Favorite cast of characters

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The entire cast of The World Ends With You. Every single one of them pretty much leaps off the screen, and were easily the best part of the game for me. Helps that the 'westernization' of the dialogue was masterfully done as well.

Would have to be the cast from the first Ninja Turtles movie (excluding Shredder and Tatsu - they were a little underdeveloped). The Turtles, Splinter, April and Casey all work so well together, and the familiar love the Turtles and Splinter share for each other despite some conflicting personalities just works. Despite the story and archetypes being super cliche, made for children, and the overall premise being completely ridiculous (teenage mutant ninja turtles? WTF?) the characters alone are enough to sell it for me.

As for games, that would be Majora's Mask. There was soooo much characterisation in that game, and not just among the main characters (in fact, the game didn't focus on them much at all). It feels like a real world, which each NPC having a fully realised personality, daily routine, and attitude towards their impending doom. There's Mutoh with his stubborn adherence to tradition even in the face of death, the swordsman who tries to hide his cowardice by boasting about how he'll cut the moon into pieces, Cremia drugging her little sister to ease the stress of death, the postman who feels so trapped by his work he can't leave unless it's been scheduled, and of course the love story between Kafei and Anju. That game was filled to the brim with character depth.

Nobody has mentioned The Muppets? I feel so old...

I still love The Muppets, Gonzo is the best.

TV: Star Trek TNG, I saw someone else mention DS9, which I've only just recently gotten into (just started season 4 it's pretty dang epic), but right now I still find TNG to be the better show with a more likeable set of characters.

Movie: The Royal Tenenbaums, really great movie that is all about the characters, and they are all really quirky and interesting.

Video game: To the Moon, this was probably the hardest for me to pick, but I really love all the characters in this game. Very natural and charming interactions between all of them.

Book: Hitchhiker's Guide series, includes some of my favourite characters of all time, such as Arthur, Zaphod, and Marvin, are all hilarious and well written.

I'm going with Fullmetal Alchemist. There were characters I loved and characters I despised because I was supposed to despise them. Everything came together, characters grew and became so much more than, "the cocky colonel" or "the short, arrogant kid". You know how much I love the series? It's one of the only two anime series I've watched more than twice (the other being Angel Beats!).

Babylon 5, my favourite Sci-Fi series.

The Pretender is also a great show with an excellent cast

Blue Musician:
I can't pick only one.
Books.- The Bartimaeus Trilogy. Seriously, I loved evey single character. Masterfully crafted.

Yeah, and Bartimaeus himself is probably one of my favorite characters of all time, and I love all of the historical tidbits you get in the footnotes.

I'm going to add in Delta and Omega squad from the Republic Commando game/books. I love these guys to death, for some odd reason. Maybe the Mando culture just sits well with me.

Wow, 42 posts and no-one's picked the primary cast of MLP:FiM--well then obviously I have to pick......
Umm the cast of Urusei Yatsura, actually.....

Legacy of Kain. If pressed to specify which title, I'd go for Soul Reaver 2. Raziel stops being so naive and starts to really hone his snark. Elder God finally revealed to be the master bastard he is. Moebius reaturns. And Kain. Dear Lord, Kain.

Captcha: Jiminy Cricket. Silly Captcha, they don't go for conscience in Nosgoth. He'd be dead and eaten withing seconds along with the Blue Fairy.

Battle Royale
Hated the teacher villain but damn did they really go into depth fro each character.

My favorite cast would be the Muppets from the classic Muppet Show.

That and the Jimmy Two Shoes cast.

Mine is sort of tie:

The first is Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (notice how I only mentioned the first movie!). Jack Sparrow was one the best characters ever all on his own, but Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and Captain Barbossa are all incredible as well. Not to mention, its minor characters are worthy in their own right.

The second is Xenoblade Chronicles. The seven main squad members were wonderfully well developed, each with a distinct personality yet a level of complexity that far too little fiction (especially video games) actually works with. Not to mention, characters like Dickson, Alvis, Mumkhar, Egil, Zanza, Meyneth, and a bunch of other characters I don't have time to name were all very interesting, especially Egil.

The cast of Rescue Me, from the Ladder Co. 62 firefighters to the entire Gavin family. They're all just so entertaining and the actors are all so damn good.

God dammit, I got ninja several times over!

In saying so I suprised no one had said One Piece so far other than me!

The Straw Hat crew are well unquie from each other and they are all have wonderful distinct personality. Thanks to Oda unquie character style, outside of the Straw Hat pirate there are a HUGE range of characters each to their own interesting stories (like some chracter got a unquie laugh).

Evangeli.......Dammit ninjas >_<
Battle Roya....Dammit ninjas >_<
Ok the FMA..........Dammit ninjas >_<
Ok ok I got one now here you go Death note ^_^

All them interesting with a wide range going from likable and nice to creepy and diabolical it has it all.

Video Game: Tales of Graces f - I absolutely love the main 6-person party. The banter they have after random encounters, during skits, even within cut scenes is just great. They're all so loveable in their own ways and...

TV Series: As someone else already said, the cast of Firefly. They are most of the reason Firefly is so damn amazing.

Anime: It's really hard to choose between Code Geass and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. In Code Geass, there were several times I wanted both sides to win even though they wanted each other dead. Full Metal Alchemist is just awesome and its characters are so loveable.

I'm not sure which film cast is my favourite... it's harder to make me really care about a cast of characters when they only have 90-120 minutes to do it.

Games: The Motley Crew from Dragon Age 2 and the Truth Seekers from Persona 4
Films: Probably the team from Inception
TV: The Crew of Serenity and the Fringe Team.
Books: The Crew of the Ketty Jat from the Tales of the Ketty Jay series. I love them so much and I'm really worried about how things will end up for them when the final book is released soon.

Daystar Clarion:
The crew of Serenity from Firefly.

I love every single one of these characters.

They're all so shiny :D

This doesn't win the thread...

It wins the entire gorram forum!

Never in the field of human sci-fi/westerns, was so much owed by so many to so few! And those few are the cast of Firefly... the characters are just fantastic! They gel so well, and they all have those little bits that you remember them by... Washes one liners... Jane's town... Kaylee's frilly dress, and her flash back not-so-innocent love scenes... and River's eyes shut shoot out! Pure epicness! :D

My vote goes hands down to the villains of Bioshock. The characters were all so fascinating. It was so interesting to listen to their characters, their ideas about art and science, their philsophies, and visions for the future, they all had such weird and fascinating concepts and they all represented a different theme, and hearing about what led them to become the vicious psychopaths tamht ost of them were showed how those ideas and themes could be twisted into something horrible. They did more than represent a facet of the human condition, they showed how those ideals could fail, and most importantly, they taught the player why.

Honorable Mention: Mass Effect. The characters were all very interesting and for the most part, fully fleshed out.

I'm going to not do the obvious thing that you would expect me to.
I am going to say the cast of Legend of Korra instead. I just loved all the characters. From Mako, to Bolin, to Tenzin, Amon, Korra herself, and everyone in between. True the show had flaws, but everything does. Anyways, my choice.

my favorite cast is from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. everyone is just saw awesome and badass

The Far Cry 3 cast rank pretty highly. Every character is mentally unstable in their own way, and I can't fault a single one. It's just a joy to watch them babble on and on, and despite all my criticisms of the racist themes (and the writer's clumsy attempts to justify them), Yohelem can clearly write characters very well. My only fault is that these are all individuals, met one on one, rather than as a cohesive group. I'd love to see what these guys would be like, hanging out together.

Truly the most expressive of all casts.

Now if only Kosh had hands so he could have been here.

Dexter. Love Dexter and Deborah (can't remember their real names, Jennifer Carpenter is Deb?) and... Just a high quality cast, love 'em.

Books you say?

I nominate the entire citizenry of the Discworld.

That's right, even the characters who are only mentioned in the footnotes. All of them are awesome.

Videogames: Persona 4, Persona 3 (in that order!), Fire Emblem (2003), The World Ends With You (even Joshua), Persona 4: Arena (because they deserve to be on here twice).

TV: Breaking Bad, Community, Dexter (Season 6 aside), Archer, Firefly, Adventure Time.

Movies: Serenity (because they deserve to be on here twice as well), Scott Pilgrim vs the World (Yes, graphic novel, too)

Books: The Dark Tower series, The Kingkiller Chronicle, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Lake in the Woods.

Not really much that others haven't pointed out, but still love 'em.

The Luna Wolves, or I suppose to be more specific the Mournival.

Ezekyle Abbadon, "Little" Horus Aximand, Garviel Loken and Tarik Torgaddon were just great characters and the overall themes of brotherhood, fatherhood and betrayal told in the first three books are mirrored so well in these four characters and their interactions that it puts lie to the misconception that the Adeptus Astartes are just meat head super soldiers with naught on their minds but grunting and shooting.

(Take that with a grain of salt of course, for all that's good in the books, it's still 40K and all the Grimdark silliness that comes with it.)

The entire DC universe of course, I mean how can you go wrong with that much variety? If pressed to pick one specific team out of that, it would have to go to the Secret Six (the modern, gail simone one that is). After all, any team that makes a character named Catman seem like one of the coolest damn people on the planet has got to be doing something right.

An oldie, but the Hey Arnold cast kicked some serious ass.


Atmos Duality:
I'm partial to the crew from the Rogue Squadron and Wraith Squadron books.
Where else could a running joke of Wedge Antilles getting pranked by a junior officer actually turn into a plot point later? (they hacked into his transceiver and modulated his voice to sound like an Ewok)

I love you. :D

The Wraith Squadron books cracked me up, hell, even the imperial warlord and his second in command had some funny moments in those stories.

As for me it's the utter misfits of the Blood Gulch Crew. Two groups of utter idiots in the middle of no where, fighting for a box canyon and end up kicking Freelancer asses, learning the truth about "why are we here?" and so much more. To me it's just how impressive that they've come from being such idiots to a band of idiots who can some really impressive things.

Probably the people in Archer, H Jon Benjamin is fantastic, Jessica Walters is hilarious as always, and Judy Greer, Aisha Tyler, and of course, one of my favorite comedians, Chris Parnell.

Arrested Development has just a classic cast, I'm looking forward to their return.

Also I don't know how many of you guys remember the short lived TV show Life on Mars? (the US Version), but it starred Jason O'Mara, with Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli (from the Sopranos) and Gretchen Mol.

In terms of Movies, Gotta go with Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs

That's a difficult one :/ I've seen too many movies to narrow it down to just one, but for a TV show I'm probably gonna have to go with LOST - image

Or perhaps these lovely people -

Or maybe these chaps -

From books (also favourite overall): A Song of Ice and Fire. It takes a lot of good writing to turn some of the more hated characters into your favourites and Martin succeeds in this by making his characters so deep. No one seems to be truly evil (okay maybe Ramsay), everyone lives as shades of grey.

From TV: Breaking Bad. Do I even need to explain?

Movie: Lord of the Rings. Brilliant cast of lovable characters.

Video Games: Mass Effect Series. So many characters who you grow to care about over the course of the games. Plus, your actions directly effect them.

More recently, I've been enjoying the cast from 2 Broke Girls a lot. They're rather silly, but it's just a great easy-going comedy.


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