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Sitting here, at my desk at work, taking a short break on a Friday, I noticed something that I really should have thought a bit more about when I first started this job a few months ago. On my desk I have three trays for paperwork - In, Out, and Shake It All About. The in-tray and out-tray are the same as what everyone else uses them for, but the Shake-it-all-about tray is different. It's where I keep important stuff that doesn't fit the other two trays, important contact info for subcontractors, cost plans, etc... And where did I get the idea for this tray? Why, I was influenced by Discworld, of all things, and the trays of Commander Sam Vimes, who has the third tray for anything he's too tired, bewildered or confusd to deal with...

So, here's my question. What kind of things in your everyday life have been influenced, whether subconciously or deliberately, by the things you read, play, watch and listen to?

So you've got a tray for "ongoing" work? Don't you have any drawers you can bury stuff in?

EDIT: I guess I've been influenced by everyting. I mean, we're basically changing all the time in increments based on every little thing we see, feel and think. The man that started writing this sentance has been destroyed and the man who finishes it will last for but an instance.

You mean besides worshipping the Great A'tuin?

I guess a book introduced me to MMORPGs. Can't remember what it's called but it was basically set in a society based around a WoW-like fantasy MMO. I was 12 or so at that time and hadn't yet really gotten much into gaming besides Pokemon.

As Bertylicious said, We are influenced by every single thing we see, do, hear, feel and smell. We, the human, are basically just an extension of everything that has happened to us previously. Every single hobby or interest you, I or anyone has is because we have seen/done/heard something similar before and it's made an impact on us. It's strange to think really, that you are not actually you; but a million bits of something else (each being a million bits of something else) (where the feck am I going with this...?)

If you're looking for a more pin-point obvious answer then: reading Kerouac made me want to see the world, which I do as regularly as possible. Hearing amazing musicians made me realise that I too want to make amazing music. Reading fantastic poets work made me realise that I want to write! (Or try to anyway)

I check AKB stuff for work.
Whether I like it or not I tend to use AKB as a reference in my daily life, and also I get influenced by what they are into.


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