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Do you guys find it hard talking to your parents about anything in general? Like for instance, I can't talk to my dad about anything because he's very antisocial, I am also but not to his degree. Any conversation I have with him seems forced. I don't even want to talk to him that much. He's not a bad guy or anything. Just a bit weird. He doesn't have any friends that I know of, just hangs out alone or with my mom. It feels so awkward talking to him at all. I'm fine with my mom because she likes to talk. My dad actually gave me the talk 3 times because he forgot that he already had it. Very awkward indeed.

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Yeah, I'm really the same way with my dad. It's not really that he's awkward, it's just that we don't have much in common. He doesn't like my political views and I don't like his, so to prevent fights we just avoid the subject, we don't have any hobbies in common really, nor do we have much common ground in terms of entertainment, and he knows very little about me and my social life in general, not that he's particularly interested in it anyway. Really, the only thing we really have in common is our love of firearms and going out to shoot. So yeah, we don't talk much, and car rides together tend to be kind of awkward since we don't have much to say to each other.

No, they're both very open-minded and easy to talk to. My dad's actually more fun to talk to, mom gets winded up and will circle around the same damn conversation for HOURS until someone finally cuts her off.

Well my Mom and Dad are great, but there is one thing that bugs me. A private conversation with my Dad will in short order be no longer private. He seems to think that when he is told something, EVERYONE HE HAS EVER MET INCLUDING THAT ONE PERSON HE JUST BUMPED INTO ON THE STREET needs to know about it. This is incredibly annoying to me because I don't like others knowing what I've been doing/what problems I've had, and if I tell him everyone else will know about it within the next week.

Oh yeah, and my Mom is a very conservative Christian who thinks that violent video games are evil. Needless to say, I don't let her anywhere near my game collection.

Nope, my parents are both awesome, though hyper-intelligent and I can pretty much discuss anyhting with them.
Hurray for great parents.

I can speak to my mum just fine. I don't talk to my dad. At all. Too much bad blood between us. He is a sociopath with a violent personality.

Used to argue all the time, then I moved out, achieved independence and now they have no hope of controlling what I do everything is great, they are lovely people and smart. My Dad taught me to build my first PC. Legend!

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Ugh. My parents are not easy to talk to, I'll give you that. My Mom has straight-up disowned me, while my Dad doesn't like to talk to anyone: he talks AT them and thinks he's talking to them. Nearly every conversation with my Mom ends in disaster, while with my Dad the conversations are usually quite brief. So awkward? Not the word that I'd use to describe it, but sure.

It's not that my parents are awkward, quite the opposite. I'm just not so good at talking. It's resulted in me being a pretty quiet person. Not sure I'd go so far as to say I'm anti-social, since I don't hate or dread talking to others, I'm just not so good at it and would rather not do it.

They're great people, I'm just incredibly awkward.

Can't talk to my mom about anything . I only talk to my dad about videogames . He's the one that showed me the light , since back in the NES days he thought me how to enjoy a challenge . He always encouraged me to play games on hard . And this was back in the days were continues,gameovers and lack of checkpoints reigned.

I can't really talk to my parents about anything.

My Mom, because she's really unable to see anyone's side apart from her own. I mean, I totaled my car and almost died about 4 years ago, and the only thing I heard about it was that it was "such a huge inconvenience to have to drive me back and forth to college and work" when I called for her to pick me up she never asked if I was okay, or anything, just "I can't believe you were so careless."

My Step-Dad, because he's an idiot, and only hears what he wants to hear. I had to explain that when ordering something online the note that said "Only available in-store" doesn't mean it's in stock, it means you can't order it online you have to go to the store and buy it. To which he asked me "So it means it's in stock."

Ex: About a month ago, I had my lady-friend over while she waited for her sister to get off work. She got off at midnight, her sister got done at 1am, and I lived like 2 blocks away from where her sister worked (She live about 35 minutes away), so I offered for her to come over and hang out.

Long story short, we went to my bedroom and had a little fun, and this is when I found out that she has issues controlling her voice... Awkward conversation in the morning because we ended up waking my parents up. My mom tried to have "The Talk" with me... and I'm 25

Another thing is I normally don't bring my female friends over unless I'm home alone, not because of issues like that, but because my parents ALWAYS assume that I'm dating any girl I walk in with, or am seen in public with or say their name... And they never believe me when I say we're just friends.

EDIT: My Dad, I can't really talk to since I haven't seen him in like 8 years, but when I did see him he was really the only one I could talk to about anything. It's a shame my mom is more concerned about getting the child support money from him than anything else, because I would probably get away with seeing him every now and than.

Eh, my parents are largely great.

My mom doesn't quite get me sometimes, but she makes an effort. She's a bit of a worrywart, but she means well. You just need to speak her language (Ie, adult-speak), which got easier the older I got (I haven't had an issue with them since I was 20). I can even do game talk with her if I give proper context and don't drag it on, and once in a while she finds it interesting.

My dad? He's...It depends, really. For any common sense issue, he's pretty good. But anything involving imagination? He's....kinda useless at it. I haven't really talked to him about anything actually serious since high school (when he drove me to school each day because it was near work). Yeah, he was not happy about me being bullied and actually went in person to the school a few times to speak to the people running the place, and I love him for that.

There are lots of things I'm not gonna try talking to them about, so those might be awkward. But by and large they're great.

...Unfortunately, my little brother has issues with them. He doesn't know how to "speak my mom's language", and takes her worrying about him as an insult. Doesn't help that he's not very responsible while also being insanely headstrong...guy can't accept when he's wrong, so he and my mom butt heads all the freaking time.

I can talk to my mom about most things, but I don't particularly like my dad. So there's that.

Sometimes I have awkward discussions, but that's only a minority. My parents act like they're 20 but still have the wisdom and experience that comes with age so they are the coolest people you will ever meet.

Unless it's talking about love with my mom, I can't stand it. She hates the fact I'm not a slut. Somehow she also got the notion I'm a lesbian because dicks are so awesome if I liked them I should of fucked one by now. She also doesn't understand the trouble of finding the right guy since she met my dad in highschool and has been with him ever since.

I can talk to my mother about anything and everything, but I don't tend to talk to my dad all that much. It's not that I feel like I can't, it's just that it's massively awkward when I do. I think it's probably because we're too similar. (Or at least, that's what my mum always says.)

My mother was a street walking whore i haven't seen since i was 5. How she betrayed my father caused him a lot of issues and he got heavy into drugs as a result. His drug use/dealing came between me and him. Last year he died of a meth overdose.

Family is overrated.

My family is great, I can talk to them about anything, both quit smoking a while back, both are being very good about it, I support them as they have supported me.

My mom drinks bacardi and diet coke every night and while she doesn't go overboard most times, she will sometimes get drunk and rant about things until she goes to bed, that can be funny.

My parents are awkward partially BECAUSE they're so open minded. It's like, they're out of the house for a few days, and I'm house and dog-sitting, and my mom calls me up and says "Ya know, since we're out, you can have your boyfriend over for the night." Gyah. DX

Once I moved out, my father and I started getting along much better. We can talk about music, art and literature, but he has no interest in anything science-related and is completely closed off emotionally. Similarly, he's not interested in knowing anything about anybody elses personal life or problems. So we can hang out for an afternoon just fine, but we're not really close.

My mother turns every conversation into a lecture about how she's right about everything and I've always done everything in my entire life wrong. It doesn't even matter what the conversation's about or the tone. This wouldn't bother me so much if my mother wasn't a racist homophobe with a sociopathic disregard for other people and human life so long as she gets more money. I talk to her about twice a year on our birthdays. Other than that, I have better things to do with my time than the verbal equivalent of slamming my head into a wall.

Yes and no.

If you take general to mean non serious subjects, sure. We can do that just fine. Of course, "we" is just my mom and I as my dad is not really in our lives anymore. They're divorced and our relationship has deteriorated significantly so that I'm not comfortable around him.

Anything slightly serious? No. Relationships and what we believe in? No.

I can't talk to my father at all. We're just way to different. I mean, we can have superficial conversations, but nothing meaningful.

My mother, on the other hand, I can talk to about anything except politics and religion. She's very Catholic and very conservative, and I'm a moderately liberal atheist. It isn't even that our conversations get bad. They're always very civil, even when we don't agree. I just have this bad habit of backing up my point of view with facts, and she hates having to question her outlook on things. It's actually a little sad to watch her outright deny things to avoid having to face whatever subject is being discussed. It's gotten to the point where she just won't have the conversation at all anymore.

I cant talk to my parents about general stuff though I can't talk about my personal life to my mum (friendships, relationships)

She asks question after question and I get frustrated with her.

I can talk to mum about most normal stuff but if I mention anything slightly serious she'll freak out and start getting hysterical like she always has. She tells everyone my business too which is so annoying.
Talking about sex is a no-no. It's far too awkward. When I was younger she would act like sex is bad and the worst thing I could have done. I tried explaining to her that her crap attitude is probably why my sister had a child at 15 and my brother had 4 kids at age 23 because she wouldn't take about sex, or even safe sex with us at all. I'll never be like that with my kids.

I've never met my father (he's blissfully unaware of my existence), but I'd say my mother's pretty cool. I don't generally need to censor myself around her, and the only trouble I get in with her is when she thinks she's helping, but I just want her to back off and let me do my thing.

She is a bit sexist though, as in, doesn't have a particularly high opinion on the Y chromosome. Of course that doesn't apply to me (or John Irving, she loves John Irving), but I'm different, being her baby boy and all! I take every opportunity I get to call her out on it.

It could be worse almost every conversation I have with my dad ends in a argument however on a very, very rare occasion we can have a decent talk.

Everytime I visit my parents (going to uni right now), my mum is happy that I am there and my dad at one point starts a big fight about nothing. So I leave again.

Also they were on holidays that were planned to be for me and my then-gf last month and everytime we talked about that or during the time my dad namedropped my ex-gf, even after I told him to please stop doing that (I really had a hard time after our breakup, with panic attacks when I went out and everything)

Oh also MY DAD THREW AWAY MY LEGOS WHEN I PISSED HIM OFF ONE DAY (we both can't remember what I actually did, I even doubt I pissed him off at all, and he just wanted to have the space free)

I get along fine with my parents, and I still live at home. I don't understand why all my friends seem to hate their parents. The only time we fight is because I can be very stubborn about my views, and my parents aren't very open-minded about things like gay rights and occasionally make poor racist remarks. My dad is also a republican while I'm distinctly left-wing, so anything about politics or religion is a rough subject. There's never any full-blown, genuine fights though, just disagreements.

They don't understand my love of games, though. My mum is in the games-are-for-children camp, and my dad wants to take an interest but gets severe motion sickness. My mum would rather I wear pretty dresses and makeup, and gets way too enthusiastic if I go out with friends (I'm a very introverted person, so I hardly ever leave the house). But since I get great grades and do well for myself at uni and work, they leave it alone.

Well, I would need a medium to talk to my father. When he was alive we didn't really get on much. He gradually became more racist as he got older. He thought my sexuality was just a phase and never really accepted the fact that I am mentally ill.

My mum though, well, she is amazing. We have always been able to talk. Yeah, she doesn't understand me, but she tries. Really hard. She... Lets me make mistakes and then hugs me when I have fucked up.

Which is what you need in a mum.

Man, I might be 21 but that sentence made me cry. I miss my mum. Heh.

My mom died when I was young so it was just my dad and I growing up. He remarried after I moved out at 18 and we don't have much difficulty talking. He has had a rough life but always did right by me and while he isn't super intelligent he has a great personality and is very wise. He seems happy with his new wife and even though she is a bit of an air head, she is a great person and I am really happy for them both. In short I was very blessed to have the parent that I did.

As a teacher, it is very evident that many, if not most, are not so blessed.

I don't really talk to my father anymore, but my mother does this annoying thing where if I haven't seen my boyfriend for a while she starts interrogating me for some reason, asking "When are you going to see ___? Why haven't you gone out with him in so long? Have you broken up?" which is just irritating. If I tell her we're fine she just asks "Well then when's he coming over?" as if she can't fathom two people being in a relationship and not having their asses glued together. It's actually sort of upsetting since it feels like she's suggesting he doesn't love me or that we don't have a proper relationship because occasionally we don't see eachother for a few weeks at a time. She does the same thing with friends I've fallen out of contact with. I get that she's afraid I'm too anti-social but rubbing in the fact that no one has time for me isn't going to my social life any fucking favours.

I can talk to my mum about anything and she's very open minded about things, however, she is hyper critical of my brother and me, she's just that kind of parent. So whenever I do try to talk to her about something it turns into a huge lecture about how I'm doing something wrong and how shity I am.

So I tend to avoid it altogether and talk to a friend or someone who doesn't think because I forget something minor it is an example of how much I will fail later in life.

My mom is awesome.

We had a frayed relationship when I was a teen, which was totally my fault, but at 21 we're getting on better then ever and slowly opening up to each other more. We can actually talk as friends now.

Even when things were tough, I respected the hell out of her. She's a tough cookie.

I don't know my dad so I imagine it would be pretty awkward if I tried to talk to him! :D

My mum and I are best friends pretty much. I call my mother a bellend as a greeting. YES

My dad and I ..... Oh god it's SO awkward, "You up to date with your uni work?" Is the one thing he says on a weekly basis. It's driven me to just speak with him only when he is either:

-Playing a computer game because he likes some games I like.
-When he gets home in the evenings.

The only time I have ever come in contact with my father was 2 emails a few years ago. My mum had to contact him about something to do with my birth certificate. I got an email that seemed like it was written by his secretary. Sure he had never talked to him but it still annoyed me. I replied to be polite mostly but I wasn't interested. I got a second email of him explaining what happened. People then told me that it was mostly bullshit so sod him.

My mum on the otherhand I can talk to about anything and I pretty much have. I think neither of us care enough to get embarrassed. She is one of the only people I feel genuinely comfortable around. I think the there are only about 6 people I feel ok around

Well, I get on pretty well with my mother, she really quite enjoys my sense of humor and we're pretty like-minded

However my dad passed away at the beginning of this year, and he and I always got on pretty well, but I never really thought he cared about my interests or tried to understand me as much as he would with my sister. But those thoughts have been put to rest, when I found out he bought tickets for he and I to go see my favorite band, and he wanted to keep it a surprise until pretty close to the date...

He was a great guy ^_^

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