Favorite cast of characters

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Atmos Duality:

Soviet Heavy:

Are you partial to Rogues or Wraiths in particular? I'm more of a Rogue guy because of Corran Horn. Only he can make screwing a space otter seem sexy (And then immediately regretting it the day after).

I lean more towards the Rogues myself, though Face Lorraine and Wes Janson make a damn compelling case.
Especially when Wedge gets his revenge on Wes.

too difficult to choose between the two....

So which ever Wedge is with at the time wins!

Soviet Heavy:

As for my pick of favorite Cast:

This is only about a third of them. Of note missing in the picture is Nog, Rom, Garak, Martok, Cassidy Yates, Bareil, Dukat, Damar, Ezri, Ziyal, Gowron, Morn, and god knows how many others. It's an enormous cast of rotating characters, and nearly all of them share some interaction. Having the huge amount of regulars made DS9 special among the Trek shows, because it meant that past events were not forgotten, and consequences could arise from unresolved plotlines.

Seconding this.
Also, the Dresden Files have some pretty great characters with fun interactions.

Who else could I have picked?

Mass Effect has some awesomely brilliant characters and some dull as ditchwater.

The amazing thing is that no one can agree who is who out of the cast, which means Bioware must be doing something right. After all, the point of multiple people is for bigger appeal.

I also have to agree with the lots of people who said Firefly and Persona 4, purely because those two are big on making your group a family instead of a cast.

tv show :

Game :

And by that I mean Connor, Achilles, Haytham, Lee, etc

Daystar Clarion:
The crew of Serenity from Firefly.


I love every single one of these characters.

They're all so shiny :D

You took the words out of my mouth.

Oh man... There are just so many good ones! Maybe it's because I was just watching the show, but right now the cast of Farscape really springs to mind. They're crazy, weird, funny, and unique. None of the core cast feel like they're there just to pad the numbers, and you can't dislike even one of them. But I can't mention TV shows without mentioning the cast of Archer. Most hilarious show on television, period.

Best game cast has got to be FF9. I love that game, and again, all the characters are funny and special in their own ways. Nothing else quite like it.

Shocked nobody said Spartacus since it just ended with a phenomenal series finale. The final credits showed the cast for all 3 seasons and the prequel.

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