Losing "Gamer-weight"

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That's a simple one: Be poor and jobless.

Not only will you not gain much weight from eating Ramen two weeks in a row, you'll also be sick enough of it to find yourself skipping meals.

I used to weigh 260 lbs, and I've gotten down to 192 over a couple years. It's all about changing your lifestyle. I eliminated all fast food, and I also eliminated 3 things from my diet entirely.
High-fructose corn syrup, refined white flour, and hydrogenated oils a.k.a. Trans fats.
If you get rid of those three things, you're more or less eating healthy by default. Also, trying to switch your snacking habits from more processed foods to more raw and natural foods works well too.
Also, read the nutrition labels! The FDA states that if there's less than .5g of trans fats per serving, a company is allowed to say it's trans fat free. This means that instead of getting rid of trans fats, companies can just shrink the serving size. Look at the ingredients, if it says hydrogenated- or partially-hydrogenated oils, keep away! In addition, if you actually look at how many calories some foods have for a rather small portion, you'll think twice about eating it.
Using these few tricks, I'm actually eating MORE food, yet significantly fewer calories overall.
Also, going for a walk or lifting some weights occasionally works as well. I have a little program going that works pretty well for me. 3 days a week (usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday;) Every time I get up out of my chair to get a drink/use the restroom/whatever, I do:
25 jumping jacks, 10 squats (body weight), 10 push-ups or 10 inverted rows (alternate them, you don't want to push more than you pull, or vice versa. it'll cause problems,) and 10 crunches. do this as fast as you can, while still practicing proper form. It's both cardio and weights, and your heart is racing afterwards. It only takes a few minutes, so it doesn't feel like you're working too much, even if you do this several times a day. I give myself a day between these to rest and recuperate, which is as important as the workout itself.

Set up an exercise bike in front of whatever you use for gaming. Knock off those calories while gaming. Personally I try to use one that is reclining just for the sake of back pain. This typically works better for consoles though, but if you're using a console controller for a PC game that'll work too, it's just harder to use the typical keyboard/mouse combo while on the bike.

I'm working to make myself built like Arnie for Comic-Con and Supernova 2014. I'm also a computer science major and full time nerd. Yes, "Gamer weight" isn't really an issue for me, but I'm trying to put on "Cosplay weight".

My number one advise for keeping weight off and putting on the good kind:

Use exercise as an outlet for stress relief. And have a dumb-bell by your desk. A weight that's challenging, but not terribly stressful. The sort of thing you can curl and extend while watching episodes of Game of Thrones.
My point is, you have to make exercise fun. That's how you can really lose weight. By enjoying the process by which you lose it.. I understand gyms can be intimidating places when there are super-athletes who can do so much more than you, but you don't have to go for a gym. Assuming you don't live in a completely terrible neighbourhood, go jogging. If you have a dog, take the little scamp for a walk. He/she will love that and it will do your health wonders.

My usual diet advice is something along the lines of;
Get off your chair and into a gym.
Now of course it doesn't have to be a gym per se, as long as you are sweating at the end of the workout.
(oh and no body building type stuff, that's more for building muscles than accrual weight loss.)

Furthermore in (most) gyms they got these nice little people that will help you out with just the right program for you, at least where i am from.

Easiest gamer friendly weight loss plan in the world.

Set it up in front of your TV and walk while you game.

Or... ya' know.
Just exercise.
Buy some dumbbells, curl iron, maybe some squats.

Try the Gamer's Diet:

Step 1 Play all the games
Step 2 Forget to eat
Step 3 Weight loss!

Hahaha! My gaming life in a nutshell. I got hit with the double-whammy of Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm being released a few weeks back and then Bioshock Infinite 10 days later. "Wow, I've been playing for five hours and it's 4 am? Man, I'm hungry. Well, I'm too tired to make something now so I might as well just go to bed."

In seriousness, as with any non-physical hobby, I'd say just balance it with physical exercise. I eat at my computer all the time, usually because I'm doing some thing less interactive, like watching a movie or cursing at UnrealEd when it refuses to do my bidding. But I also play baseball and ride my bike a quite a bit. I'd like to say it's just about doing other thing, but I'm not a doctor and sometimes I don't follow my own advice.

I need to get on this myself...ever since I stopped playing baseball after my first year of college varsity, ive not only lost a lot of muscle, but also gained about 25 pounds over the course of the last 3 years. Just recently when I was at the doctor and they weighed me, when the nurse said "214" I was like no no that can't be right, i was definitely 190 at the end of my last baseball season.
Not really sure how I'm gonna start, I walk upwards of 3 miles a day going to and from school, but other than that I just sit in my room playing whatever I fancy. Apparently 3 miles a day is not enough, maybe I'll just go on the starvation diet....or a supplements diet....that sounds healthy right? And it's not as if I eat all the time. I usually skip breakfast, eat a big sandwich for lunch, and scavenge food from the fridge and pantry to piece together dinner. And it's way too cold to go running.....I should start by stopping the excuses

focus on building muscle
eat whatever you want

Pretty much. It's input/output. Changing your diet is fine and good (and a lot of what we eat is over-processed garbage), but it's more important to get your body to a state where it utilizes it more efficiently. If you start weightlifting, you'll probably start eating MORE. And not even giving a fuck.

It surprises me that gamers have problems with exercising. Working out is one of my favorite video games :P

I like the "don't eat at your desk" idea. I think I'll start that.

On topic, I've found that one thing that helped me at least keep me at the weight I want to be at was by gamifying the process. Don't just set an unattainable goal - turn it into something you can actually achieve with multiple steps and then reward yourself when you've hit that goal.

We're gamers - so make a game out of it.

One thing I've found in the last month or so (I've been trying to stop drinking the inordinate amount Coke I do) is if you are trying to stop eating or drinking something you enjoy, DO NOT cold turkey it. You'll get a week or two and then binge and all that effort is wasted. Drink or eat it, but consciously make an effort to do it less.

When I started, I was drinking between 2-3 of the large McDonalds Coke's A DAY. I'm down to between a medium and large a day and I haven't really binged yet. I hope to get to a point I can cut it out entirely. So just apply that to ice cream, or chips or whatever. Still allow yourself to eat them, but work your way down in serving sizes. I'm positive that is why ost people fail their diets. They cut it out completely and then binge on it.

Alternatively, you could eat or drink so much of it to the point it makes you violently ill. That'll cure you of it as well. Classical conditioning my friends.

I stopped buying most everything. I don't buy pop, chips, candy, etc. THe only things in my house that don't require cooking time are pretzels, almonds, popcorn and tortilla chips (for nachoes, need those).

Not that thats helped me lose weight... I'm the type that doesn't lose weight no matter what. Even after I moved out oy my parent's house and stopped buying all that stuff (I drink maybe 2-3 cans of coke a month, and maybe a have 1 bag of chips every 5-6 weeks), I haven't lost weight, and this is years later. Exercising gives me more enegry, but no weight loss or size change So... right now, I just do an hour or two a week on the treadmill and yoga once a week just to stay where I am. Because I know I probably will never lose the weight.

I eat a big breakfast so that I dont binge eat during the day.
I have a very light dinner and convince myself that I will have a big breakfast to compensate for it the next morning.

Also, typing consistently keeps my hands busy so I tend to eat less and snack less.

Finally, I sit up straight!
Slouching is eays, but sitting up straight uses a lot of your muscles so it acts like sit ups for me.

Recently I have added walking too.

What I like to do is, I pretty much plan out what I'm going to eat throughout the day. I prefer eating little bits often, as it helps with my sluggish metabolism. I only eat as much as I need, preferably a bit less, as a matter of fact.

Also, I work in a steel factory, and lift weights on my free time, so while I eat very little, I consume some very protein-rich foods to keep myself from losing any strength. Lifting steel all day is a workout in itself, but to improve I have to go beyond what is comfortable.

So yeah, that's pretty much what I do. I use more energy than I intake, in all simplicity.

I went from 225 to 173 and dropping in one year with a very simple strategy: 1200 calories a day.

Coffee and small breakfast items are 300. Lunch entrees are 600. Evening snacks/sides/desserts are 300. Combine up to four, and there you are. :)

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