47 plays (I don't listen to music on it much!) it is this

My play counts have been reset some time ago, but this song was number one, at 536 plays
(Fucking awesome guitar solo from 3:25 to 5:00):

Then this one at 344 plays
(If you have no patience, start at 4:00):

The one and only:

I find this song so calming and beautiful. Whenever I write I just listen to it on repeat, so it's been played a lot more than any other song.

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