What cause would you die for?

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Meh, I wouldn't die for pretty much anything including my family. However, I would die if it meant doing something awesome that would get immortalized in history like curing cancer, one way trip to mars, etc etc. As for how many "innocents" I would let die to save my own life, I would have to say all of them minus two including me.

I don't consider self defense/ defense of others to be a "cause," just a reactionary thing. Though of course if I am doing it properly I wouldn't die anyways.

Maybe if we lived under an unequivocal totalitarian dictatorship I'd probably join a revolutionary group or something. At that point they government could kill me for no real reason at all, so I might as well give them one.

I would only die...


As good a cause as any, IMO.

I will definitely give my life for the eradication of everything and everyone stupid and retarded in this world! But as we all know that is completely impossible, so i guess im just gonna live forever...


I wouldn't die for any abstract concept or position. I believe allowing gay marriage is important but I wouldn't die for it. I'm gay as well, though I don't intend to get married either.

Now, if you were to put me in the early 1940s, I had my current mind and the Nazis(Sorry for the Godwin... but it works in this context.) asked me to shoot some Jews in a hole and bury them after, well I'd have to tell them that they have "one more for the hole"... I'd still try to fight them first, even if I had no chance of defeating them.

knight steel:


Hmmm I see your point-curiously how many would you kill/would you kill innocents in order to save your life?

How many innocents?

.... how innocent we talking?

Just keeping on going higher until you find your upper limit of innocent you could stomach killing to save your own life!!![/quote]Well, more to the point, why would I be killing innocence in defense of my life? Or the lives of others I care about?


Well that quote got messed up ;P
Let's just say the joker is making you decide-kill innocents or he kills you!!

knight steel:


Well that quote got messed up ;P
Let's just say the joker is making you decide-kill innocents or he kills you!!

Sorry, none of my business to respond to this, but I kinda wanna play. Ignore it if you don't approve.

My response to the Joker would be:

"Ah come on JK, you're meant to be chaotic in your actions, give me something better than a binary choice quandary: Have some fucking passion in your work, for Christ's sake!"

A shitload of personal beliefs, helping out a random person, my family... well, I would like to say that I could die for these, but I really wouldn't know until the opportunity came about. Then I will get back to you.

I would die for no cause but there are plenty I would live for. To die for a cause is easy to continually live for one is much harder.

What I mean by "to die for a cause" it has to be that you are truly devoted to. I would risk my life for a cause like that but I fully intend to live through that experience. To live on to continue that cause is more important than dying heroically for it. There is no cause if everyone dies for it.

Though what my father used to tell me "Don't think 'What would I die for?' Think 'What would I fight for?'"

That is a great thought... and in a way also a great answer to the OTīs question.

The spread of glorious communism.

Ok not really. Um, probably nothing. I don't believe in an afterlife so any cause I die for I won't be able to enjoy it or even see the results of it after I'm dead. I'm totally OK with being a massive coward when my life is on the line. Now if you're talking nonfatal injuries there are some causes where I might be willing to do that (although that depends if their permanent or not I guess).

Although I suppose I might die to protect my family and the people I really care about but that doesn't really seem like a cause.

World peace, naturally.

Wait . . .

I'd die for a coke whiskey right now.
That's right.
I have no taste and I also want to get drunk.

Call me Mr.Expendable, provided the cause coincides with my views at the time and I am feeling generous.

I would die to fix everything. Just, everything.

You guys are too small-minded.

The only cause I'd be willing to die for is the one that will never ask me to do so: My own self-preservation.

I'd die for my friends, I'd die for my freedom. I might even die for another's freedom, don't know, never been called to.


knight steel:


Well that quote got messed up ;P
Let's just say the joker is making you decide-kill innocents or he kills you!!

Sorry, none of my business to respond to this, but I kinda wanna play. Ignore it if you don't approve.

My response to the Joker would be:

"Ah come on JK, you're meant to be chaotic in your actions, give me something better than a binary choice quandary: Have some fucking passion in your work, for Christ's sake!"

Gwhahahahahahaha brilliant XD
That was great thanks for the laugh!!!!
You're going to fit in great here ^_^
WELCOME TO THE ESCAPIST........Don't go into the basement :P

Probably if there was an imminent threat to the freedom of the country and/or world. I'd rather die for freedom than live in an unbearably oppressive society.

EDIT: and my family, of course, but that's kind of a given, isn't it?

Now, i don't plan on dying for a cause. I seem to have a severe allergy to death.

But probably to protect me / a few of my friends. Thats bout it.

Also, if you die for the cause of protecting you and whomever, haven't you failed / done a shitty job? Since you are dead, you failed

I've thought about it and I've come to the conclusion that if anything was to happen to my friends/family/strangers, I would be prepared to die

Not sure if naive dreams about being a "hero" or if I'm prepared to die for the sake of others, but I've decided that's what I'll do

roughly this. i'd probably be hesitant to take that "guarantee" death for a stranger (such as bullet that'll probably hit them in the head or something) but name just about anyone in my immediate family or close friends and my body would do everything in its power to prevent their death before i even had a moment to think.

otherwise..it's really hard to say. lots of gray areas out there.

The rights and freedoms of future generations.

The present seems to be taking care of itself fairly well.

knight steel:
I was listening to this song:

and was listening to the lyrics:

When one line stuck out at me:For every man there is a cause which he would proudly die for.
So that's my question to you what's your cause you would proudly die for?
Mine is the protection of my family.

The truest, simplest, and possibly most cliched one for me would be, "I would die to uphold my ideals."

I would willingly sacrifice my life if it meant the overall betterment of mankind. Like, maybe I had some genetic quirk that made me immune to cancer, and I had to die for it to be studied. My body is ready, science!

the honor would go to pretty much the first cause to present itself, really. if i ever found myself in a position that required my involvement with bonus risk of death, i'd be straight up in that bitch.
required being the key word here. for instance, if noone else was around, or the people who were around weren't willing to participate, i'd be sure to volunteer. however, if there were other people stepping forward, or no person would benefit from the endeavour, i'd leave it fate.

I would fight and die for my God, my family, and my personal ideals, of equality, truth (aka lack of corruption), freedom of choice (free speech, religion, expression of ideas etc.). I know that there are other things I would die for, but unfortunately I'm tired right now.

There's a lot of causes to die for, but few which are actually worthy of it.

why do we always say that we would die for something
personally I think it's a lot harder to kill somebody. I mean you have to live with that.
But if you die for something the rest doesn't matter because you will be dead

patriots often say they will die for there country but never speak of killing for it

to answer your question there is nothing I would die for but there are a few things I would kill for.
(if forced obviously)

Why die for a cause? You can pick up another 7 on the average street corner.

That said, I have nothing to live for. But I still think I could achieve more by staying alive. If I had been around quite some time ago I would have followed my Grandfather into the Spanish Civil War. These days though there is nothing worth fighting for.

There is no revolution, no matter how much we need one. But killing rarely solves anything. I am willing to get arrested for my cause (And have risked it in the past), willing to get beaten for my cause, willing to bleed for it. But dying would achieve nothing.

Oh this one is easy

You carry his will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows.

Personally I don't like people talking about what they WOULD do. I think its futile, nobody really knows what they would do in any situation, let alone die for something or someone. On an other note, I think any ideals that are apparently worth dying for are just manipulative symbols, and I leave symbols to the symbol minded.

I wouldn't die for any cause. There is no meaning in dying. Once you die, that's it. You're done.

If you want to do something meaningful, you need to live. As long as you're alive, there's always something you can do. Once you're dead, you aren't worth spit to any cause, anymore. Because there's absolutely nothing you can do.

The only cause worth dieng for, a pretty lady ;)

On a more serious note if I could absolutely make one cause come to pass by sacrificing my own life it would either be perfect unity between all nations regardless of religion, race or ancestry, it would be to absolish titles such as christian or muslim, American or Korean, German or Englishman and to make it so first and foremost everyone on earth was simply known as 'human' how such a thing could come to pass from a single death I have no idea although I do believe the internet is beginning to "unite all peoples within one nation" as team rocket would say :)

Another cause I would sacrifice myself for on a more personal level would be for the life of one of my five closest friends.

I would die for no one, but if it happened while protecting my family then fine. But the whole idea of sacrificing yourself is stupid. No one wants to die and will always hope they will survive whatever situation it is.

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